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Dhrubo works as an edit resource and writes at the intersection of caste, gender, sexuality and politics. Formerly trained in Physics, abandoned a study of the stars for the glitter of journalism. Fish out of digital water.

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Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir: A temple, 169 years in the making

Through decades of design and reworks, hurdles in engineering and construction, HT pieces together how the grandeur of the Ram Temple was reclaimed.

The trust has been careful to imbue the construction process with symbolism, showcasing the temple as the syncretic coming together of India.
Updated on Jan 22, 2024 07:28 AM IST
By, New Delhi

Temple entry marks a new era in politics

With the Ram Temple, the BJP has a clear agenda and PM Modi’s charisma to pull together a rainbow Hindu coalition. The Opposition’s response is still forming.

People at the premises of a temple, next to the cutouts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Lord Ram in Ayodhya. (REUTERS)
Updated on Jan 20, 2024 07:18 AM IST

In grand opening of Ram temple, a semblance of closure

In a city locked in a contentious religious dispute, the Ram Temple offers a chance to turn the page. Muslims say they want to move on from the horrors of 1992.

A woman makes garlands at her house in Ayodhya as the construction site of Ram Temple is seen in the background. (REUTERS)
Updated on Jan 22, 2024 04:58 AM IST

The reawakening of an ancient city

Days ahead of its tryst with history, Ayodhya is a town in a hurry, abuzz with the aspirations of people. But the shift goes beyond its gleaming facelift

To millions, the transformation of Ayodhya with the Ram Temple at its epicentre is an endorsement of the strength of their faith and cultural nationalism.
Published on Jan 18, 2024 12:21 AM IST

A welcome edition: All That Blue magazine opens a door to the invisibilised

Expect essays, photography, illustrations and poetry representing the lives and cultures of people from across a spectrum of marginalised demographies.

A photograph from Millennia of Oppression by Arun Vijai Mathavan, a series on the people, often Dalits, who conduct post-mortem procedures at government hospitals. (Courtesy All That Blue)
Updated on Jan 12, 2024 08:52 PM IST
ByDhrubo Jyoti

The tricky business of playing the castes card: Looking ahead into 2024

The Congress and BJP are both trying new tacks. The key will be holding on to their traditional bases, while navigating caste.

Union home minister Amit Shah is renowned for his complex pre-poll mathematics. This time, the BJP has already made its play for the Yadav vote by appointing Mohan Yadav chief minister of Madhya Pradesh in December. Which makes the playing field far more complex for regional satraps such as Bihar CM and JDU chief Nitish Kumar. (PTI, ANI)
Updated on Jan 01, 2024 09:54 AM IST
ByDhrubo Jyoti

Set for a poll vault

To succeed in the electoral arena, a party needs three things- narrative, organisation and leadership. For the BJP all three appear sorted; for the Opposition, all remain work in progress

In 2023, the BJP maintained its dominance in the Hindi heartland even as chinks in its electoral armour helped the Opposition south of the Vindhyas.
Published on Dec 31, 2023 03:57 PM IST
ByDhrubo Jyoti

Dhrubo Jyoti picks their favourite read of 2023

A brutal memoir that chronicles the author’s struggle to get himself educated and pull his family out of poverty

Of longing, loneliness and learning (Penguin)
Updated on Dec 29, 2023 05:30 PM IST
ByDhrubo Jyoti

Workers racing against time to finish grand Ram Temple

The temple, which will be the focal point of Hindu faith in India, is being built in the Nagara style of architecture and is held up by 392 columns.

Construction work of the Ram Temple on in full swing in Ayodhya on Tuesday. (Deepak Gupta/HT Photo)
Updated on Dec 27, 2023 08:11 AM IST
By, Ayodhya

BJP balances caste dynamics in MP, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh CM picks

The party picked new faces in all three heartland states where it won earlier this year but was careful to cater to major caste groups by appointing deputy CMs

The Lok Sabha has 47 seats reserved for Scheduled Tribes, a community that the party has aggressively courted over the past year, in much the same way it wooed Dalits ahead of the 2019 elections (HT Photo)
Updated on Dec 13, 2023 04:15 AM IST

Lotus blooms, Cong wilts

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) secured significant victories in three major states in India, boosting its chances in the upcoming general elections. The ruling party's success raised concerns for the opposition Congress party, which now faces uncomfortable seat-sharing talks with potential allies. The BJP's strong performance in the Hindi heartland indicates Prime Minister Narendra Modi's continued appeal to voters. The Congress party's poor showing in these states weakens its bargaining power and raises doubts about its prospects in the 2024 campaign.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at BJP Headquarters in New Delhi on Sunday. (Sanchit Khanna/HT Photo)
Updated on Dec 04, 2023 06:50 AM IST
ByDhrubo Jyoti

Aspiration vs welfare: How caste politics is playing out in Telangana

OBC classification in Telangana caused a splintering of political power, with backward communities vying against each other for more reservation benefits.

Polling officials carrying EVMs and other polling materials leave for their respective booths on the eve of the Telangana assembly election, in Hyderabad (PTI)
Updated on Nov 30, 2023 04:48 AM IST
ByDhrubo Jyoti

Uttarakhand tunnel rescue boosts morale of nation amid global wars, World Cup final loss

After 17 harrowing days inside the tunnel, Tuesday evening finally brought relief as 12 “rat-hole miners” burrowed through a wall of rock, mud and debris with hand-held tools.

Family members of Sukram Bediya and Naresh Bediya, who were rescued from the tunnel on Tuesday, celebrate at Khirabera village in Ranchi district on Wednesday. (PTI)
Updated on Nov 30, 2023 06:44 AM IST
ByDhrubo Jyoti, New Delhi

Caste survey pledge adds a new poll edge in Madhya Pradesh

In some ways, the challenge is similar to the one that Mandal-era parties are facing in the original cauldron of social engineering.

Polling officials at a distribution centre of EVMs and other election material ahead of Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, in Bhopal on Thursday. (PTI)
Updated on Dec 01, 2023 03:01 PM IST
By, Dhrubo Jyoti

How the LGBTQ+ movement grew over the years

The late 1980s-'90s were a tumultuous time for the public expression of gender and sexuality in an India that was entering the fast lane of global capitalism

Members of the LGBTQ+ community celebrate after the SC struck down Section 377 that criminalised homosexuality, in 2018. (HT PHOTO)
Updated on Oct 18, 2023 09:40 AM IST

Waves of disappointment as SC denies marriage equality

50-odd-strong club of people pushed the SC to legalise same-sex unions in a country that criminalised homosexuality with life imprisonment before September 2018

Media personnel stand outside the Supreme Court as the Constitution bench reads out its verdict on same-sex marriages, in New Delhi on Tuesday. (ANI)
Updated on Oct 18, 2023 06:52 AM IST
By, Dhamini Ratnam

California governor vetoes bill passed by state legislature against caste-based discrimination

California governor Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill that would have added caste to the state's anti-discrimination legislation, arguing that existing laws already prohibit discrimination based on various dimensions, including caste. Indian-American Hindu groups welcomed the decision, while anti-caste and minority groups criticized Newsom. The bill had passed in the California House in August but faced opposition from some groups within the Indian-American community. The veto comes after Fresno and Seattle explicitly banned caste-based bias, and universities including Brandeis and Harvard included caste in their non-discrimination policies.

HT Image
Updated on Oct 09, 2023 06:42 AM IST
ByDhrubo Jyoti, New Delhi

California nod for bill to ban caste discrimination

The development is the latest in a string of moves that has put in the spotlight the presence of caste among the South Asian population in the US, with a significant group of activists saying that birth-based biases continue to dog the diaspora

California’s first Muslim female state senator, Aisha Wahab speaks during an event at the state Capitol. (Shutterstock)
Updated on Aug 30, 2023 10:52 AM IST
ByDhrubo Jyoti

From HT Archives: A big leap towards an equal society

India's first law against untouchability came into effect on June 1, 1955, with the aim of eradicating the practice.

The home minister Govind Ballabh Pant steered the bill in Parliament. (HT Archive)
Updated on Jun 03, 2023 05:23 AM IST
ByDhrubo Jyoti, New Delhi

Cong conquers Karnataka with 136 seats

The Indian National Congress won Karnataka's assembly elections with a comfortable majority, winning 136 of the state's 224 assembly seats. The party's vote share is the highest in Karnataka since 1989, securing them their fourth state. This victory is a morale booster for the Congress, as it gains a resource-rich state and the confidence to take on the Bharatiya Janata Party in head-to-head contests. The BJP won 65 seats, and the Janata Dal (Secular) slumped to just 19 seats.

Congress supporters celebrate the party's victory in the Karnataka assembly elections, in Bengaluru on Saturday. (ANI)
Updated on May 14, 2023 12:14 AM IST
ByDhrubo Jyoti, New Delhi

California’s caste bias bill clears Senate panel

A bill seeking to explicitly ban caste-based discrimination in California cleared its first legislative hurdle on Wednesday after the state’s senate judiciary committee unanimously decided to move the draft law to the senate.

State Senator Aisha Wahab listens to speakers during a news conference where she proposed SB 403, a bill that adds caste as a protected category in the state's anti-discrimination laws, on March 22, 2023, in Sacramento, California. (AP)
Updated on Apr 27, 2023 12:07 AM IST
ByDhrubo Jyoti

Five years after Section 377 landmark, queer community hopes for an epoch

HT analysed the pleas before the top court seeking to legalise same-sex unions, to understand a moment that will serve as a touchstone for many lives

Members of LGBTQ+ community take part in 17th Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk, in Kolkata.(ANI)
Updated on Apr 19, 2023 12:08 PM IST
ByDhamini Ratnam, Dhrubo Jyoti, New Delhi

Second phase of caste census starts in Bihar

The first round of the so-called caste census was conducted between January 7 and 21.

Bakhtiyarpur: An enumerator staff receives information from Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar during the second phase of caste census at the state, in Bakhtiyarpur, Saturday, April 15, 2023. (PTI Photo) (PTI04_15_2023_000123B)(PTI)
Published on Apr 16, 2023 05:00 AM IST

California aims to outlaw caste bias

California might become the first American state to ban caste-based discrimination after a lawmaker introduced a bill on Wednesday that added caste as a protected category to the state’s anti-discrimination laws, the latest in a string of moves that have spotlighted caste in the United States

California might become the first American state to ban caste-based discrimination
Updated on Mar 24, 2023 01:45 AM IST
By, New Delhi

From hope to despair: They won, says Hathras victim’s family after court verdict

At the Dalit household, time has stood still. The family has remained under the watchful eyes of CCTV cameras and 35 paramilitary personnel for 32 months now, only venturing out to the field, for rations and for medicines.

On September 14, 2020, the family found the 19-year-old Dalit woman injured and barely conscious, her clothes torn and breathing laboured. (Representative)
Updated on Mar 08, 2023 04:31 AM IST

BJP wins cement road to 2024

For the BJP, the results bode well for 2024. The party is now the largest in the North-East and will likely snag a large chunk of the region’s 25 Lok Sabha seats come 2024

BJP supporters celebrate the party's victory in the Tripura assembly elections on Thursday. (PTI)
Updated on Mar 03, 2023 08:09 AM IST

A radical rural job scheme kicks off

Drought and water shortages were a way of life in Bandlapalli

HT Image
Published on Feb 04, 2023 12:23 AM IST
By, New Delhi

Dhrubo Jyoti picks his favourite read of 2022

An intimate portrait of the awkwardness of desire and the struggles of marginalisation creates a patchwork of queerness that is both comforting and startingly unfamiliar

Sketching rounded queer lives (HT Team)
Published on Dec 30, 2022 04:32 PM IST

In Jain prison row, a dilemma for the AAP

The decision to continue having Satyender Jain as a minister without a portfolio appears increasingly untenable, especially for the reputation of a party that once crusaded against the VIP culture

A CCTV video shows jailed Delhi mnister and Aam Aadmi Party leader Satyender Jain getting a head massage inside Tihar Jail, in New Delhi (ANI)
Updated on Nov 27, 2022 08:25 PM IST

Decoding EWS quota and its implications

The announcement for the quota was made by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government in January 2019, months before the general election.

Parliament passed the 103rd Amendment of the Constitution in January 2019, allowing the government to institute the EWS quota. (Bloomberg)
Updated on Nov 08, 2022 04:31 PM IST
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