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Mango Day: The mango's cultural influence on Indian artists and poets

Published on Jul 22, 2024 07:06 PM IST

This Mango Day, explore books and films that hero in on the “King of Fruits” along with the artistic legacy that this iconic fruit has left behind

The influence of mango on art and culture
ByAadrika Sominder

Michiko Aoyama – “I have a new favourite Manga author every day”

On why libraries are “dream systems”, her memories of working in one, her love of Manga, and her plans to collaborate with an artist on her next work

Author Michiko Aoyama
Updated on Jul 22, 2024 05:45 PM IST

Book Box | Meet storytelling guru Sid Jain

Sid Jain's journey from stock market whiz to the man who adapts books to screen is full of quirky life lessons, like how you can land a job without a resume

 Sid Jain(Sonya Dutta Choudhury )
Published on Jul 20, 2024 08:55 PM IST

Review: Rethinking Untouchability by Jesús F Cháirez-Garza

This defence of Ambedkar’s praxis is a study of the leader’s political thought in the years before India’s independence

BR Ambedkar (Wikimedia Commons)
Updated on Jul 19, 2024 07:54 PM IST

HT Picks; New Reads

On the reading list this week is an intimate portrait of a city with a troubled past and an unsettled present, a book of tales from the Mahabharata that delivers instructions on life, death and everything in between, and a volume that presenting a lesser known aspect of Indian art history

This week’s pick of interesting reads includes a portrait of an often troubled city, tales from the Mahabharata that deliver instructions on life, and a well produced volume that presents a lesser known aspect of Indian art history (HT Team)
Published on Jul 19, 2024 07:40 PM IST
ByHT Team

Mishal Husain – “It’s a celebration of a lost world”

The author of ‘Broken Threads; My Family from Empire to Independence’ mulls over history, identity and friendship through the lives of her grandparents, who were born in pre-Partition India

Author Mishal Husain (Courtesy the publisher)
Updated on Jul 19, 2024 07:40 PM IST
ByHuzan Tata

Review: A Matrimonial Murder by Meeti Shroff-Shah

A quick little mystery, the second book in the series set in a fictional posh Mumbai neighbourhood, presents the importance of marriage within Indian society and the very real repercussions when things go wrong

Marriages are definitely not a private matter in India! (Shutterstock)
Published on Jul 19, 2024 07:39 PM IST
ByPercy Bharucha

On writing identity, experiencing joy, and representation

This Disability Pride Month, a look at why we need more creators with disabilities in contemporary literature and cinema

Playing to win: Mumbai Women and Pune Women teams in action during the Wheelchair Basketball Premier League at Mastan YMCA Ground, in Mumbai on March 12, 2022. (Bhushan Koyande/ HT Photo)
Updated on Jul 19, 2024 07:31 PM IST

Review: Three new children’s books on the Irulas

‘Keepers of Darkness’, ‘Secret Wild Vet Kalyani’ and ‘Finding Tree’ all feature the indigenous community whose members are probably the last skilled forest scientists of the world

An Irular family in the Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. (Shutterstock)
Published on Jul 19, 2024 07:28 PM IST
ByNeha Kirpal

Review: Hero of Kumaon by Duff Hart-Davis

A lucid and engaging survey of Jim Corbett’s life and experiences leavened with well-curated excerpts from his writing

Jim Corbett with the man-eating leopard of Rudraprayag. (HT Pic)
Updated on Jul 18, 2024 07:29 PM IST

The economics of killing

With recent films like Hit Man and The Killer, the professional killer has emerged as a symbol of disillusionment in the gig economy. His evolution from a psychopath to an antihero has captured the collective imagination precisely because it has coincided with a rise in the existential anxiety that comes with freelancing in a predatory capitalist system

“The idea of the professional killer, as proposed by formative texts and preserved by Fincher, is shot full of holes by Hit Man. Such a specimen is a Hollywood invention, Linklater’s film argues while acknowledging their stardom within pop culture.” (Netflix)
Published on Jul 18, 2024 04:16 PM IST

A little village in upstate New York that’s a literary gem

Hobart, a small village in upstate New York, transformed into a vibrant book village, offering a charming literary escape in the Catskills.

Hobart, a village in upstate New York, makes for a charming literary getaway (Courtesy Hobart Book Village)
Updated on Jul 17, 2024 05:36 PM IST
ByTeja Lele

Shunyata: the influence of Buddhism on life in Sri Lanka

During catastrophes like the tsunami and the economic crisis, the people of Sri Lanka went out of their way to help those who were worst hit. A meditation on how Buddhism has influenced life in Sri Lanka for more than two millennia  

“I began looking for signs of Ravana in Lanka. I found Buddha instead.” The Seema Malaka Temple in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Vesak night. (Shutterstock)
Published on Jul 16, 2024 05:37 PM IST
ByArefa Tehsin

Bhuchung D Sonam - “Human experience is as deep as it is vast”

Dharamsala-based Tibetan poet, translator and publisher Bhuchung D Sonam talks about the role of literature in the Tibetan freedom struggle and about editing Under the Blue Skies: A Tibetan Reader, an anthology of fiction, poetry and non-fiction

Author Bhuchung D Sonam (Courtesy Jaipur Literature Festival)
Updated on Jul 15, 2024 08:48 PM IST

Doppelgangers and dissonance: When Neil Gaiman and Alice Munro disappoint

Find answers to a readers dilemma in three different books — an award-winning non-fiction, a classic and a sci-fi police procedural

Doppelganger by Naomi Klein, Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and Who Do You Think You Are? by Alice Munro(Sonya Dutta Choudhury )
Published on Jul 13, 2024 08:04 PM IST

Nagasri Book House: At the heart of many love stories about books

On a Bengaluru institution that downed its shutters after nearly half a century of hosting booklovers

Venkatesh KV, founder of Nagasri Book House. (Charumati Supraja)
Published on Jul 12, 2024 09:11 PM IST
ByCharumati Supraja

HT Picks; New Reads

This week’s pick of interesting reads includes a novel about two young people living in Delhi, a comprehensive study of Safdar Hashmi’s legacy, and an ode to the mango, the king of fruits

On the reading list this week is a novel about two young people in Delhi, a volume on Safdar Hashmi’s life, work and legacy, and a book on India’s favourite fruit, the mango. (HT Team)
Published on Jul 12, 2024 08:06 PM IST
ByHT Team

Interview: Reem Bassiouney, author, Al Halwani; The Fatimid Trilogy

On historical fiction, being a scholar of sociolinguistics, writing in Arabic and English, and winning the Sheikh Zayed Book Award for Literature

Author Reem Bassiouney (Nadia Bonini)
Updated on Jul 12, 2024 08:05 PM IST
ByLamat R Hasan

Review: Ghuroob-e Shehr Ka Waqt by Osama Siddique

A fierce love letter to a crumbling city, Pakistani author Osama Siddique’s first novel written in Urdu is both an ode to and a lament for Lahore

A street in Lahore, Pakistan. (Rebecca Conway/Getty Images)
Updated on Jul 13, 2024 09:59 AM IST
ByMahmood Farooqui

Interview: Poor Economics for Kids by Esther Duflo and Cheyenne Olivier

Nobel Prize winning economist Esther Duflo and illustrator Cheyenne Olivier talk about collaborating on their book,the challenges and joys of creating the stories in it, and talking to children about difficult topics

Children playing in a waterlogged street. (Vijayanand Gupta/ Hindustan Times)
Updated on Jul 14, 2024 11:02 AM IST
BySyed Saad Ahmed

Review: My Friends by Hisham Matar

The British-Libyan writer’s latest novel, which won the Orwell Prize for Political Fiction this year, leverages a real life event that occurred in 1984 to examine exile, friendship, love and memory

Libyan rebels travelling to a battle line where they will fight Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s army in a picture dated April 7, 2011. (Rosen Ivanov Iliev/ Shutterstock)
Published on Jul 11, 2024 10:26 PM IST

Review: Orwell’s Ghosts; Wisdom and Warnings for the 21st Century by Laura Beers

Using Orwell’s work to scrutinise current issues such as cancel culture, misinformation, the rise of the right, neoliberal excess, and rampant inequality

“Big Brother is watching you!” (Shutterstock AI Generator)
Published on Jul 11, 2024 06:15 PM IST
BySanjay Sipahimalani

Andrew Quintman: “The notion of sacred geography is fascinating to me”

The author of the forthcoming book, Buddhism on the Border, who is also an associate professor at the Wesleyan University’s Department of Relgion, on being a scholar and a practitioner of the Buddhist faith

Author Andrew Quintman (Courtesy Wesleyan University)
Published on Jul 10, 2024 08:30 PM IST

Chocolate; a taste of paradise

While World Chocolate Day was celebrated on July 7, for enthusiasts, every day is chocolate day. A look at how one craft chocolate company is celebrating India’s rich cacao heritage, elevating chocolate making to an art form, and redefining indulgence with its bean-to-bar approach

Enough chocolate to satisfy your soul (Daniel D’Souza)
Published on Jul 08, 2024 09:24 PM IST
ByShireen Quadri

The leadership lessons from these 10 inspiring memoirs

A search through a universe of memoirs throws up real-life stories with leadership lessons for students of management

10 memoirs with leadership lessons
Published on Jul 07, 2024 01:30 AM IST

HT Picks; New Reads

On the reading list this week is a volume of fresh translations of classical Indian texts, reportage about a murder that shocked the country, and a book on an icon of Indian cinema

This week’s pick of interesting reads includes a book of translations of classical Indian texts, reportage on a shocking crime, and a book on an icon (HT Team)
Published on Jul 05, 2024 07:41 PM IST
ByHT Team

K Vaishali – “Many literature festivals ignored me”

The author of Homeless; Growing Up Lesbian and Dyslexic in India on winning the Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar 2024 for her memoir

Author K Vaishali. (Courtesy the subject)
Updated on Jul 06, 2024 05:00 AM IST

Review: The Scam That Shook a Nation by Prakash Patra and Rasheed Kidwai

An exploration of the Nagarwala scandal of the 1970s when a Delhi branch of the State Bank of India was defrauded of ₹60 lakh

The original FIR in the Nagarwala bank cheating case of 1971 on display at an exhibition on Delhi Police Day at the Parliament street police station in New Delhi on 16 February 1991. (HT Photo)
Published on Jul 05, 2024 07:39 PM IST
ByShevlin Sebastian

Review: Imperial Games in Tibet by Dilip Sinha

Scholarly, accessible and timely, Imperial Games in Tibet focuses on the history of the nation in the high Himalayas since the seventeenth century

Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama being shown a Vampire Jet Fighter in a photograph dated 11 January 1957. (HT Photo)
Published on Jul 05, 2024 07:36 PM IST
ByTsering Namgyal Khortsa

Report: The 9th International Convention of SPIC MACAY

This year’s annual convention comprising programmes of Indian classical music and dance, folk arts and crafts, meditation, yoga, cinema screenings, talks and workshops was truly stimulating

Purulia Chhau by Tarapad Rajak and troupe (Courtesy SPIC MACAY)
Published on Jul 05, 2024 05:17 PM IST
ByManjari Sinha
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