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Mars Retrograde 2024: Rethink and Reboot Your Career Path

ByNeeraj Dhankher
May 19, 2024 08:00 AM IST

Mars will retrograde in the sign of fire, Leo, and then move back into the sign of water, Cancer.

In Vedic Astrology, planetary retrogrades are invariably viewed with great interest and scepticism as they can unleash profound changes in our lives. One such retrograde happens later this year, that of Mars from December 6, 2024, to February 23, 2025. During this period, Mars, the planet of energy, action, and ambition, will appear to move in the opposite direction from the rest of the sky. Mars will retrograde in the sign of fire, Leo, and then move back into the sign of water, Cancer. Let us explore its impact on our career and financial life per zodiac signs.

Let us explore its impact on our career and financial life per zodiac signs.
Let us explore its impact on our career and financial life per zodiac signs.

Aries: You may encounter obstacles and delays, particularly in creative projects or ventures that require passion and drive. Patience and self-control are the key to avoiding impulsive actions or confrontations during this period. If you are a job seeker, you may face frustrations in your job search, but don't lose hope; this is the time to reevaluate your goals and strategies. For the employed, there could be problems with the authority figures or co-workers. If you plan to buy or sell a property, it is better to be cautious. Use this period to negotiate better deals by being patient and careful.

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Taurus: You may encounter problems expressing your thoughts clearly or being assertive in the workplace. If you are a job seeker, you may face the challenges of delays or miscommunications when applying for a job or during an interview. For those working, this retrograde can be an outlet for frustrations or pent-up feelings related to your workplace or daily activities. It is vital to discover healthy ways to manage your stress and avoid making impulsive decisions or outbursts that could ruin your professional relationships. You may face unforeseen expenditures or income delays.

Gemini: It's essential to be patient and transparent in your communication. You may have to contend with the challenges of delayed payments, income, or the financial rewards you are expecting. It is recommended that financial decisions are made with caution and that one should avoid impulsive spending or investments. The employed might feel dissatisfied with your current income, undervalued, and dissatisfied with your financial situation, which will prompt you to reassess your career path or negotiate better compensation. Work on your mental health and create sustainable financial habits.

Cancer: Mars retrograde may cause a drop in your energy levels and the general level of your motivation. You could lack self-confidence or assertiveness when tackling new projects or opportunities, which may affect your career advancement or job search. Employed people might be irritated or dissatisfied with their current job or work environment. Use this period to reevaluate your skills, qualifications, and personal branding and make the necessary changes to your strategies.

Leo: In the first phase of the retrograde, you may experience a drop in motivation or confidence in taking on new projects or opportunities, which could negatively impact your career or job search. You could also encounter difficulties or obstacles connected to your aspirations or self-expression. You might experience an inner restlessness or a longing for solitude and self-reflection. This period may be difficult for those employed since you might experience frustrations or difficulties in the workplace. There could be unforeseen expenses or financial setbacks.

Virgo: You will begin to pay more attention to your social connections, friendships, and long-term goals. You may encounter difficulties or failures in working with others or participating in group projects or initiatives. Use this period to revisit your professional network, contact your connections, and look for openings that resonate with your values and goals. Financially, this retrograde may result in problems related to investments in social or group projects or delays in receiving financial help from friends or organisations.

Libra: Mars retrograde will make you focus on your career, public image and professional aspirations. You may be confronted with the challenge of getting a promotion or being respected in the workplace. For those employed, this may be when you have to deal with conflicts with your boss, superiors, or public perception of your work. Impulsive actions that damage your professional reputation should be avoided. Those unemployed may get new opportunities for career growth. Evaluate the options carefully and then take the plunge.

Scorpio: With Mars retrograding, you may find yourself more inclined to self-development, higher education, and travelling to new places. A strong urge for intellectual stimulation, philosophical inquiry or long-distance travel could drive you. For those employed, this retrograde might be a hurdle in furthering your education or training related to your career advancement. Utilise this period to reevaluate your educational background or even think of jobs that involve travelling or cross-cultural interactions. Financially, verify every detail before making any commitments.

Sagittarius: During this period, you could be involved in financial problems related to business partnerships, inheritance, or taxes. This period could be a source of stress for those in employment as it might lead to disagreements or conflicts with their colleagues, business partners, or financial institutions. You must exercise caution and transparency and not make rash decisions that may damage these crucial relationships or put your financial stability at risk. Tackle any pending debts or financial commitments. This retrograde may bring unforeseen hiccups related to jointly owned properties.

Capricorn: With Mars going retrograde, your attention might be drawn to your intimate relationships, partnerships, and contractual arrangements. You may face difficulties or clashes in your personal or professional relationships, which will require patience, compromise, and effective communication to overcome. For the employed, this may be when you are dealing with business partners or clients, and tensions or disagreements may arise. Set healthy boundaries in your personal and professional relationships.

Aquarius: You may find yourself shifting your attention to the details of your daily routines, work environment, and overall health. You may experience frustration or obstacles in your health, daily responsibilities, or life balance. In the case of the employed, this retrograde can be a source of conflicts with their colleagues or subordinates at work. Work towards a more supportive and harmonious work environment. This is the time to re-prioritize and find opportunities that align with your values and well-being and develop healthy habits and routines. Work on achieving a healthy work-life balance.

Pisces: You may find yourself rediscovering the spark of passion for your artistic abilities or taking up new hobbies and recreational activities. Try to create a supportive atmosphere for your artistic expression. Use this time to re-assess your priorities, try new hobbies or creative outlets, and learn to find more joy and fulfilment in your personal and professional life. As a job seeker, you might face difficulties in finding employment that aligns with your creative goals or allows you to express yourself. Home renovations or decorative projects could be delayed.


Neeraj Dhankher

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