Horoscope 2023: How Saturn’s stay in Capricorn from 2020-22 changed different zodiac signs

ByNeeraj Dhankher
Jan 04, 2023 11:31 AM IST

As we step into the new year 2023, it is imperative to recollect and review what we left behind over the last three years and what lessons we learnt based on our zodiac sign. Here we go!

As 2023 begins and Saturn prepares to enter Aquarius after more than two and a half years in Capricorn, it's interesting to reflect on the ways in which we were all affected and the lessons we were able to extract from the experience. It may be recalled that in January of 2020, once Saturn had entered Capricorn, the entire globe was paralysed by the rapid spread of the deadly Covid virus. The ramifications of the same are still being felt today. Again, as we step into the new year 2023, it is imperative to recollect and review what we left behind over the last three years and what lessons we learnt based on our zodiac sign. Here we go!

Let's read how Saturn’s stay in Capricorn from 2020-22 changed different zodiac signs.
Let's read how Saturn’s stay in Capricorn from 2020-22 changed different zodiac signs.

Aries: Saturn's position in your karmic point prompted you to examine your public persona and your definition of success. You may have had a rocky professional road with some ups and downs, but you eventually realised how important it is to pursue something that you find fulfilling. You gained a deeper appreciation for dedication and a more robust awareness of your sense of responsibility towards others around you.

Taurus: Your apex of wisdom and higher calling is influenced by Capricorn. During this period, you gained a vast amount of knowledge about the world. You went back to school, but this time the stern Saturn was your instructor, and he instilled in you some invaluable life skills. Since then, you've taken a more pragmatic and realistic view on life. Maybe you've discovered a love for writing or travelling.

Gemini: Spirituality and transformation were your focus areas. You evolved miraculously in all walks of life. There is a stark difference between what you were three years back and now. There has been a new-found love towards spirituality and healing. You may have tried something new in order to give your interests a chance to flourish. Perhaps some of you have dug out a long-lost skill that you've been able to put to good use.

Cancer: Saturn had a major effect on your sphere of public and interpersonal connections. As a result, you now have a fresh perspective on marriage and other partnerships. You've probably figured out a reliable method to gain importance. Having your social and personal obligations put to the test like this must have made you a wiser person. It's possible that some of you have launched a brand-new venture.

Leo: Perhaps you have learned self-discipline and gained a feeling of mastery over your life. Those of you who kept to a regular schedule in terms of eating and sleeping would have breezed through this period. Others, unfortunately, may have found this period to be physically taxing. If you already suffer from anxiety and despair, this is sure to have kept you up at night. A new appreciation for relaxation and self-care has developed in you.

Virgo: For someone who prefers a steady course, Saturn's transit through Capricorn has brought about a number of changes—some welcome, some less so. Nonetheless, you developed a more playful disposition, which isn't something you do very often. You reached new heights of originality and imagination, and you learned just how engaging and amusing life can be when you stop looking at it through a narrow lens.

Libra: With Saturn's arrival in domestic Capricorn, you finally have the chance to spend quality time with your loved ones. To find fulfilment again, you had to rethink what it meant to be happy. It may not have been simple to maintain a solitary existence given your gregarious nature. But you improved yourself and turned this dull task into a lot of laughs and good times. In the process, you could have picked up some interesting facts about your culture as well.

Scorpio: You've taken a liking to some novel need or want. Since you were born under the sign of change, you have the ability to adapt quickly to whatever circumstances present themselves. You become a completely different person as a result of your transformation. You may have felt distant from your loved ones and had less time for them because of work obligations. You may have broadened your horizons by visiting or moving to a different location.

Sagittarius: Suddenly, you found yourself appreciating your material goods and other forms of wealth far more than before. Because you like to take risks, you probably haven't taken the time to carefully assess your current financial standing or the state of your family relationships. You have matured into a person with a more sensible and practical outlook on financial matters. You probably picked up some useful information about simplifying your life, conserving resources, and minimising waste.

Capricorn: A higher level of individual accountability was required. You could have been taxed to the limit of your patience since almost nothing went according to plan. Depending on where Saturn is located in your horoscope, this increased feeling of duty might have strengthened you or weakened you. Slowly but gradually, you began to take on a persona befitting someone much older than you. Any lessons in time management could have sunk in.

Aquarius: There needed to be some sort of inner renewal, spring cleaning, and focus on one's psychological well-being. The significance of your life, your successes, and your failings would have been crystal clear. Perhaps there was some initial confusion and unhappiness. However, you were quickly confronted by the inner struggles and weaknesses that make you who you are. You have successfully removed the unnecessary and retained the essential for moving forward.

Pisces: There has never been a better opportunity to start fresh with your social life, friend network, and pursuit of happiness. It was time to either act on your aspirations or give them up forever. Still, you would have emerged from the experience with a clearer head and perhaps a more robust sense of social identity. As a professional, you should now have a firm grasp of your role and your intended destination. Your network of connections has been truly identified.


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