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Sonal Kalra edits the daily Entertainment & Lifestyle supplements, HT City/Cafe; writes the weekly column ‘A Calmer You’

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#HTAtCannes | Anurag Singh Thakur: I do not agree with the term Bollywood

Talking to HT City at the 75th edition of Cannes Film Festival 2022, Union Minister Anurag Singh Thakur says India could easily be one-stop shop for global filmmakers.

Anurag Thakur, Union Minister of Information & Broadcasting at the India Pavilion at Cannes Film Festival 2022.
Updated on May 27, 2022 11:01 AM IST

#HTCityAtCannes: On the way to being global content hub: India Forum

Day 3 of the Cannes Film Festival saw insightful discussions about the potential of the Indian entertainment industry

(From left to right) Philippe Avril, Apurva Chandra, Shekhar Kapoor, Anurag Thakur, Prasoon Joshi, Scott Roxborough, R Madhavan, Vani Tripathi Tikoo
Updated on May 19, 2022 07:02 PM IST

#HTAtCannes: Did you notice this on Anurag Thakur’s outfit?

The Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Anurag Thakur’s red carpet outfit at the Cannes Film Festival was a tribute to the handloom and khadi weavers of India with a unique touch. Read on.

Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting Anurag Thakur
Updated on May 19, 2022 08:10 AM IST

#HTCityatCannes: Country of honour, India shines at 75th edition of Cannes Film Festival

The film personalities from India, seen on the Cannes red carpet included AR Rahman, Ricky Kej, R Madhavan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Pooja Hegde, Tamannah Bhatia, Vani Tripathi, Shekhar Kapur and Prasoon Joshi.

Indian delegation led by Union Minister of Information & Broadcasting Anurag Thakur at Cannes Film Festival 2022.
Published on May 17, 2022 11:13 PM IST

#HTCityatCannes | India’s largest red carpet contingent on inaugural day of Cannes 2022

The inaugural red carpet appearance will be followed by the contingent attending the screening of the opening French film Coupez (Final Cut) by filmmaker Michel Hazenavicius

AR Rahman, Deepika Padukone and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will represent India at Cannes 2022
Published on May 17, 2022 09:28 AM IST

Bela Bajaria: At Netflix, we are looking for local, not global shows

Bela Bajaria, Netflix’s Head of Global TV, gets candid about content, competition and creative storytelling.

Bela Bajaria, Head of Global TV at Netflix (Raajessh Kashyap/HT)
Updated on May 01, 2022 09:03 PM IST

Sonal Kalra, Managing Editor, Lifestyle, picks her favourite read of 2021

Filmmaker Ashwiny Iyer-Tiwari’s first novel, a journey of love, regret and despair wrapped in brilliant storytelling, feels like a textual extension of her cinematic canvas

Ashwiny Iyer-Tiwari’s debut novel is a textual extension of her cinema. (HT Team)
Updated on Dec 25, 2021 03:42 AM IST

Designer Manish Malhotra partners with Reliance Brands Limited

Designer Manish Malhotra and President & CEO Reliance Brands Limited, Darshan Mehta, talk exclusively to HT City about the strategic partnership that may just be India’s definitive answer to global couture

Darshan Mehta, President & CEO Reliance Brands Limited, and Designer Manish Malhotra. (Prasad Naik)
Updated on Oct 15, 2021 06:25 PM IST

A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra: Say a big ‘thank you’ to all those jealous folk

No reason to hate people envious of you. I think they’re fabulous — you see, what they do is reaffirm all the good things about you, or happening to you, through their jealousy.

Jealous folk make you strive harder to hold on to your success
Updated on Apr 11, 2021 09:30 AM IST

A Calmer You by Sonal Kalra: Some grown-ups just don’t seem to remember this simple ‘funda’

This week, we talk about bosses, spouses, parents, teachers — ‘Loudspeaker people’ can come in any form or size. Their funda during an argument is simple and SO wrong — forget about the content, focus on the volume. Here’s how to deal with them

For all the loudspeaker people or LPs in their lives
Updated on Apr 03, 2021 11:41 PM IST

A Calmer You by Sonal Kalra: Don’t diss the disability. Here’s a true story, a good one

Don’t jump to conclusions already. I know you don’t make fun of anyone, but a lot of us do, knowingly or otherwise. Here’s a true story, a good one.

Don’t diss the disability
Updated on Mar 13, 2021 10:36 PM IST

HT Brunch Cover Story: Million-Dollar style

The inspiring story of fashion designer Manish Malhotra, 54, who completes 30 years in the business this year

Manish Malhotra was 23 years old when he embraced fashion designing(Shivamm Paathak)
Updated on Dec 06, 2020 08:01 AM IST
Hindustan Times | By

A Calmer You, By Sonal Kalra: So your girlfriend is upset, again?

To all the anguished guys in the world, with all my sympathies..

It is never easy to be with partners or spouses who decide to use the relationship as a platform to unleash negative behavioural traits, the worst of which is sulking.
Updated on Nov 07, 2020 04:43 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra: Lonely, do you feel Mr or Ms Lonely sometimes? With no body, no more?

Things may seem hopeless right now, but you still always have the wisdom to understand that the cause of your loneliness need not be permanent. Why feel lonely, when the world has such magic to offer.

If you make up your mind to, you can chase away loneliness whether you are 20 or 50 or 90 years old, whether you are male, female, transgender, whether you are extrovert or shy, straight or gay, rich or broke. Start today.
Updated on Oct 24, 2020 05:44 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra:If you know just the perfect way to approach someone you like, you’ve got to be kidding me!

In the age of right and left swipes, what’s the appropriate way to approach someone for a date or errr... Find your soulmate?

In an age where dating apps practically mean that a mere swipe of finger on your phone screen could potentially get you a partner to make out with on the first date, the whole meaning of trying to meet someone eligible to explore a romantic relationship has gone for a royal flip.
Updated on Oct 17, 2020 05:25 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra: Entitled much? Your parents’ home doesn’t become yours just because you were born to them.

Own what you earned. Sell what you earned. Back off from the rest!

A survey, conducted in 23 cities in India, showed 60% of elderly people (60-69 years of age, of both genders) confirm that they felt abused at the hands of their children.
Published on Oct 10, 2020 05:03 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra: Money money money, always funny!

While the borrower sits cool, the lender could become a trusting fool

Even if you’re the one who borrows and forgets to return, I’m sure it somewhere sits heavy on your conscience.
Updated on Oct 04, 2020 06:15 AM IST
Hindustan Times | By, New Delhi

A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra: Throw away these 5 things. Right now!

Hoarding every darn thing in the name of nostalgia is not silly. It’s downright foolish

Just take a good look around you. Is there anything you spot that’s been there forever without being of any use, but only because you were too lazy or stingy to throw it out
Published on Sep 19, 2020 04:39 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By, New Delhi

A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra: Want my mobile number? No way!

All those who delete hundreds of promotional SMSs every week, forget calmness. Here’s presenting, mission: Do not disturb!

I signed up three years back for something called a ‘Do not Disturb’ registry started by the government. Aaj tak neither have they understood the meaning of the phrase, nor has the polite girl who tries to sell me an insurance policy every Wednesday religiously for the past two years
Updated on Sep 12, 2020 09:03 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By, New Delhi

A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra: Here’s how you can permanently kill your sense of humour

Even a flicker of laughter is henceforth banned on this column.

So, for myself, and for all of you who need growing up, here are tips to become permanently serious.
Updated on Sep 05, 2020 07:02 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By, New Delhi

A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra: Quit the guilt and talk to your parents

You spend years wishing your parents would get off your back, only to realise they’re the only ones who ever really had your back — Anonymous

You could be one among the many children, a son or a daughter, or you could be living with or away from them – at some point in life, the guilt of not doing enough for parents is bound to strike.
Updated on Aug 29, 2020 06:08 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By, New Delhi

A Calmer You, By Sonal Kalra: Stubborn people around? Here’s how to retain your composure

Since it’s difficult to budge the adamant, here are some valuable tips to deal with stiff-necked people

I don’t know if there’s a medical name for this disease, but I’ve been saying the same thing — in a polite, preaching, encouraging, threatening, pleading tone — to some people, for their own good, but they JUST DON’T LISTEN.
Updated on Aug 22, 2020 07:05 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By, New Delhi

A Calmer You, By Sonal Kalra: Boast is the secret of my energy

Don’t care about ‘name dropping’, it’s ‘knowledge dropping’ that gets my goat, writes Sonal Kalra.

This week’s column is for all of you who get knots in the stomach when those around you flaunt knowledge about things that sound as familiar to you as the child protection laws in Sierra Leone.
Updated on Aug 16, 2020 07:43 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By, New Delhi

A calmer you, by Sonal Kalra: Chalo beta, namaste karo!

Are your parents giving you the stress of bonding with relatives?

Healthy interpersonal communication, be it with friends or colleagues or relatives, is all about it being both ways.
Updated on Aug 08, 2020 06:10 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By, New Delhi

A Calmer you, by Sonal Kalra: So you think you’re cool, huh?

Read on if you think you are cool. Surely read, though, if you wish you were cooler.

Do you know that the formal dictionary has only one meaning of ‘cool’? And that is: moderately cold.
Updated on Aug 02, 2020 09:22 AM IST
Hindustan Times | By, New Delhi

A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra: You got just one life and it’s short, so spend it your way

Do your friends taunt and gender shame you because of how you dress or talk?

Let’s talk about the stress you are facing on account of friends teasing you for speaking or behaving like the members of the other gender.
Updated on Mar 07, 2020 05:07 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

A Calmer You, By Sonal Kalra: They Taught You ABC, Now Help Your Folks With Tech

Patiently teach your parents to use technology, you will find true joy

Did they shout at you because you couldn’t fluently frame sentences while you were still learning the alphabet? So, now that the roles stand reversed and you get to be the teacher, you better treat them with the same love and patience that they showed for you
Updated on Mar 01, 2020 12:43 PM IST
Hindustan Tikmes | By, New Delhi

A Calmer You, By Sonal Kalra: Don’t buckle under the pressure to marry

The wedding season is on in full glory. And it has brought along a truckload of stress, as always.

I toh anyway firmly come from the ‘shaadi is barbaadi public school’, but, I recently realised what a tension a wedding can be, for the bride or the groom’s single friends.
Updated on Feb 22, 2020 06:49 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra: Stop repeating the same thing

Here’s a trademark habit of annoying people. Are you one of them?

It is people who have the habit of repeating the same thing over and over again — and not junk food — that has to be the biggest cause of hypertension in the world.
Updated on Feb 15, 2020 02:30 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By, New Delhi

A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra: Messed up phrases mess up the mind

Are you sure what you are saying is what you’re actually trying to say? Here are a few ways that language criminals have devised to play with logic

Some of the most common expressions we throw in so randomly into our day-to-day language don’t mean anything at all. Some are downright dumb.
Updated on Feb 08, 2020 01:31 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By, New Delhi
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