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Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Tarot prediction for August 20 to August 26, 2023

By, Delhi
Aug 20, 2023 01:00 AM IST

Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Tarot prediction for August 20 to August 26, 2023. What do the cards have in store for Leo and other zodiac signs for this week?

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20)

Love: Four of Coins

Read on to find out your Tarot reading for the coming week.(Unsplash)
Read on to find out your Tarot reading for the coming week.(Unsplash)

Mood: King of Wands

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Career: The Empress

Nothing can hinder your progress and success on the professional or academic front. To maximize enjoyment on the domestic front, plan something interesting with your family. You may successfully recover pending dues adding to your financial stability. Despite your courageous efforts, developing a romantic relationship may fall short of your expectations. Remember, tension and stress can adversely affect your health. Prioritize your well-being for a healthy and fulfilling week. Consider driving around the countryside to break free from your routine. It is advisable to rethink your decision to invest in property if it involves any disputes. Enjoy some time with your friends; it will bring unlimited joy and laughter.

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Colour: Peach

TAURUS (Apr 21-May 20)

Love: The Lover

Mood: The Star

Career: Temperance

Maintaining a playful attitude will contribute to domestic peace and harmony. You may come across various investment plans, but it is important to evaluate them before making any commitments. Support your romantic partner during challenging times to strengthen your relationship. Making modifications to your sedentary lifestyle can help prevent many diseases. Relying solely on your subordinates to complete pending work may bring disappointment. Some of you may unexpectedly embark on a journey by road. There may be plans for an addition or alteration to your house soon. Avoid overanalyzing trivial situations, as it can lead to unnecessary stress. A friend may call you for advice.

Lucky Number: 4

Lucky Colour: Blue

GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21)

Love: Judgement

Mood: The Emperor

Career: The World

Your encouragement is likely to have a positive impact on your subordinates, boosting their productivity. Enjoying the company of children will help alleviate any feelings of loneliness. When investing money, consider future liabilities to lay the foundation for long-term prosperity. A surprising romantic encounter awaits you this week, bringing excitement and joy. Your commitment to maintaining superb physical condition will pay off well very soon. It’s time for a vacation, so sit back, relax, and recharge. This is a favourable period to consider purchasing a property that you have shortlisted. It is important to avoid taking the law into your own hands. Time management may help improve your results on the academic front.

Lucky Number: 17

Lucky Colour: Purple

CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 22)

Love: The Strength

Mood: Devil

Career: The Sun

Some of you may be entrusted with a responsible position in your professional field. Devote quality time to your family, as it will bring harmony to your household. Though profits remain moderate in business, it is essential to make wise choices. You may face a difficult decision regarding the continuation of a romantic relationship. Beware that feelings of jealousy can have negative effects on your overall well-being. Accommodating someone you don’t particularly like on a trip may dampen the enjoyment. Some can expect fair offers and secure a good price for their properties. Embracing bold innovation will pave the way for steady progress in your personal life. A new schedule may help students score well in exams.

Lucky Number: 3

Lucky Colour: Golden

LEO (Jul 23-Aug 23)

Love: Eight of Cups

Mood: The Fool

Career: Knight of Swords

Encouraging your staff to seek clarification can enhance productivity on the professional front. Your presence at home may boost children’s morale and foster a positive family atmosphere. With good financial health, you can provide some monetary benefits to employees. You may experience an attraction towards someone special unexpectedly. Prioritizing good physical fitness can positively impact your overall well-being. It is advisable to avoid travelling alone as it can be fraught with troubles. Some individuals may benefit from shifting to better accommodation. Addressing pending personal problems promptly is important, as prolonging them could have long-term consequences. Avoid idleness and refrain from procrastination to maximize productivity. Be prepared to find ways to boost your morale and productivity.

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Colour: Green

VIRGO (Aug 24-Sept 23)

Love: Five of Coins

Mood: The Tower

Career: Six of Wands

Your excellent skills may allow your core competency and capabilities to shine, increasing your career prospects. Be cautious of a dominating attitude that may lead to unnecessary arguments with family members. It would be wise to avoid lavish expenditures this week to maintain your strong financial position. Warm romantic thoughts occupy your mind, so take time to meet your romantic partner. Seeking someone’s advice on the fitness front can greatly benefit your health. For those who desire to travel internationally, it’s a good time to explore that option. Ensure your property papers are in order to avoid problems later on. It’s crucial to address personal issues promptly. Taking a positive and proactive approach is the key to finding solutions.

Lucky Number: 18

Lucky Colour: Brown

LIBRA (Sept 24-Oct 23)

Love: Four of Wands

Mood: Page of Swords

Career: Hierophant

Your robust health may give you the energy to tackle the week with a smile. Your professional expertise may enhance confidence, thereby enhancing your career prospects. Be mindful of avoiding rigid behaviour that could disrupt domestic peace. Prepare yourself to handle additional financial burdens that may arise unexpectedly. Your charm and generosity can attract new romantic opportunities in a get-together. Avoid unnecessarily worrying about your health, as excessive concern may impact your well-being. Keep your cool on the road despite provocation. Be cautious, as there may be property disputes that could arise. Adopting a humble and considerate demeanour will touch the souls of those around you. Students may benefit greatly from e-learning opportunities.

Lucky Number: 6

Lucky Colour: Cream

SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22)

Love: Two of Swords

Mood: Nine of Wands

Career: The Tower

New project assignments may bring exciting opportunities to showcase true potential professionally. Remember, positive communication, love, and understanding are the key mantras for fostering happiness within your family. Your stable financial position allows you to adapt to the changing times and stay ahead. There may be a slight setback on the romantic front as a proposal may be rejected. It’s important to maintain a positive outlook and not let physical problems hinder your progress and personal development. After a busy period, you and your loved ones may embark on a well-deserved vacation, providing a much-needed break. Exercise caution while exploring opportunities on the property front and ensure thorough evaluation. Your creative ideas and well-chosen activities bring unexpected gains beyond your expectations.

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky Colour: Saffron

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21)

Love: Hermit

Mood: Two of Swords

Career: Six of Coins

Hard work and a positive attitude are likely to lead to significant professional success. It’s crucial to handle any crisis within the family with maturity and wisdom to restore a harmonious atmosphere. When it comes to financial investments, carefully consider the long-term viability of projects before committing your money. Love life has the potential to be enthralling if you’re willing to put effort into it. Those facing medical issues may soon experience an improvement in their health and well-being. Your next journey takes you to breathtaking natural beauty and captivating surroundings. Raising capital for a commercial venture should not pose significant difficulties. Finding time for socializing and pursuing activities that bring you joy and fulfilment is important.

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Colour: Pink

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21)

Love: The Chariot

Mood: Four of Swords

Career: Three of Coins

Working in a transparent and open work environment is likely to inspire you to give your best. Creating a new spirit within the family will depend on actively sharing and understanding each other’s concerns. Financial challenges can be eased with a timely loan. Your wit and charm have the potential to catch the attention of someone you fancy. Maintaining regularity in your workouts will bring you significant health benefits. Travelling may not turn out to be as enjoyable as you had anticipated. Disputes among relatives regarding ancestral property may arise, so handle them with care and wisdom. Listening to the voice of wisdom and refraining from jumping to conclusions can greatly benefit you and those around you.

Lucky Number: 22

Lucky Colour: White

AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19)

Love: Wheel of Fortune

Mood: The Hanged Man

Career: Three of Coins

Ensure that you appreciate your staff’s efforts, no matter how small the task may be. You may find it difficult to embrace changes made at home. Friendly loans can help you fulfil your dream of pursuing higher education. Your love partner will be extremely supportive and loving all week. Taking care of your diet and staying physically active will improve your fitness. Before embarking on a long journey, it’s

advisable to check the weather conditions. There are favourable prospects of acquiring a property at a bargain price. You must burn the midnight oil to improve your grade in an important exam.

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Colour: Maroon

PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20)

Love: The Strength

Mood: Eight of Cups

Career: The Lovers

To maximize productivity, it may be beneficial to encourage your subordinates to share their suggestions and ideas. Seek the support and guidance of your family when facing personal problems. Elders may provide valuable insights and solutions. Taking timely action will be important to prevent any monetary losses. Embrace a week filled with romantic gestures and praises from your partner, creating a strong bond between you both. Prioritize your physical well-being to overcome minor discomfort that may arise. Consider exploring travel opportunities that can bring excitement and new experiences. If you are interested in property investment, carefully assess commercial options that may align with your goals. Take this opportunity to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, paving the way for personal growth and self-improvement.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Colour: Orange

Celebrity lead:

Randeep Hooda, Aug 20, Leo

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