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Sutirtho Patranobis has been in Beijing since 2012, as Hindustan Times’ China correspondent. He was previously posted in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where he covered the final phase of the civil war and its aftermath. Patranobis covered several beats including health and national politics in Delhi before being posted abroad.

Articles by Sutirtho Patranobis

Honduras is China’s new ally as it cuts ties with Taiwan

While Taiwan now has only 13 formal allies, a majority of countries including India maintain informal ties with the island, a world leader in technology including in the critical chip sector

Honduras foreign minister Eduardo Enrique Reina (left) and Chinese foreign minister Qin Gang pose with documents following the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, at a ceremony in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, on Sunday. (AFP)
Published on Mar 26, 2023 12:49 PM IST

Who is Dilma Rousseff? New BRICS bank chief

Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has been “unanimously elected” as the head of New Development Bank (NDB), a multilateral financial institution set up by the five BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) countries, replacing Marcus Troyjo, who is also from Brazil.

Like fans watching a football final, Brazilians cheered and hugged when lawmakers voted for President Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment, while the losing side sobbed and walked out in disgust at the result.(Reuters Photo)
Updated on Mar 25, 2023 06:26 AM IST
By, Beijing

China warns US as its warship sails through South China Sea for second day

The Chinese defence ministry warned the US military of “serious consequences” after it had to monitor for the second consecutive day a US Navy destroyer, which entered territorial waters claimed by China near a disputed island in the South China Sea on Friday.

In this photo provided by the U.S. Navy, the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Milius (DDG 69) conducts routine underway operations in South China Sea, on March 24, 2023. (AP)
Updated on Mar 24, 2023 04:38 PM IST
By, Beijing

China “expels” US destroyer from South China Sea, US rejects claim

The Chinese military on Thursday said it had warned and “expelled” an US warship from the disputed waters of the South China Sea, a claim denied by the American military.

In this photo provided by the U.S. Navy, the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Milius (DDG 69) steams in the Philippine Sea, on March 13, 2023. The United States denied Chinese claims Thursday, March 23, that its military had driven away an American guided-missile destroyer from operating around disputed islands in the South China Sea, in an incident that comes as tensions in the region between the two powers continue to rise. The U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet said that a statement from China's Southern Theatre Command that it had forced the USS Milius away from waters around the Paracel Islands — called Xisha by China — was “false.”(Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Greg Johnson/U.S. Navy via AP) (AP)
Published on Mar 23, 2023 04:05 PM IST
By, Beijing

Russia supports China’s 12-point proposal to end Ukraine war

China’s proposal, which was issued on the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, had made no call for Moscow to withdraw troops from the East European country and neither did it call the Russian act an ‘invasion’

A residential building damaged by a Russian missile strike, amid Russia’s attack on Ukraine, in Zaporizhzhia, on Wednesday. (REUTERS)
Updated on Mar 22, 2023 06:45 PM IST

‘No limits friendship’: China’s Xi Jinping wraps up Russia visit, cements strategic, economic ties

Importantly, Beijing and Moscow pledged to “significantly increase” bilateral trade by 2030 with Putin calling for the wider use of the Chinese yuan, in a move not only to weaken the $ but also to work around strict US sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and China’s President Xi Jinping shake hands during a signing ceremony following their talks at the Kremlin in Moscow on Tuesday. (AFP)
Published on Mar 22, 2023 05:49 PM IST

Russia ties based on no-confrontation, not targeting any third party, says Chinese president

The growth of China-Russia relations has not only brought tangible benefits to the people of our two countries, but also made important contributions to the development and progress of the world, Xi Jinping said

Chinese President Xi Jinping walks past honour guards and members of a military band during a welcoming ceremony upon his arrival at an airport in Moscow, Russia, on Monday. (REUTERS)
Published on Mar 20, 2023 09:34 PM IST

Hutong Cat | Iran-Saudi deal, third term presidency, all in a day's work for Xi

While the sequence of how the talks were engineered falls into place only in hindsight, the timing of its announcement was finely calibrated and the symbolism was clear for all to see and interpret

opinion China’s influence — clout, maybe? — in West Asia is growing as the US’s ties with Saudi Arabia have considerably dampened in recent years. (AP)
Updated on Mar 20, 2023 06:26 PM IST

‘No simple solution to a complex issue’, Xi Jinping says on Ukraine

Xi’s visit, between March 20 and 22, comes just days after the International Criminal Court (ICC) indicted Putin for war crimes, and is also a sign of Beijing’s soaring diplomatic ambitions in the region and beyond

Chinese President Xi Jinping, left, and Russian President Vladimir Putin enter a hall for talks in the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, June 5, 2019. (AP)
Updated on Mar 20, 2023 07:02 PM IST

Former president Ma to be first Taiwan leader to visit China since 1948

The visit comes in the backdrop of tension between Beijing and Taipei as China rapidly escalates military activity to put pressure over Taiwan

Former Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou held a landmark meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Singapore in late 2015. (AP File Photo)
Updated on Mar 20, 2023 03:25 PM IST

Xi heads to Moscow in first visit since the invasion of Ukraine

The announcement of the visit comes a day after China’s foreign minister, Qin Gang, called for peace talks during a phone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro Kuleba.

Beijing has so far refused to describe Moscow’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine as an invasion and instead blamed the US and NATO for provoking Moscow.(AFP)
Updated on Mar 18, 2023 04:28 AM IST
By, Beijing

China announces Xi’s Russia visit day after minister’s rare phone call to Kyiv

The announcement of the visit comes a day after China’s foreign minister, Qin Gang, called for peace talks during a phone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro Kuleba.

This photo shows Russian President Vladimir Putin, and China's President Xi Jinping. China says Xi will visit Russia from March 22 (AP File)
Updated on Mar 17, 2023 01:47 PM IST

China concerned about escalation of war in Ukraine, Chinese FM tells Ukrainian counterpart

China has refrained from condemning Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, calling it a crisis instead and blaming the US and Nato for the situation in the Eastern European country

A building damaged by a Russian military strike, amid their attack on Ukraine, in the frontline city of Bakhmut, in Donetsk region, Ukraine. (REUTERS)
Published on Mar 16, 2023 09:49 PM IST

Xi tightens grip as China announces major plan to revamp governance

The new plan also streamlines the Communist Party of China’s (CPC) hold over the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau

China’s President Xi Jinping speaks during the closing session of the National People's Congress (NPC) at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on March 13. (AFP)
Published on Mar 16, 2023 08:35 PM IST

China attacks Japan on disputed island, past history, says Tokyo-Seoul should not form blocs

The salvo also came on a day when South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol met his Japanese counterpart Fumio Kishida in Tokyo after a gap of 12 years in an attempt to put up a joint front against North Korea, and, of course, with a sharp focus on China

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol (left) and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida shake hands, ahead of their bilateral meeting at the Prime Minister's Office, in Tokyo, Japan, on Thursday. (AP)
Published on Mar 16, 2023 05:13 PM IST

China welcomes move as Taiwan ally Honduras seeks ties with Beijing

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said China is willing to develop friendly relations with other countries, including Honduras, on the basis of the one-China principle

Honduran ambassador to Taiwan Harold Burgos arrives at Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taipei on March 15, 2023 (AFP)
Updated on Mar 15, 2023 05:53 PM IST

China allows foreign tourists including from India after 3 years of Covid control

The decision to issue all categories of visas comes after China declared a “decisive victory” against Covid-19 and downgraded outbreak control protocols earlier this year

Passengers walk through the arrivals hall for international flights at the Capital International Airport in Beijing on Monday. (AFP)
Published on Mar 14, 2023 07:51 PM IST

AUKUS: US, Australia and UK submarine pact has Beijing fuming

In September 2021, the three countries announced the AUKUS, described in yesterday’s joint statement as “…a new security partnership that will promote a free and open Indo-Pacific that is secure and stable”.

President Joe Biden (centre), speaks as Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese (left) and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak listen at Naval Base Point Loma, in San Diego, US, on Monday. (AP)
Updated on Mar 14, 2023 07:58 PM IST

China to allow foreign tourists after 3 years, signals complete end to ‘zero-Covid’

China took its first major step towards reopening two months ago, in January, when it scrapped quarantine requirements on arrival at international airports. Business visas were also resumed at the time

Tourists watch the sunrise at a scenic tourist spot on Xianggong Mountain, on the west bank of Li River in Yangshuo city, in southern China’s Guangxi province (AFP)
Updated on Mar 14, 2023 04:28 PM IST

Build a 'great wall of steel', Xi to PLA in new term's presidential speech

Xi’s calls to modernise and strengthen the armed forces comes in the backdrop the ongoing military tension with India along its western border and rising tension with Taiwan.

China's President Xi Jinping speaks during the closing session of the National People's Congress at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. (REUTERS)
Updated on Mar 13, 2023 05:19 PM IST
By, Beijing

US-sanctioned general is China’s new defence minister, Xi Jinping’s loyal aide named vice-premier

Li Shangfu, a veteran of China’s ongoing drive to modernise the People’s Liberation Army, came under US’ scrutiny five years ago for allegedly purchasing Su-35 combat aircraft and S-400 missile system equipment from Russian arms seller Rosoboronexport

Zhang Youxia (centre), newly-elected vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) of China, swears an oath with Cmc members He Weidong and Li Shangfu after they were elected during the fourth plenary session of the National People’s Congress at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Saturday. (REUTERS)
Published on Mar 12, 2023 02:29 PM IST

Xi loyalist Li Qiang picked as premier

Li Qiang, the former Communist Party chief of Shanghai, took oath as China’s premier on Saturday, and now faces the tough task of reviving the world’s second largest economy battered by three years of Covid controls and global uncertainties

HT Image
Published on Mar 12, 2023 12:00 AM IST
By, Beijing

China gets new Premier in Li Qiang

Former Communist party chief of Shanghai, Li Qiang, on Saturday took oath as China’s premier, replacing outgoing Li Keqiang after a decade, and facing the tough task to revive an economy battered by three years of Covid controls and global uncertainties

China's newly-elected Premier Li Qiang takes an oath after being elected during the fourth plenary session of the National People's Congress in Beijing on March 11, 2023. (AFP)
Published on Mar 11, 2023 04:14 PM IST
By, Beijing

Formal nod to historic 3rd term for Xi Jinping

Chinese leader Xi Jinping was endorsed by hand-picked Communist Party elites for an unprecedented third term as president in a ceremonial vote at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Friday

HT Image
Published on Mar 10, 2023 11:19 PM IST
By, Beijing

Xi Jinping gets endorsed as President of China for record third term

Xi, 69, has now emerged as China’s most dominant leader in decades, rivalling in stature the iconic Mao Zedong.

Xi Jinping takes oath after being unanimously elected as President during a session of China's National People's Congress in Beijing on Friday. (AP Photo)
Updated on Mar 10, 2023 01:24 PM IST

US’ Indo-Pacific strategy an effort to ‘gang up’ against China: Qin Gang

Issued jointly on March 3 by the foreign ministers of Australia, India and Japan and the US, the Quad statement said the meeting “…reaffirms the Quad’s steadfast commitment to supporting a free and open Indo-Pacific, which is inclusive and resilient”

China's foreign minister Qin Gang waves after a press conference at the Media Center of the National People’s Congress in Beijing on Tuesday. (AFP)
Updated on Mar 07, 2023 10:41 PM IST

US should not cross Taiwan ‘red line’, says Chinese FM in scathing attack on Washington

China has been vocal in its criticism of the US’s Indo-Pacific strategy as well as the Quad grouping comprising the US, India, Japan and Australia besides often targeting the AUKUS, which is an Australia-UK-US alliance, saying that they were aimed at containing its rise

A Chinese military helicopter flying past Pingtan island, one of mainland China's closest point from Taiwan, in Fujian province on August 4, 2022, ahead of massive military drills off Taiwan following then US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to the self-ruled island. (AFP)
Updated on Mar 07, 2023 08:18 PM IST

Hutong Cat | The fine print of Chinese Parliament's ‘Two Sessions’

This year’s Two Sessions — or Liang Hui — are significant because they come within months of Xi Jinping beginning his third tenure as the general secretary of the CPC and post China's “zero-Covid” policy

Overall with China transitioning to a post-pandemic era in 2023, there's a sense of optimism though experts advise a note of caution. (AP)
Updated on Mar 06, 2023 06:42 PM IST

China forecasts 5% growth for 2023, budgets $224 billion for defence

China’s annual growth target is closely watched and scrutinised given that the ruling Communist Party of China’s legitimacy, observers say, is based on delivering steady economic growth and social stability

Soldiers from China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy march in formation during a parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of Communist China in Beijing, on October 1, 2019. (AP)
Published on Mar 05, 2023 11:47 AM IST

Xi Jinping set for 3rd term as President as China’s rubber-stamp legislature meets Sunday

The nearly 3,000 members of the NPC will also put its stamp on a new line-up of top government officials to be led by a new premier — set to be Xi’s confidante and former Shanghai chief, Li Qiang — for the next five years.

China's President Xi Jinping (C) attends the opening ceremony of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on March 4, 2023. (Photo by NOEL CELIS / AFP) (AFP)
Published on Mar 04, 2023 04:39 PM IST
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