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New Moon in Sagittarius: Expect these favourable changes for your sun sign

Dec 08, 2023 07:34 PM IST

On December 12 at 6:32 p.m. ET, the new moon happens at 20 degrees Sagittarius.

When the sun moves through Sagittarius, there's a sense of hope and adventure. The new moon in Sagittarius, happening in December 2023, can bring endless possibilities for each zodiac sign. It's a time to focus on personal growth without letting past experiences hold you back. Even tough times can teach you a lot, so don't let any fear of missing out make you feel restless.

The new moon in Sagittarius, happening in December 2023, can bring endless possibilities for each zodiac sign.
The new moon in Sagittarius, happening in December 2023, can bring endless possibilities for each zodiac sign.

On December 12 at 6:32 p.m. ET, the new moon happens at 20 degrees Sagittarius. This marks the start of a new lunar cycle. Even though the moon isn't visible, it's a time full of possibilities and chances for new beginnings. It's like planting a seed that could grow into something big in the next six months. Use this time to explore new ideas and expand your awareness.

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Aries, think about your future with confidence! The new moon encourages you to try new things and learn. It's happening in a part of your life connected to adventure and wisdom. Your past experiences shape why you love seeking new things. Trust what you believe in and follow your feelings as you chase your dreams. This new moon is like a guide, leading you on a big journey toward your destiny.


Taurus, there's something deep inside you. This new moon is all about changes and it's in a part of your life connected to intense connections. It's telling you to be honest about something you've been keeping to yourself. Even if you prefer to keep things private, don't let fear stop you from trying something new. Change might take time for you, but it's okay to explore new ideas.


If you're stuck thinking about a past relationship, the new moon suggests it's time to let it go and move ahead. Jupiter, guiding this moon, shines a light on your hidden values and behaviours that don't match who you truly are. Don't hold back your thoughts or wisdom just to please others. Soon, a conversation about relationships might pop up again, especially as Jupiter connects with talkative Mercury before going retrograde. This moon also teams up with the North Node of Destiny, pushing you to assert yourself and your unique abilities. It's a good time to organize your work and boost productivity. This new moon supports you in making your daily life better.


Governed by Jupiter, in Taurus and influencing this new moon, focuses on your friendships, community involvement, and feeling like you belong. It's a reminder to think about what truly matters to you socially. It aligns with the North Node in Aries, asking you to prioritize both personal and professional growth. As you're mindful of work commitments, there's a chance to adjust your daily routine for a healthier lifestyle that supports your well-being.


Your approach to work might not match what you truly want. This month's new moon is renewing itself in a part of your life related to creativity and self-expression. Jupiter, also active, is in a place connected to authority and career. It encourages you to blend your passion with your work. This moon gives you the confidence to rewrite your story and express yourself genuinely. It's a chance for new opportunities in leadership if you're ready to leap.


Your way of seeing things might not always be right. This new moon, linked to Jupiter in a part of your life involving perspectives and beliefs, brings new beginnings in your personal life. It challenges you to let go of old stories that don't help you grow. There might be issues with honesty and secrets in relationships due to this moon's connection with Neptune. However, being truthful could bring you closer together or help you move forward. Remember, how you see others might be linked to your past, but it's not the whole truth.


Even though you can't predict the future, focusing on your long-term goals is beneficial. The new moon in Sagittarius suggests speaking up and seeking support from your surroundings. Jupiter's influence advises having necessary but uncomfortable conversations, especially about home and family matters. There might be uncertainty, but stick to your vision and don't let it sidetrack you.


If your commitments aren't giving the results you want, it's time to consider an alternative plan. Jupiter's influence in your relationship zone aligns with this new moon in your comfort and financial zone. It's an opportunity to think bigger about your financial security and self-worth. The North Node's influence gives you the confidence to tackle new challenges related to your health and productivity, even if there's uncertainty surrounding the moon's connection to Neptune. Stay focused on your goals because you're onto something promising


Happy new moon and solar season! With the moon in your sign, you're feeling energized and ready for growth. Jupiter's influence in your health and daily routines urges you to focus on what truly matters and brings results. It's time to let go of any love inhibitions and prioritize your happiness, even if it's different from family expectations. A conversation about finances and personal structures, like partnerships, is crucial now.


Hey Capricorn, you're usually self-reliant, but this new moon is showing you the love and support around you. As your birthday approaches, take some time to recharge. This moon activates healing and rest for you. With Jupiter's influence and a link to Mercury, it's okay to change holiday plans if needed. Trust your instincts and listen to your body during this time of renewal.


Connect with your community, but keep your options open! The new moon highlights your friendships and how you fit in with groups. Jupiter's influence on your emotional life and family might bring up memories from your past. Changes at home or in holiday traditions could cause some tension, but there's a chance to meet new, like-minded people. You're urged to take charge and lead some changes in your surroundings.


Pisces don't hide behind others' expectations. You're great at adapting, so why not use this skill in public roles? This new moon in your career zone encourages you to step out of your comfort zone for growth. It's renewing a part of your life related to your public image, so focus on your skills and conversations. Jupiter's influence suggests exploring local opportunities in your professional and educational circles. Remember, you've got more talent than you think!

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