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A code fair to all faiths and genders is more important than UCC

A nation as complex as ours calls for an endeavour beyond politics towards inclusion, collaboration and judicious deliberation.

Supreme Court (SC) has weighed in on UCC on several occasions in the past
Published on Jul 02, 2023 08:38 PM IST

Look beyond UCC for a secular common law

As the UCC remains mired in politics, justice and equality for each Indian citizen across genders and faiths must be prioritised. As a pilot project, the government must undertake popularisation of The Special Marriage Act, 1954, as a common secular law

What should the UCC for a country as diverse and plural as India look like? What should be its broad contours where affirmative practices (if any) of different communities are upheld and religious freedoms protected simultaneously (HT PHOTO)
Updated on Jan 04, 2023 09:15 AM IST

In the hijab row, let education not suffer

The orthodoxy does not care about the education of girls. But institutions in a democracy must. They have to adopt a more compassionate view of women students wearing the hijab, allowing room for accommodation to account for tough social circumstances

The hijabi girls have not refused to wear the uniform. They want to wear the hijab over and above the uniform. An educational institution can frame its uniform policy. But equally, it cannot demand rigid insistence on uniformity, devoid of social circumstance (PTI)
Updated on Oct 17, 2022 08:21 PM IST

Muslim personal law needs to be rehauled

The SC made triple talaq illegal in August 2017. This was followed by the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019. While these steps have led to a dip in the number of triple talaq cases, it has led men to resort to other unilateral methods of divorce

The conservative ulemas have always been against reforms and raise the bogey of “Islam in danger” whenever gender justice is demanded. (AP)
Updated on Aug 31, 2022 09:02 PM IST

Act against the virus of religious polarisation

While the Udaipur incident is investigated by the National Investigation Agency, reform is needed in several other areas: In Muslim communities, political discourse, and State machinery

The sad reality is that no single individual can be blamed for the social crisis that has engulfed our Republic. Sharma’s remarks were merely a trigger. (HT/Representative Image)
Published on Jul 05, 2022 08:26 PM IST

Divisive politics and its effect on minorities

The right to education and religious freedom are at loggerheads in India’s polarised milieu, with Muslims forced to bear the brunt. This is evident in the hijab row

India’s democracy is an amalgam of secularism and religious freedom. We have lived peacefully even as the practice of secularism remained flawed. But this seems to be changing as we are being divided into rigid identities. (PTI)
Published on Feb 13, 2022 06:17 PM IST

The rise of the new Indian Muslim woman| Analysis

She is challenging both the conservative Muslim clergy and the Hindu Right’s politics of polarisation

Muslim women are proudly saying that we are Indians and we are Muslims(Samir Jana / Hindustan Times)
Published on Jan 23, 2020 06:53 PM IST
ByZakia Soman

On gender, the Supreme Court should lead. Society will follow

The exercise of a man’s religious freedom cannot result in the violation of a woman’s right to religious freedom

Women from diverse faiths look up to the courts to be able to freely exercise their rights. This demand for change is led by women who are religious(Kunal Patil / Hindustan Times)
Updated on Nov 20, 2019 07:17 PM IST
ByZakia Soman

Triple talaq law: A historic moment for social justice

Criminalisation is a key deterrent against triple talaq. Social reform must follow the legal change

Women celebrate the passing of the triple talaq bill. The law is not to punish the man, but ensure fair play to the victim woman(Amal KS/HT PHOTO)
Published on Jul 31, 2019 08:05 PM IST
ByZakia Soman
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