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Get to know... Pratik Sehajpal

Pratik Sehajpal (@pratiksehajpal) is a fan of Salman Khan, can whistle any song he’s heard, and is unfazed about being famous

Actor Pratik Sehajpal was starstruck when he met Salman Khan on the set of Bigg Boss 15.
Updated on Jun 14, 2024 05:09 PM IST

Narcissist or just confident? Here’s the difference

Insta Reels are out to paint everyone as narcissists. Here’s how to tell regular confidence from dangerous disorder

In The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Miranda Priestly was an exacting boss, but hardly a narcissist.
Updated on Jun 07, 2024 04:29 PM IST

Get to know... Anjali Anand

Actor Anjali Anand is currently craving a chicken Frankie, working on three mystery projects, and crushing on Saif Ali Khan

Anjali Anand’s secret skill is knowing the hook steps to every song.
Updated on May 03, 2024 04:05 PM IST

Give it time: Why some things are worth the effort and the patience

You can’t speed up fitness. Skincare is a slow process. Even learning a skill can take a year. Try un-hacking for a change

Most people jump into a physical activity in spurts of enthusiasm, and are disappointed when no change occurs. (ADOBE STOCK)
Updated on Apr 26, 2024 04:51 PM IST

Face off: Why overcleansing is not the flex you think it is

Retinoids. Salicylic acid. BHAs. AHAs. There’s only so much your skin can take. Ease up on your routine. Let natural skin be

Men’s skin produces more oil, and they have larger pores, more hair follicles and thicker skin than women. (Adobe Stock)
Updated on Apr 19, 2024 04:41 PM IST

Get to know...Yuvraj Menda

High point in life: Family and friends. Speed dial: Mom. Craving: Ramen. Splurge: Vacation. Last online order: Swiggy. Advice: Don't stress. Skill: Cooking.

Yuvraj Menda’s next big splurge: A vacation.
Updated on Apr 12, 2024 06:23 PM IST

Jungalow, but keep it clean: Your guide to spotless indoor gardens

Discover how to maintain a lush plant-filled home without the mess: Choose low-maintenance plants, use easy-to-clean plant holders and self-watering systems

Moss walls give a lush backdrop to your jungalow aesthetic without the need for soil, watering, or maintenance (Shutterstock)
Updated on Mar 29, 2024 03:57 PM IST

Knives out: Meet the man crafting Japanese blades in Kochi

A documentary on the katana or samurai sword first inspired Jesudas Puthumana, 45. ‘It’s a thrill to control the character of the cutting edge,’ he says.

(From left) A Japanese meat cleaver. The versatile Santoku, designed to chop finely with a rocking motion. The Gyuto or Beef-Knife. Deba, a thick, heavy-duty knife for cutting and skinning fish. The Kiritsuke, designed for intricate slicing and knife-tip work.
Updated on Mar 23, 2024 05:55 PM IST

6 cities. 60 menus. Secret sauces. Taboo treats: Here’s what India eats now

We scanned more than 60 menus. We found: A new bird is flying in, pricing's magic number, everyone wants local, seasonal, unusual. One word remains forbidden

We examined more than 60 menus from Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Bengaluru and Kolkata to see what the county is eating. (Malay Karmakar)
Updated on Mar 22, 2024 04:06 PM IST

Get to know... Bibhu Mohapatra

On an island with love, listening to Tum Pukar Lo & Life For Rent. Craving Prawn Koliwada, next splurge a house on a beach. Secret skill: audiophile.

Designer Bibu Mohapatra’s next big splurge? A small house on a deserted beach.
Updated on Mar 11, 2024 08:33 PM IST

Planting a rainbow: Meet Kerala’s globally recognised water lily hybridiser

Viji Abi’s creation has been accepted as a new cultivar by the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society. I faced numerous failures first, she says.

Nymphaea Sree, a tropical day-blooming plant that Viji Abi created via cross-breeding, sprouts 52-petalled flowers in a deep pink, with an orange base.
Updated on Feb 17, 2024 03:16 PM IST

Get to know... Naina Avtr

AI from Avtr Meta Labs, host of The nAIna Show podcast, talks about her journey into the digital world, dealing with stereotypes, and her favourite things

Naia Avtr’s favourite bad habit? The AI says it’s late-night snacking.
Updated on Feb 16, 2024 04:00 PM IST

Oil aboard: A lamp collector’s date with old flames

Some bear family names, and were designed as part of a woman’s dowry. Others are reminders that dawn is not far away. Tour Radeesh Shetty‘s 400 oil lamps.

A rooster pahana from Sri Lanka, symbolic of dawn and new beginnings. A Garuda lamp from the 15th-century Vijayanagara Empire of southern India.
Updated on Feb 10, 2024 11:23 PM IST

Whatever floats your home: Amphibious housing makes landfall in India

Two architects are building homes in Kerala that rest on dry ground, but can float in a flood. ‘This could revolutionise living near water bodies,’ they say.

A village of floating homes at Fisherman’s Wharf in Victoria, Canada. Around the world, amphibious housing is in use in countries ranging from the UK and Bangladesh to Vietnam and the Philippines. (Shutterstock)
Updated on Jan 27, 2024 09:46 PM IST

Get to know... Neeta Lulla

Designer Neeta Lulla spills the beans about her secret skill, what she’s listening to and her next big splurge

Neeta Lulla’s favourite Sunday memory? “Driving to our vineyard with my dad and pruning grapes.”
Updated on Jan 26, 2024 03:57 PM IST

Weave changed! Meet two designers who are giving tradition a sexy makeover

Kashmiri motifs on capes, kanjivaram in linen, kalamkari on wool. Two design houses are giving tradition a chic spin

Taroob’s Mughal Darbar shawl incorporates kalamkari on wool.
Updated on Jan 19, 2024 04:20 PM IST

Get to know... Meiyang Chang

The actor, television host, and singer wishes he had more than one heart and misses Sundays alone on boarding school campus

Chang is currently listening to Siva Tere, by Madhubanti Bagchi; One Love, by Shubh; everything by Vishal Bhardwaj.
Updated on Jan 05, 2024 06:23 PM IST

Light, bright, modern: Home decor trends for 2024

The future is bright. Decor trends for 2024 promise light, simple, but not-quite-minimalist living. Here’s how to style it right

Rely on your taste in art to give a space a personalised feel. Contemporary art pieces brings in vibrancy. Or choose an unusual piece with subtle textures that divulge secrets only to keen viewers. (Shutterstock)
Updated on Dec 29, 2023 03:40 PM IST

Get to know... Suhani Shah

Magician and YouTuber (@TheSuhaniShah) was first captivated by magic tricks on a Sunday TV show and is enjoying life after fame

Magician Suhani Shah checks her family WhatsApp group before going to bed.
Updated on Dec 15, 2023 04:18 PM IST

Get to know... Danish Sait

The comedian (@DanishSait) would never buy followers and prefers to live in the present than time travel

The last thing Danish Sait ordered online? Cat collars.
Updated on Nov 24, 2023 03:48 PM IST

Get to know... Konkona Sen Sharma

The actor and filmmaker is missing singing lessons on Sunday, is always craving something salty, and wishes she could be invisible

The actor wishes she had the superpower to turn invisible. (Photo credits : Stylist: Damini Das (@damini_styles), Shot by: Gourab Ganguli (@gourabganguli) Hair: Nimisha Shah (@nimishashah210), Make-up: Tenzin Seldon (@tenzinseldon_)
Updated on Nov 10, 2023 03:42 PM IST

Listicle: 10 pop-culture presents for every kind of superfan, even you

Tacky socks with scenes from The Office, Thor waffles and IYKYK memorabilia from Dune, LOTR and more. Here are 10 gifts that honour true fandom

You can stay at Shrek's swamp in Scotland.
Updated on Oct 27, 2023 04:46 PM IST

Green scene: Rental-home decor that’s kind to the walls and the Earth

When furnishing rental homes, invest in high-quality, portable furniture and embrace minimalism. Here's how

Invest in portable furniture that can be arranged differently in a new space, rather than be created to fit a specific corner. (ADOBE STOCK)
Updated on Oct 27, 2023 04:39 PM IST

All about me: Why a humblebrag is still a drag

You’re not modest if you have to tell the world you are. To hell with humility! Celebrate your wins

On the Beckham documentary, Victoria Beckham claims she grew up working class. David gets her to admit she went to school in a Rolls-Royce.
Updated on Oct 20, 2023 03:40 PM IST

Get to know... Divya Dutta

The actor and model would love Aladdin's lamp and three wishes, and is currently craving tiramisu and remembering how she bumped into Shahrukh Khan

Divya is listening to Madhubala by Amit Trivedi, Rimjhim Gire Saawan by Pancham Da, Love Me For A Reason by Boyzone.
Updated on Oct 20, 2023 04:02 PM IST

Easel does it: Meet amateur sketchers documenting Indian cities as they change

The groups, which meet on Sunday, draw on hidden heritage in Delhi, fading icons in Mumbai, markets and temples in Pune. We're struggling to keep up, they say.

Drawings of Delhi’s Chandni Chowk and Lodhi art district and (above right) the distinctive mill-era chawls of Mumbai.
Updated on Oct 14, 2023 07:23 PM IST

Don’t be soirée: The introvert’s guide to enjoying a party

Parties are hard work for introverts. Here’s how to prep and actually enjoy a chill night out with (gasp!) lots of people

Brace for questions at parties. Good hosts will do their best to draw everyone in, as with Kapoor & Sons. But they’re also listening to cues.
Updated on Sep 29, 2023 03:48 PM IST

Get to know... Aparshakti Khurana

The actor, RJ, comedian and singer will find inventive ways to make every question about food. Someone give him a cookie!

Aparshakti Khurana on always craving chole bhature.
Updated on Sep 22, 2023 03:48 PM IST

Bright spots and shadow lines: Meet an artist who paints with sunlight

Vignesh uses a magnifying glass to burn intricate patterns into wood. He came to this art form while ‘stuck in a dark tunnel’, he tells Tanisha Saxena.

Vignesh’s most intricate work so far is a replica of the 900-year-old elephant-and-bull optical illusion carved in stone at the Airavatesvara temple in Kumbakonam.
Updated on Aug 05, 2023 08:36 PM IST

Get to know... Anup Singh

Writer and filmmaker Anup Singh talks about his high and low points in life, his current projects, favorite quote, and more in a short interview.

Get to know... Anup Singh
Updated on Aug 10, 2023 08:07 PM IST
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