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Abhishek Jha is a data journalist. He analyses public data for finding news, with a focus on the environment, Indian politics and economy, and Covid-19.

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Over 50% of NW India in grip of its hottest spell since 1951

Prolonged and intense heat waves in northwest India, with high day and night temperatures, cause heat stress and health emergencies.

A man covers his face using a cloth to shield himself from the sun as he inspects railway tracks during a hot summer day in New Delhi. (REUTERS)
Updated on Jun 19, 2024 08:30 AM IST
By, Jayashree Nandi, , New Delhi

Number Theory: Monsoon's 1st week has decreased heat only in parts of India

Except Gujarat and southern half of Rajasthan, almost the entire country received some rain during the week.

The arrival of the Southwest Monsoon in Mumbai on Sunday saw widespread rains and cooler weather.(AFP Photo)
Updated on Jun 11, 2024 10:11 AM IST

India logs fall in inequality between 2011-12 and 2022-23, says govt report

The HCE report provides detailed information on consumption expenditure trends after more than a decade, with the last report released in 2011-12

The full report released Friday shows a fall in the Gini coefficient, a commonly used measure of inequality, for both rural and urban spending between 2011-12 and 2022-23(HT FILE PHOTO)
Updated on Jun 08, 2024 05:05 AM IST

BJP’s stock grows in Tamil Nadu as AIADMK loses ground

The last time the BJP contested more seats than the 23 it contested in these elections was in 1996 when it put up candidates on 37 PCs.

The BJP has received 11.3% vote share, its highest in any Lok Sabha election in Tamil Nadu. (PTI)
Updated on Jun 07, 2024 06:56 AM IST

5 charts to summarise the results of 2024 Lok Sabha elections

The balance of power within the government will shift in favour of the allies rather than the centralised government which the BJP ran in 2014 and 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with BJP president JP Nadda, TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu, JD(U) chief Nitish Kumar and other leaders during a meeting of NDA at PM's residence, on June 5(PTI via X/narendramodi)
Updated on Jun 06, 2024 06:51 PM IST

From 2014-2024 – 282, 303, 240: Charting shift in BJP’s tally

BJP improved to 303 seats in 2019, but has won 240 seats in 2024, when the majority mark is 272. How has this shift happened?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with senior NDA leaders in Delhi on Wednesday. (ANI)
Updated on Jun 06, 2024 08:34 AM IST

Number Theory: The directional shifts that defined the polls

While the BJP has maintained its overall vote share compared to 2019, its median vote share has decreased compared to 2019.

Representational image
Published on Jun 05, 2024 07:46 AM IST

Drop in turnout may not mean a reversal of BJP’s fortunes

The drop in turnout seen in early phases of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections has become one of the most-watched trends of this contest.

Of the 466 comparable PCs of the first six phases, BJP and its allies won 66.1% in 2019, Congress and allies 17.6%, and other parties 16.3%. (ANI)
Updated on Jun 02, 2024 06:50 AM IST

Number Theory: What is at stake in the final round of voting?

57 parliamentary constituencies across seven states and the Union territory of Chandigarh will vote today in the second and final phase of the 2024 LS elections

Seventh phase of LS polls began Saturday
Published on Jun 01, 2024 05:39 PM IST

Number Theory: What’s at stake in the sixth phase of voting?


A voter shows her inked finger after casting her vote during the sixth phase of Loksabha Elections at a polling station at Jaffrabad in New Delhi(HT Photo/Sanchit Khanna)
Published on May 30, 2024 07:10 PM IST
By, New Delhi

Number Theory: Outliers within the constituencies in Lok Sabha elections

When there is a nationally dominant party, as there was in 2014 and 2019, assembly constituencies within a parliamentary constituencies largely vote similarly .

An election official puts indelible ink on the finger of an elderly voter. (AP Photo)
Published on May 30, 2024 04:14 PM IST

Number Theory: Can BJP do a hat-trick of wins in all 7 Lok Sabha seats in Delhi?

Except in 1967, 1989 and 1991, the party that won a majority of parliamentary constituencies in Delhi always finished first in the Lok Sabha nationally.

For representational purposes only. (HT Photo)
Updated on May 30, 2024 02:22 PM IST

Number Theory: How bad is the current heatwave?

The short answer: Very bad, and perhaps too soon in the season, at least in Delhi. Now for the long answer.

An elderly person out on the streets on a sultry summer day in Mungeshpur, Delhi. (HT Photo)
Published on May 30, 2024 07:44 AM IST

Number Theory: Can AAP-Congress alliance hurt the BJP in Delhi?

When the AAP fought its first Lok Sabha elections in 2014, Delhi saw its most multipolar Lok Sabha contest since 1991.

Congress leader Sonia Gandhi and Delhi CM's wife Sunita Kejriwal at Ramlila Maidan during an INDIA bloc rally. (Sanjeev Verma/HT Photo)
Published on May 24, 2024 08:57 AM IST

Number Theory: Has heat tread the heels of polling this election?

The average polling day maximum for the sixth phase parliamentary constituencies is 44.5°C compared to the national average of 39.3°C.

Women take shelter under an umbrella due to extreme heat as they exit a polling booth after casting their vote in Uttar Pradesh. (Reuters photo)
Published on May 23, 2024 08:58 AM IST

Weather Bee | How bad is the heat in India this May?

The answer depends on an analysis of average maximum weekly temperatures, with heat moving from the southern parts of the country to the northern parts

New Delhi, India - May 20, 2024: Visitors brave the Heat Wave in hot summer at Kartvaya Pathlawns , in New Delhi, India, on Monday, May 20, 2024. (Photo by Vipin Kumar/ Hindustan Times)(Hindustan Times)
Published on May 23, 2024 08:30 AM IST
By | Edited by Anish Yande

Number Theory: Unravelling the nuts and bolts of Phase 5 of Lok Sabha polls

Among the seven phases of this election, the fifth phase PCs have had the lowest turnout in all the past three Lok Sabha elections.

A voter gets finger marked before voting in the fifth phase of Lok Sabha elections. (PTI)
Published on May 20, 2024 09:56 AM IST

Number Theory: Can BJP pull off a massive win in Uttar Pradesh again?

Every election is a new test, and opposition alliances have been shifting continuously in Uttar Pradesh since 2014.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi accompanied by Union home minister Amit Shah and Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath in Varanasi. (ANI Photo)
Published on May 17, 2024 08:55 AM IST

Lok Sabha polls: Phase 4 voter turnout higher than earlier phases

2024 Lok Sabha elections saw a turnout of 66.95% in the first four phases, with the fourth phase recording the highest turnout of 69.16%.

In absolute terms, of the 674 million people who could have cast their ballot in the first four phases, a total of 451 million have exercised their franchise so far, ECI said. (Bachchan Kumar/HT Photo)
Updated on May 17, 2024 01:10 AM IST

Weather Bee | Temperature alone cannot predict distress as monsoon approaches

The combination of humidity and temperature can pose health risks, emphasising the need for caution beyond just thermometer readings

A person splashes water on his face from an irrigation pipe to beat the intense heat wave in Lucknow. (File Photo/AP)
Published on May 16, 2024 04:45 PM IST

Number Theory: Why Maharashtra’s electoral math is complicated

If the BJP got 30% of their combined votes, the BJP alliance would win 22 parliamentary constituencies in the state.

Representational image.
Published on May 16, 2024 08:59 AM IST

Urban unemployment rate at 6.7% in quarter ending March 2024 : NSSO data

To be sure, a rise in the unemployment rate does not necessarily mean that the number of jobs in the economy has fallen

Young man at a job interview talking with two developers. They are running startup developer company from their home. Overhead view. (Getty Images)
Updated on May 16, 2024 09:26 AM IST

Number Theory: Four charts that help decode crucial Phase 4 of Lok Sabha polls

Among the PCs of the seven phases, the PCs of the fourth phase had the highest turnout in 2009 and 2014, but the second highest turnout in 2019.

Representational image.
Published on May 13, 2024 09:03 AM IST

Number Theory: Will Madhya Pradesh be a landslide for BJP once again?

In 2023 Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, BJP won a massive victory against Congress. Is BJP all set to replicate its victory in 2024 Lok Sabha elections?

The BJP has been a dominant political force in Madhya Pradesh for a long time. (ANI Photo)(BJP media)
Published on May 11, 2024 08:58 PM IST

Weather Bee | Uttarakhand's forest fires are now spreading to higher reaches

Uttarakhand is facing a significant increase in forest fires, with data showing fires spreading to higher elevations, posing new challenges for containment.

Forest fires are not unusual in Uttarakhand, or, for that matter, in any jungle. (PTI)
Published on May 09, 2024 08:40 AM IST

Number Theory: The voter turnout story so far


Among the 78 PCs where the turnout has dropped by more than 5 percentage points, 49 were won by the BJP in 2019, four by BJP’s allies, 13 by the Congress, four by Congress allies, and eight by others. (Reuters)
Published on May 08, 2024 06:54 PM IST
By, New Delhi

Number Theory: What's at stake in the third phase of voting

The BJP and its allies have won a majority of parliamentary constituencies voting in this phase in every Lok Sabha election starting 2009.

An election official puts indelible ink on the finger of a voter after she cast her vote. (PTI Photo)
Published on May 07, 2024 07:07 AM IST

Number Theory: Turncoats and their role in Indian politics, polls

A majority of turncoats in both the BJP and the Congress come from parties smaller than both of them.

For representational purposes only. (Sonu Mehta/ HT Photo)
Updated on May 06, 2024 08:45 AM IST

Number Theory: Understanding Amethi and Rae Bareli contests

Congress announced that Rahul Gandhi will contest from the Rae Bareli parliamentary constituency and the Amethi candidate will not be from Nehru-Gandhi family

Congress has fielded Rahul Gandhi from Rae Bareli Lok Sabha seat
Updated on May 04, 2024 10:10 AM IST

Number Theory: How BJP has changed Assam's political game

The Congress alliance’s seat share fell to just 21.4% in 2019 despite its vote share remaining relatively flat at 35.7%.

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Guwahati. (PTI File Photo)
Published on May 03, 2024 09:37 AM IST
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