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A study aims to show the connect between monsoon and subcontinent invasions...

…invasions from Central Asian regions coincided with weak precipitation in their regions, indicating that climate has always played a big role in geopolitics

Possible linkage between climatic conditions and invasions on the Indian subcontinent during the period 6th century BCE to 16th century CE - published in the peer-reviewed Springer's Earth System Science Journal on April 4, 2024. (Springer's Earth System Science Journal)
Published on Apr 18, 2024 09:11 PM IST

5 key impacts of Swiss women's climate victory at Europe's Human Rights Court

The ECtHR April 9 ruling enhances the legal basis for climate action across Europe, providing a solid foundation for challenging inadequate climate policies

Members of Swiss association Senior Women for Climate Protection react after the announcement of decisions after a hearing of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to decide in three separate cases if states are doing enough in the face of global warming in rulings that could force them to do more, in Strasbourg, eastern France, on April 9, 2024. (Photo by Frederick FLORIN / AFP)(AFP)
Published on Apr 11, 2024 07:04 PM IST

Swiss seniors win big at court, emissions reduction targets for Europe set

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that a group of older women’s human rights were being harmed by the impacts of the climate crisis

Rosmarie Wydler-Walti and Anne Mahrer, of the Swiss elderly women group Senior Women for Climate Protection, attend the hearing of the court for the ruling in the climate case Verein KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz and Others v. Switzerland, at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg,, France April 9, 2024. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann(REUTERS)
Published on Apr 09, 2024 08:47 PM IST

In Botswana, a case of conservation colliding with human-wildlife conflict

Trophy-hunting may not be the best way to preserve the elephants that roam the African savannah at all— and here's how ecological balance can still be preserved

An elephant near the Nxaraga village on the outskirts of Maun, Botswana, Sept. 28, 2019.(AFP)
Published on Apr 08, 2024 11:09 PM IST

Climate change isn't doing much good for Olive Ridley turtle eggs

In a first, Tamil Nadu has announced the setting up of climate-resilient hatcheries that will ensure just the right temperatures for their eggs to hatch

Olive Ridley Turtles (- Credit National Marine Turtle Action Plan 2021-26)
Updated on Apr 03, 2024 12:06 AM IST

Why Sonam Wangchuk's climate fast is an opportunity to look at Ladakh's future

Glaciers in the third pole are receding at an enhanced pace, fueled by the increasing temperatures across South Asia. Millions stand to be affected

FILE PHOTO: India's Border Security Force (BSF) soldiers stand guard at a checkpoint along a highway leading to Ladakh, at Gagangeer in Kashmir's Ganderbal district June 17, 2020. REUTERS/Danish Ismail/File Photo (REUTERS)
Published on Mar 24, 2024 08:10 AM IST

Why a tri-state pact is good news for wildlife

A recent ministerial-level agreement to track animal migration and map zones of known human-animal conflict is exactly what our biospheres need to stay safe

The western ghats and the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site, are crucial biodiversity hotspots. (Godwin Vasanth Bosco)
Published on Mar 19, 2024 06:42 PM IST

India gets serious about stopping exotic wildlife trafficking across borders

The Centre recently notified rules to streamline the management and protection of wildlife species, including clamping down on illegal trade of exotic species

The Indian star tortoise is a threatened species that is illegally trafficked(Courtesy Neil D'Cruze)
Updated on Mar 05, 2024 09:04 PM IST

Heat waves will intensify, scientist makes a pitch to NDMA

As the mercury climbs, the world's largest democracy stands on the brink of a momentous decision in the face of an unprecedented heatwave.s

The health impacts of heat waves can range from mild symptoms like dehydration and heat cramps, characterised by edema and syncope with fevers below 39°C (102°F), to severe conditions such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke.(Rahul Raut/HT file photo)
Published on Feb 27, 2024 08:36 PM IST

Riffling through the reefs: Can India's coral beds be saved?

The key to addressing the escalating issue of coral bleaching is robust monitoring, enabling us to understand and respond effectively

A crab hidden inside its home in the Lakshadweep corals.(Shreya yadav/HT Photo)
Updated on Feb 06, 2024 07:04 PM IST

How Wayanad district in Kerala used weather data to turn climate resilient

The Indian Meteorological Department’s effort to offer data-driven weather forecast to vulnerable sectors is what this Kerala district has been doing since 2020

Workers plant paddy in the fields in Wayanad district of Kerala(Courtesy Rajesh Krishnan)
Published on Jan 28, 2024 04:01 PM IST

The future of forecasting — who can tell? And how accurately?

The IMD’s new framework will use its over 100 years of data to help industry to use accurate weather information to stay agile in the era of climate change

The computing to improve extreme weather forecast will be deployed ahead of the completion of the IMD’s 150 years in 2025. (ANI)
Updated on Jan 28, 2024 04:05 PM IST

AI-driven algorithm helps track and save tigers and other wild animals

In the second of a two-part series, we see how Artificial Intelligence reads existing data sets to catch poachers, track tigers and save the lives of wildlife

Images captured using TrailGuard AI of poachers and tigers in the same region at Dudhwa Tiger Reserve (The study titled Mitigating human–wildlife conflict and monitoring endangered tigers using a real-time camera-based alert system)
Updated on Jan 12, 2024 01:03 AM IST

How to save the life of a tiger

There is a need to balance human lives with wildlife welfare. In the first of a two-part series, we explore why even one unnatural tiger death is one too many

An adult and a juvenile tiger spotted at Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. (HT PHOTO)
Updated on Jan 10, 2024 06:45 PM IST

The peaks and troughs of India's quest for clean air

Only 15 of 131 cities meet the national air quality safety standards, according to data presented in the Parliament. Here's an on-ground assessment

New Delhi , India - December 30 2023: Commuters out on a cold and Foggy morning amid rising air pollution levels at Ghazipur area in New Delh , India on Saturday, December 30 2023. (Photo by Sakib Ali /Hindustan Times)
Published on Jan 01, 2024 04:11 PM IST

Coastline in crisis | Six experts give us their climate manifesto for Mumbai

The citizens’ manifesto is a roadmap for policymakers and spans five vital topics each a cornerstone in the battle against the adverse effects of climate change

Urban infrastructure must go beyond mere resilience, and aim for antifragility in the face of climate change.(Conservation Action Trust)
Published on Dec 13, 2023 11:03 AM IST

Lessons for Mumbai and Delhi's crusade for clean air

Rather than reinvent the wheel, we need to learn from the global playbook. New York, Beijing and London have tackled air pollution through specific measures.

Huge Air Pollution seen near Reclamation at Bandra, in Mumbai, India, Saturday, Nov 11, 2023. (Vijay Bate/HT Photo)
Published on Nov 23, 2023 09:00 AM IST

Coastline in Crisis | The perils facing the shoreline

In a development-oriented coastal city like Mumbai, the government is trying to crack down on illegal miners. But experts say no amount of sand mining is okay

The new sand mining policy aims to simplify the process of sand distribution and reduce illegal sand mining by standardising the rates and making the extraction demand-driven. (HT PHOTO)
Published on Nov 01, 2023 07:44 PM IST

Exclusive: Hearing of climate crisis petition of six youngsters begins

Prompted by the wildfires that ravaged Portugal in 2017, six Portuguese youths have challenged the actions of 32 European nations seeking climate justice

 European Court of Human Rights(CherryX / Wikimedia Commons)
Updated on Sep 27, 2023 02:03 PM IST

The importance of the National Green Tribunal in times of climate crisis

The guardians of our greens, this statutory body has played a pivotal role in protecting the Indian environment. Here are some of its landmark judgements

National Green Tribunal (File Photo)
Published on Sep 22, 2023 07:19 PM IST

Invasive species are threatening India's coastal biodiversity

A closer look at the spread of non-native species significantly altering ecological functions of marine ecosystems

Dome-like growth of K. alvarezii which suppresses the growth of the native corals in Gulf of Mannar (Photo Courtesy: Dr. S. Chandrasekaran, Department of Plant Sciences, Madurai Kamaraj University)
Published on Sep 09, 2023 09:53 PM IST

Climate change is here, need to adapt to ways to handle it: Maharashtra environment minister Aaditya Thackeray

As Mumbai became the sixth Indian city earlier this month to be chosen as a member of the C40 cities, state environment minister Aaditya Thackeray in an exclusive interview to HT spoke about the roadmap and strategies to make Mumbai the most active city among the C40 group in South and West Asia region.

Maharashtra environment minister Aaditya Thackeray.(Twitter)
Updated on Dec 22, 2020 01:32 AM IST
By, Mumbai

20 million people in Mumbai at risk due to cyclones, sea level rise: Study

The study found that the decadal increase in cyclone events had increased six times from two cyclones in 1970-1979 to 12 during 2010-19 that had impact along the Maharashtra coast.

Published on Dec 21, 2020 12:59 AM IST
By, Mumbai

Kharghar-Panvel belt near Mumbai breathes unsafe air for 17 hours a day: Study

The air has suspended particulate matter (PM) of different sizes. Many of these are a complex mixture of dust, pollen, soot and smoke and are hazardous, making them responsible for lower visibility and smog

The study found extremely high levels of PM2.5 in the air, especially between 6am and 8am, and average air quality above safe standards for 17 hours every day.(Waatavaran)
Updated on Dec 21, 2020 12:53 AM IST
By, Mumbai

33 years after being notified, Maharashtra govt appoints WII to reorganise boundaries of Malvan Marine Sanctuary

The final decision was taken during a meeting chaired by chief minister Uddhav Thackeray with Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and various state bodies in the last week of November to discuss the issue

The state has appointed Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, to carry out mapping of critical habitats and reorganise the boundary of the sanctuary.(Forest department)
Published on Dec 21, 2020 12:42 AM IST
By, Mumbai

Researchers come up with natural solution to prevent red ants from attacking Olive Ridley turtle nests in Maharashtra

By maintaining a safe distance from the nest, protective layers were carved out sprayed with neem powder

12,149 of 27,254 eggs survived in 2019-20.(Mohan Upadhyay)
Updated on Dec 20, 2020 12:44 AM IST

26 wild rusty-spotted kittens reunited with mothers across Maharashtra farms over 6 years

The achievements of the team, part of wild animal conservation group Wildlife SOS, were published in a research paper in the Journal of Threatened Taxa on December 14

A rusty-spotten kitten.(Photo: Wildlife SOS)
Published on Dec 18, 2020 10:23 AM IST
Hindustan Times, Mumbai | By

Contempt notice to Konkan collectors for failure to transfer mangrove land to Maharashtra forest department

The direction to hand over mangrove areas to the forest department was first issued by the Bombay high court on October 6, 2005. The HC reiterated its order on September 18, 2018

A mangrove.(Sourced)
Updated on Dec 17, 2020 01:16 PM IST
Hindustan Times, Mumbai | By

Maharashtra forms 4 sub-committees to expedite critical wildlife habitat declaration

At present, not just the state, the entire country does not have a single critical wildlife habitat despite guidelines being put in place by the Union environment ministry in January 2018

The civet cat has vanished from Sanjay Gandhi Park.(File photo)
Updated on Dec 16, 2020 01:25 PM IST
Hindustan Times, Mumbai | By
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