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leo - The Lion

July 23–August 22

  • Today's Prediction

    13 Jul, 2024

    Read Leo daily horoscope for July 13, 2024 to know your astrological predictions. Embrace positivity and maintain focus on your goals.

  • Yesterday's Prediction

    12 Jul, 2024

    Read Leo daily horoscope for July 12, 2024 to know your astrological predictions. Today, Leos are encouraged to take charge and embrace new opportunities.


Your Characteristics

“Leo proudly wears a topaz for luck, then pushes it too far, but he has a true inner dignity and grace that lets him carry his misfortunes with courage.” Linda Goodman

You are FIRE. It is a force that inspires you to be creative, passionate and energetic. It gives you the willpower to never give up despite all the challenges you face in life. It makes you action-oriented, decisive and optimistic. Negatively it makes you aggressive, selfish and sparks a need to be in the centre of attention.

Fixed. For you, steadiness is the key and strength of purpose to get the job done. You are resolute, determined and stable. With persistence and the ability to concentrate you diligently and calmly work hard to cross the finishing line. However, the attitude of either my way or the highway makes you stubborn and challenging to open your ears to others.

Sun. It helps you to be able to be proud, performative, and vital. The same way as the sun is at the epicentre it puts you at the centre of life and in the middle of families and communities. You are courageous, often dramatic and an artist who loves to be in the limelight. However, you have a strong well-developed sense of self.

Similar to its symbol the Lion, the king of all the other animals, you also rule all other sun signs. You are a sustainer, which makes you dedicated passionately to projects and taking a leadership role.

You are extremely astute. You will always live in style as you hate dark and boredom. Pride and ego are your trademarks and you live your life with commanding air and a stately attitude. The lion in you finds a way to get the limelight. It's hard to sway you from a set path. But when a real emergency falls on Leo's strong shoulders, he'll carry it lightly and never shirks his duty, helping the defenceless, protecting the frightened.

Your vanity and pride are your Achilles' heel. Lack of respect blinds you with rage and may make you incapable of a balanced judgment. The fiery pride is so disastrous that it causes plenty of shattered love affairs and marriages. You always tend to put yourself above others and are considered dominant.

Your love for teaching and being recognised for your accomplishments. That is why you may end up as an educator, politician or corporate leader. Most lions are excellent organizers and perfect geniuses at delegating authority and communication. the role of inspirational leadership, and positive power, will likely be most fulfilling. Fine art or fashion designing are other fields where you folks may be naturally drawn.

Leo is a fiercely loyal friend and an equally powerful enemy. Leos surround their guests with heaps of superb food and fine wines. Instead of leaning on others for help, you prefer to be leaned on. If you are asked for a loan but don’t have enough, you won’t mind borrowing to lend. That’s why everyone can ignore your arrogance and vanity because your heart is pure gold.

She's ridiculously popular and at times a social leader of her group. So, by even permitting you to love her, she's practically knighted you. She loves expensive gifts and in her mind, she is definitely not the weaker sex so won’t permit you to insult her with a condescending attitude. She's intelligent, witty, strong and yet feminine at the same time.

Leo man will always adore and please you with his antics. The lion will be a chivalrous and gallant suitor, tenderly protective and sentimentally affectionate. Is he jealous? The answer is “Yes," In fact his luxurious lair can turn into prison because of his possessiveness. For him, he’s your career! And everything should come after him. By the way, Leos have a marvellous knack for fixing things. If your relationship is real and deep, he'll probably be true to you, but his eyes may wander a bit.

Your Compatibility

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