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Accelerating women empowerment with Cosmifie

ByHT Brand Studio
Jun 18, 2021 06:48 PM IST

Juhi grew as an entrepreneur because of the support of the four most important women in her life.

SMEs and local businesses have taken a major hit as a consequence of the lockdown, and are still struggling to recover. Over a year into the pandemic, many have lost jobs; several businesses are searching for an anchor. Many stay-at-home wives have been trying to make a mark for their home-grown businesses. Loss of income or reduction of it has pushed many women into the business world to support their families. While there were quite a few already making a mark, many others put on the shoes of an entrepreneur for the first time. Given the existing societal issues like gender disparity, family responsibilities, it hasn’t quite been an easy task for them to make it work. Cosmifie aims to cater to exactly these kinds of clients intending to support woman entrepreneurs.

Juhi Parmar
Juhi Parmar

As the founder of Cosmifie LLP, Juhi Parmar is driving ahead on the road to rise as a digital marketer. She is an entrepreneur who believes in growth and acts on her rise and pushes others around to grow as well. Her vision behind the creation of Cosmifie was to support women entrepreneurship and extend a support system that guides them all the way from their funding to their digital presence.

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How Cosmifie is Contributing to Entrepreneurial Growth of Women

Since many start-ups hesitate to outsource their marketing requirements out of the fear of burning a hole in their pocket, Cosmifie, Juhi Parmar’s marketing consultancy firm, puts them at ease by providing their services for reasonable charges. The team supports their clients by providing various funding options and strategies and puts the finance in place for them, while also working on a strong digital presence and driving their clients towards growth. In a world where digital marketing is helpful yet feared, Cosmifie is gradually making a mark, a huge one… How? By catering to two of the most important pillars of business – finance and marketing.

Financing is one of the first and the most important issues faced by any start-up. Not only are there several risk factors involved, but the sources too are difficult to either fetch or rely on. Moreover, with the additional economic issues arising out of the pandemic, the environment may look like a low light for business growth. This is where they help entrepreneurs by arranging financing sources that are perfect for them. They help businesses get the ball rolling by establishing a rock-solid financial foundation.

They also offer a plethora of digital marketing services, right from strategizing to website and social media development, that work on positioning brands. They help them establish a connection with the market and create a global presence.

Female – The Spine of Growth

The sole purpose of this is to help businesses sustain themselves in the current crisis. Juhi Parmar herself has been a survivor and credits her success to four important ladies in her life – her mother, Ragini Parmar, and sister, Darshika Parmar, as well as her partner’s mother and sister, whom she lovingly calls Minu Aunty and Garima Didi. “I have grown in life with the support of the women around me. Now, I aim to do the same for the budding women entrepreneurs in our society,” she says.

The Purpose of Cosmifie

Doing business, especially in today’s age, is not a cakewalk. Given the challenges of limited purchasing power of households, an unstable economy, restrictions on operation timings, transport difficulties, and several others, sustainability is a task. Juhi has been through that, is observing that, and is here with a solution. She is not someone who bends easily. She is a conqueror and believes that every single woman is too. She knows that she didn’t go through her struggles alone, that there was a support system behind her. Her purpose today is to be that support system for the entrepreneurs building their foundation today.

Juhi’s Road to Success

Juhi took a leap from a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle to sustaining herself when she put all her savings into starting her agency, to pulling herself out of her lows and working towards the future. Her vision is clear – to help women wanting to prove their mettle while shouldering their families. She translates her own experiences of running a business into the strategies she draws for her clients. Having had her fair share of ups and downs, she now focuses on helping businesses sail through theirs.

Support – The Need of the Hour

Today, despite the growing social awareness, women entrepreneurs still have to struggle. Females don’t have it as easy as men do in the business world. Even if they do, they have to wear many hats and keep going to and fro - from a mother, to wife, to daughter, to wife, to boss lady. Cosmifie supports such female entrepreneurs with their services, easing their work so that they can focus entirely on the core business. The support is seamless and it helps them pave the way for various opportunities as businesswomen.

Women Entrepreneurs’ Backbone - Cosmifie

Juhi, with her fellow colleagues at Cosmifie, is here to do her bit for the society. By invoking a sense of entrepreneurship and making women aware that all the assistance and support needed is available, she wants to induce growth in women entrepreneurship

It is indeed true, that the hand which rocks the cradle rules the world. Sometimes, all that hand needs, is a little push. That push is what Juhi Parmar works for. She believes that their businesses may be small but their dreams aren’t. Women have stood by their families, for their families for far too long. It is high time they are steadfast for themselves, for their businesses. With the right amount of support, women can, and have, fly as high as their wings can take them.

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