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These are the Christmas Cookies you can bake according to your sun sign

Dec 02, 2023 04:12 PM IST

Baking cookies is a big part of the Christmas Celebration. Your zodiac sign might help you pick based on your cookie preferences!

Christmas is a happy time to be with friends, enjoy pretty lights, and make yummy family recipes. Baking cookies is a big part of it! There are lots of types to make, like gingersnaps, kolaches, chocolate crinkles, or jam thumbprints. If you're not sure which ones to leave for Santa, your zodiac sign might help you pick based on your cookie preferences!

Spider Halloween Cookies: Make Spider Halloween Cookies by decorating round cookies with black icing to create spider bodies and adding black liquorice or pretzel sticks as legs for a spooky Halloween treat. (Pinterest)
Spider Halloween Cookies: Make Spider Halloween Cookies by decorating round cookies with black icing to create spider bodies and adding black liquorice or pretzel sticks as legs for a spooky Halloween treat. (Pinterest)


For Aries, being bold and adventurous is part of their nature. They're not content with the usual, so when it comes to baking, they want something that stands out. A regular Christmas cookie won't cut it for them. They're the kind of person who enjoys experimenting, tweaking, and adding their unique touch to recipes. That's where the spiced chai gingerbread cookies come into play. These cookies offer a fun twist on the classic gingerbread taste that Aries loves. They bring back memories of the familiar childhood treat but with an exciting kick of chai spice. Aries will enjoy the thrill of creating something new and delicious, making these cookies a hit at any holiday gathering.

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Taurus individuals find joy in the finer things in life. They appreciate comfort, pleasure, and indulgence. When the holiday season rolls around, they want treats that evoke happiness and delight. Snowball cookies fit the bill perfectly for a Taurus. These delightful bite-sized cookies are packed with pecans, delivering a rich, nutty flavour that appeals to Taurus's love for decadence. Covered generously in powdered sugar, they're not just delicious but also visually charming, making them an irresistible addition to any festive spread. Taurus folks will revel in the simple joy and satisfaction these cookies bring, enjoying every delightful mouthful during the holiday celebrations.


Geminis have an adventurous and imaginative approach to cooking. They love mixing unexpected flavors and textures to create exciting new combinations. Their love for variety and experimentation makes the peppermint patty cookies a standout choice. These cookies blend the rich taste of dark chocolate with the refreshing zing of peppermint patty, creating a delightful contrast that's sure to steal the show at any Christmas gathering.


Cancer people cherish the holiday season, finding joy in gathering with loved ones in the cosiness of their homes. Known for being wonderful hosts, they understand the importance of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, especially through delectable treats. Hot chocolate cookies perfectly capture the essence of comfort and tradition. A delightful twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie, these treats bring the cozy warmth of hot chocolate in every bite, making them a heartfelt addition to any holiday table.


Leos have a knack for leaving a lasting impression, especially during the festive season. Whether it's with their humour around the dinner table or by giving the most remarkable gifts, they always aim to make every moment memorable. In the kitchen, they're no different. To showcase their culinary skills this holiday season, holiday rum balls are the perfect choice. Packed with chocolate and a hint of rum, these luxurious treats are sure to dazzle and delight guests, adding an indulgent touch to the celebrations.


Virgos, often seen as the perfectionists of the zodiac, know how to let their hair down when the holiday preparations are all sorted and the invitations are sent. They truly embrace the whimsical spirit of the season. Enter Santa's Trash Cookies, a playful and delicious way for Virgos to revel in the joy of the holidays. These cookies are filled with a mix of peanuts, pretzels, candy, and more, adding a fun and colourful twist to the festive table, allowing Virgos to unwind and embrace the festive cheer with every delightful bite


Libras are naturally sweet and love to bring joy to those around them, often found mingling with guests in the kitchen during festivities. Being prepared for the party is important to them, so having an easy make-ahead recipe is key. Enter the sugar cookie truffles: a simple, no-bake option that tastes luxurious without being complicated. Libras will appreciate the ease of preparation and the delightful taste these truffles bring to the table, adding a touch of indulgence to the holiday spread without requiring too much effort.


Scorpios might exude an air of mystery and intensity, but their softer side shines through when they're with their closest friends and family. For Scorpios searching for a recipe that will captivate everyone this holiday season, the Grinch cookies fit the bill perfectly. Despite their playful appearance, these cookies are warm, soft, and irresistibly sweet on the inside, much like the hidden warmth beneath a Scorpio's enigmatic exterior. They're sure to steal hearts and bring joy, embodying the delightful surprise Scorpios often hold within.


Sagittarians are all about adventure and being open to new experiences. They love sharing these discoveries with friends and seek unique ways to embrace the holiday spirit. For them, trying out a new recipe is a fun challenge during this festive season. Enter the eggnog biscotti, a playful spin on the classic Italian cookie. This treat comes with a homemade glaze that adds a deliciously boozy twist, perfect for Sagittarians to experiment with and share among friends, bringing a touch of holiday cheer in an unexpected way.


Capricorns hold traditions dear to their hearts, especially the cherished moments spent with family, like decorating Christmas cookies together. These moments of togetherness fill them with immense joy, and they're dedicated to preserving the magic of these traditions. For Capricorns seeking to infuse a sweet twist into their family's celebrations, the ugly Christmas sweater cookies are an ideal choice. These cookies add a fun and festive flair to the tradition, embodying the joy and merriment of the holidays while allowing Capricorns to continue creating magical memories with their loved ones


Aquarians, known for their rebellious nature, still find themselves enchanted by the charm of Christmas. They take joy in dressing up and decorating for the occasion, sometimes even more than others do! However, true to their unique style, they always aim to add their distinctive touch to everything they undertake. Fruitcake cookies offer Aquarians an opportunity to do just that. These cookies, with their chewy, spicy, and sweet flavours, provide a surprising twist that's bound to be a hit at their next holiday gathering, allowing Aquarians to infuse their signature flair into the festive celebrations.


Pisceans, the whimsical daydreamers of the zodiac, truly understand the enchantment that surrounds Christmas. They eagerly anticipate this time of year and often have a Pinterest board filled with delightful sweets and treats they're eager to try. When faced with an abundance of choices, Christmas light cookies make for a fantastic starting point. These cookies, adorned with royal icing and mini M&Ms, offer a visually appealing and mouthwatering treat that is certain to win Santa's approval, allowing Pisceans to bring a touch of magic to their holiday celebrations.

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