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libra - The Balance

September 23–October 23

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    20 Apr, 2024

    Read Libra daily horoscope for April 20, 2024, to know your astrological predictions. Health is also good today.


Your Characteristics

“To truly understand Libra, you must understand the riddle of the scales; one side heaped high with October's vivid the other side holding sky blue bunches of shy violets, drenched in April rain.” Linda Goodman

You are AIR. It is the marker of intellect and smart thinkers who can win any argument. Helping you analyse and find a solution to any dilemma. With a curious mind, you see the world through a different prism, analyse every angle to find the best approach. Great communicators who think logically than emotionally. However, air also makes you cold, fickle and aloof.

Cardinal. It helps you start new initiatives but you are not very good at finishing them. Being full of vim and vigour you possess a drive and ambition that is unmistakable. You are enthusiastic, energetic and full of life. When you are busy in your endeavours you don’t care about those around you.

Venus. It gives them the power to be drawn to creating, accumulating, and enjoying earthly gifts and bounties like good food and artistic treasures. With a lot of patience, friendliness, pleasure and dedication they create interesting crafts and build genuine relationships.

Libra is the only lifeless being of all sun signs- represented by scales. It is an association that reflects your fixation on balance and harmony. You always strive to reach equilibrium and that’s why are an idealist.

You outrightly hold the qualities of social initiation and leadership. Even though you love people you can’t handle crowds. You are extremely intelligent but also gullible and naive. You are a peacemaker because of your diplomatic trait and being social is one of the most fundamental elements of your personality. Fairness can be a fetish for you.

You can be frustratingly inconsistent at times. Yes, you are indecisive, even though you deny it all the time. You can be annoying, quarrelsome, stubborn, restless, depressed and confused as you sway up and down before reaching equilibrium. You will either be busy working overtime or just too lazy to be called lazy Libra.

Librans are strong and productive leaders. Going by your warm and friendly nature human resources, law, and public service are the best career choices. You leverage your traits of graciousness, diplomacy, tact, and charm to build strong work relations. You would excel as a business owner. With qualities of balanced, harmonious judgment you can be a good strategist.

You are called people-pleasing because you always try and ensure people around you are happy and engaged. You are a good friend who loves travel and make a perfectly loyal and dependable partner who will give the perfect advice. However, an impatient person can turn any Libran into a sudden spell of earth stubbornness. Librans hate the confusion and wants harmony to remain stable

She is highly intellectual with amazing analysing powers. She is a delicate darling, wearing dresses in silk and laces, but with her femininity, she wears the men’s logic with much ease. She actually can’t hide that sharp mind behind the dimples. She argues only to reach a fair conclusion to an argument. She is incapable of living alone. But for her marriage is a joint venture where rules are as strict as a corporate setup.

Word love and Libra are synonymous. Delicate Cupid ways are inbred in Librans. He will give plenty of free advice but won’t be able to give answers about girly dreams. His ability to rationalise love can leave you limp with defeat. There is nowhere to run after getting caught in the Libran charm. His chivalry will hide his inconsistent nature. He can’t say no or hurt someone’s feelings, but doesn’t realise that postponement of plans keeping someone waiting can be equally frustrating.

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