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Mind Matters | How I helped my client overcome insomnia through mindfulness

Specific techniques coupled with self-awareness can transform your days -- and nights -- in very stark ways. Here's how

Updated on Sep 05, 2023 03:04 PM IST

Mind Matters | Five essential steps to master difficult conversations

Mastering difficult conversations is a skill that develops over time with practice and patience. Key is clarity, empathy and listening

 In this comprehensive guide, we will outline five essential steps to help you prepare for and navigate difficult conversations with confidence and grace.(Pixabay)
Updated on Jul 10, 2023 05:06 PM IST

Mind Matters: Why We Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week

As Mental Health Awareness Week begins, a look at why it is critical for the individual and society as a whole

Effective management of mental health problems relies on early intervention and treatment. (StockPic)
Updated on May 16, 2023 10:44 AM IST

Mindful living for a greener future: Changing your mindset can save the planet

Discover the power of mindfulness and sustainable living in combating the climate crisis and creating a better future for all

By adopting a RRR (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) lifestyle, we can reduce the amount of plastic waste that flows into our oceans. (Shutterstock)
Published on Apr 21, 2023 05:37 PM IST

Busting myths about the ‘power’ of multitasking

Today's work culture promotes multitasking as a religion, even though research has proved that mono-tasking is more beneficial. This must change

Multitasking is actually a “fairytale” we all have been made to believe in and glorify. (Pixabay)
Updated on Mar 24, 2023 05:43 PM IST

Learning the key differences between mindfulness and concentration

Mindfulness is more than just concentrating on an object; it is a process of becoming aware of yourself; the process of gently reminding yourself to be more aware.

Mindfulness is a natural process and can’t be forced in our internal system. We grow the plant of mindfulness in our lives, it cannot be cultivated by pressure or force. (Shutterstock)
Published on Sep 16, 2022 01:22 PM IST

What is stress and what does it do to our bodies?

Before we can stop stress from entering our bodies and lives, we have to understand what stress is and what its symptoms are.

When you are worried or stressed, a cascade of chemical reactions is triggered to protect you from danger. (Unsplash)
Published on Aug 31, 2022 08:20 PM IST

Mindfulness as a remedy to a chaotic life

Mindfulness is a value that we all already possess. It’s not something you have to get from someone or somewhere; you just have to learn how to access it.

Mindfulness. It’s a pretty straightforward word. To be mindful is to be aware of your own experience, on purpose, every moment, without attaching any judgments. (Bhupinder Sandhu)
Published on Apr 28, 2022 07:09 PM IST

Thich Nhat Hanh – The father of mindfulness

He taught that you don’t have to be super-fit, good-looking model, or a business tycoon, or have to spend years in monastery or mountain top to practice and understand mindfulness

He was a great author and a poet, who wrote around 100 books on mindfulness and inner peace. His book The Miracle of Mindfulness traversed his influence in clinical psychology, which later laid the foundation of MBCT (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy), a treatment for depression and anxiety.
Updated on Jan 26, 2022 09:26 PM IST

How can mindfulness help manage stress?

The core of mindfulness is the ability to detach ourselves from our thoughts and feelings, which can be overwhelming and cause stress. Here are some ways to practice mindfulness

Mindfulness empowers us to stay grounded in times of ambiguity, helps reduce stress, and build resilience so that we are able to cope better. (Shutterstock)
Published on Jan 13, 2022 06:06 PM IST
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