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Anupam Srivastava is a Special Correspondent with Hindustan Times, Lucknow. Has produced exclusive stories in medical, civil aviation, civic, political and other issues for over 20 years.

Articles by Anupam Srivastava

Critical care: Lack of beds, VVIP culture hitting PGI dept functioning

Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS) in India is under scrutiny after a former BJP MP's son was refused admission to the ICU. The hospital is reportedly facing a high patient load and a shortage of critical care beds. The incident has prompted criticism of the lack of transparency in the admission process. The Uttar Pradesh government has ordered a probe into the death of the former MP's son. The hospital's director has said that there is a proposal to increase the number of critical care beds.

The SGPGIMS campus in Lucknow (HT File Photo)
Updated on Oct 30, 2023 10:30 PM IST
By, Lucknow

Critical care at SGPGIMS: Lack of beds, VVIP culture hitting dept functioning

Patients without VVIP status struggle to get admitted to the critical care medicine unit of SGPGIMS, with most beds reserved for VVIPs and the admission process lacking transparency. There are only 20 CCM beds in a hospital of 1,600 beds, causing many patients to be refused admission. The hospital director suggests increasing CCM beds in other hospitals to alleviate the load. There is a proposal to increase the number of beds in the CCM at SGPGIMS. Attendees in the waiting list express frustration with the lack of transparency in the admission process.

For representation only (HT File Photo)
Updated on Oct 30, 2023 06:41 PM IST
By, Lucknow

4,000 madrasas near Indo-Nepal border under SIT lens over foreign funding

These religious schools have come under the scrutiny of the state government due to their receipt of foreign contributions.

Representational photo (HT File)
Updated on Oct 25, 2023 09:51 PM IST

SIT to probe misuse of donations by madrasas

The decision was taken after information about anti-national activities and forced conversion being promoted with foreign donations. The SIT will give notice to all the madrasas and seek information about the transactions in Foreign Exchange Earning Accounts (EEFC). After this, those madrasas which are receiving funds from abroad will be listed and then it will be probed as to from which countries this money has been sent and in which activities it has been used.

In January this year, the government had ordered district magistrates in districts bordering Nepal to conduct a probe into the funding of unrecognised madrasas that declared ‘zakat’ (money from charity) and donations as their primary source of funds. (Pic for representation)
Updated on Oct 23, 2023 07:14 AM IST

LMC may get NGT’s ‘Red Card’ as 100 football fields of waste loom over Lucknow

The ominous sight of this football field-sized waste expanse can be witnessed at the Shivri waste treatment plant on the outskirts of Lucknow.

Shivri waste treatment plant (HT File)
Published on Oct 19, 2023 08:24 PM IST

Devotion meets ‘Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb’: In Awadh’s Ramlila, Salman can also be Ram

In this unique Ramlila, staged in Bakshi-Ka-Talab, all central characters are portrayed by Muslims while their Hindu brethren revel in lifelike performances.

Bakshi-Ka-Talab Ramlila (HT Photo)
Published on Oct 18, 2023 05:59 AM IST

Living Legacy: At Lohia Park’s Ram Leela, Awadhi flair meets Parsi drama

What truly sets this Ram Leela apart is that all roles, including Sita, Mandodari, Shoorpanakha, Taadka, and other female characters from the Ramayan, are portrayed by males.

Lohia Park (Sourced)
Updated on Oct 17, 2023 07:48 AM IST

Ayodhya mosque to be named after the Prophet; design finalised

Around 1,000 clerics of various Muslim sects met in Mumbai to finalise the design of the proposed mosque; it will be inspired by ancient Islamic architecture

A blueprint of the proposed mosque in Dhannipur (Sourced)
Updated on Oct 13, 2023 01:59 AM IST

Decades-Long Dilemma: Lack of liver transplants at SGPGIMS sparks outcry; patients voice concern

A comprehensive analysis of liver transplants at SGPGIMS reveals a disheartening truth -- not a single liver transplant is being performed annually.

Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (HT File)
Updated on Oct 13, 2023 08:38 AM IST

Lucknow Mahotsav to stage a comeback after 5-year hiatus

While boating would be the new attraction at the Mahotsav, the 10-day event will be a kaleidoscope of performances by local/ international and Bollywood artistes, food stalls, mushairas, kavi sammelans, Yuva Mahotsav and other competitions

Tourism department officials said the target is to set up 1,000 stalls of various products from across UP, besides stalls of handicrafts and artisans from various parts of the country. (File Photo/Sourced)
Updated on Oct 13, 2023 05:12 AM IST

Denied entry, Akhilesh scales locked gate to pay tribute to JP on birth anniversary

The SP chief, who was accompanied by party worker, alleged that a wall of iron sheet was installed there just to stop him from garlanding the statue of the socialist leader

Samajwadi Party national president Akhilesh Yadav scaling the gate of Jayaprakash Narayan International Centre in Lucknow to garland a statue of the socialist leader on his birth anniversary on October 11. (HT photo)
Updated on Oct 12, 2023 07:56 AM IST
By, Lucknow

Akhilesh Yadav jumps over locked gate to garland Jayprakash Narayan’s statue

Samajwadi Party workers created a ruckus amid a heavy police deployment demanding the authorities allow Yadav entry into Jayprakash Narayan International Centre on a bus

Yadav hit out at the Uttar Pradesh government’s “dictatorship”. (X)
Published on Oct 11, 2023 03:42 PM IST

No Vacancy! Lucknow hotels fully booked ahead of India-England showdown

Room rates in various city hotels have skyrocketed, and industry officials assert that seizing this profitable opportunity is entirely justified.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) Men's Cricket World Cup Trophy (ICC )
Published on Oct 08, 2023 10:44 PM IST

AI helping Lucknow cops rein in ‘rowdy roadies’

Intelligent Traffic Mgmt System combines high-speed cameras and infrared flashes to capture clear images of vehicles and detect potential offences too

Lucknow Smart City Limited has installed more than 1,500 cameras for the city’s safety. (Pic for representation)
Updated on Oct 07, 2023 06:12 AM IST

Raja of Mahmudabad: Elegant, erudite royal scion who battled to reclaim heritage

Death is unlikely to diminish the renown of the Raja who passed away early on Wednesday after a prolonged illness

Mohammad Amir Mohammad Khan (HT Photo)
Updated on Oct 05, 2023 06:18 AM IST

Treasure trove: Gandhi’s ‘khadau’ and letters in Urdu at Farangi Mahal

Gandhi’s letters and telegrams to freedom fighter Abdul Bari Farangi Mahali and his other things including a pair of ‘khadau’ are with the family of Adnan Abdul Wali, the great grandson of Bari

Farangi Mahal in Lucknow (Ht Photo)
Updated on Oct 03, 2023 08:22 AM IST

A girls’ college that has its roots in Mahatma Gandhi’s vision

How a ‘pinch of flour’ for freedom fighters and revolutionaries translated into establishment of Chutki Bhandar Girls’ College, which stands as a symbol of women empowerment

Chutki Bhandar Girls’ Inter College in Lucknow’s Hussainganj . (Deepak Gupta/HT Photo)
Updated on Oct 02, 2023 10:33 PM IST

Ghalib’s ‘andaz-e-bayan’ finds favour even with Gen X

The ongoing National Book Fair in Balrampur Gardens is recording a surprisingly good sale of anthologies of couplets and ghazals written by the likes of Mirza Ghalib, ‘Daagh’ Dehlvi, Ibrahim ‘Zauq’, Momin Khan ‘Momin’ and Asrar-ul-Haq ‘Majaz’ etc. In fact, poetry sales are soaring, leaving behind books on politics and politicians, say the sellers, adding the former are catching the fancy of Lucknow youths more.

Even in the 21st century Ghalib’s works are fancied by poetry lovers, particularly the young generation, notwithstanding the change in literary taste. (Pic for representation)
Updated on Sep 30, 2023 05:46 AM IST

Railway colonies in Lucknow present a picture of civic neglect

Dilapidated houses occupied by people illegally in connivance with officials; residents lament broken roads and poor waste management

A dilapidated house at a railway colony in Alambagh. (Deepak Gupta/HT Photo)
Published on Sep 20, 2023 01:14 AM IST

Colonies flooded, 4,500 displaced: Barabanki tries to pick up the pieces after rainstorm

Home to about 1.5 lakh people, the municipality was facing heavy waterlogging in multiple areas on Wednesday, all thanks to its poor drainage system.

Amid rescue efforts by the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) personnel, which continued Wednesday, hundreds of houses remained under water with people majorly confined to upper floors or the roofs. Also, many families could be seen taking shelter on roadsides and on verandahs of shops (HT)
Published on Sep 14, 2023 12:25 AM IST
ByChitradeep Ashok/Anupam Srivastava, Barabanki/lucknow

Global warming behind increasing lightning strikes, say experts

Experts suggest that global warming is behind the increase in lightning strikes, as hotter temperatures combined with rain lead to more intense thunderstorms and lightning. The residents of Lucknow, India experienced a harrowing night of lightning and thunder, with the weatherman reporting lightning for 11.5 hours intermittently. The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology is studying lightning characteristics to help reduce losses due to lightning strikes.

Elephant statue at Ambedkar Park damaged due to lightning strike in Lucknow on Monday. (Deepak Gupta/HT Photo)
Updated on Sep 12, 2023 05:31 PM IST

Madrasas linked to anti-national activities to be shut: Minister

Minister for minorities welfare, Dharmpal Singh, says madrasas linked to anti-national activities will be shut down and those functioning illegally will not be recognized. The government wants children from minority communities to receive modern education in madrasas.

For representation only (HT File Photo)
Updated on Sep 01, 2023 08:00 PM IST
By, Lucknow

Waste disposal in city: NGT hauls up LMC, demands action-taken report in two weeks

The NGT has expressed unhappiness at the disregard for its orders on shifting the dumping zone and garbage lying at the dumping site at Bandha Road, Faizullaganj

For representation only (HT File Photo)
Updated on Sep 01, 2023 06:57 PM IST
By, Lucknow

Waste Nightmare: 20L metric tonnes of untreated garbage at Shivri plant stifle Lucknow

This looming environmental catastrophe has raised alarms among environmentalists, who assert that authorities are turning a blind eye to the health and ecological dangers posed by this massive accumulation of waste at the Shivri facility.

Garbage lying on road. (Deepak Gupta)
Updated on Aug 22, 2023 12:18 AM IST

Lucknow turns into transit point for gold smugglers

Since 2018, the customs department has arrested over 100 carriers at the airport and seized 225 kg of smuggled yellow metal worth around ₹120 crore from them: Officials

Around 56.97 kg of smuggled gold was seized in 2018-19. (Pic for representation)
Updated on Aug 17, 2023 09:36 PM IST

LMC’s outsourced staff not getting ESIC, EPFO benefits: Karmchari sangh

Members have sent letters to the CM highlighting the issue, but there has been no action against the erring firms that have gobbled up over ₹200 crore of employees’ funds: Sangh president

The companies took money from the LMC for depositing benefits into the EPF, ESIC and LIC accounts of employees, but did not do so, it is alleged. (Pic for representation)
Updated on Aug 16, 2023 11:26 PM IST

U.P. docs treat soldiers for free, say ‘they have paid their fee at the border’

These altruistic doctors, in a heartwarming gesture, invite all military personnel to their clinics without any financial obligation, requiring only the presentation of their identification cards for complimentary consultations.

Dr Pawan Garg (HT Photo)
Updated on Aug 14, 2023 06:46 PM IST

‘All Varanasi ghats tell a story that I have revealed through my paintings’

Patel is in Lucknow at present for an art exhibition ‘Avimukta’ that was inaugurated at a city hotel on Monday.

Praveen Patel at work on Varanasi ghat (sourced)
Updated on Aug 08, 2023 01:04 AM IST
By, Lucknow

Lucknow: Think twice before buying plots along Outer Ring Road

Lucknow Development Authority issues notices to illegal structures that have come up along Outer Ring Road in violation of NHAI guidelines

Work on the 104-km Outer Ring Road in Lucknow will cross six state highways and five national highways. (FILE PHOTO )
Updated on Jul 29, 2023 12:39 AM IST

U.P. minister Nandi’s straight-talk at Coffee with HT: From how he got nickname to surviving bomb attack

Street-fighting character earned him two names -- one was Seekiya Pahalwan for being lean and thin and the other was Nandi for taking on anyone without thinking twice about the repercussions, he says

Uttar Pradesh minister Nand Gopal Gupta Nandi at the Coffee with HT programme in Lucknow on Wednesday. (Deepak Gupta/HT Photo)
Updated on Jul 27, 2023 12:51 AM IST
By, Lucknow
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