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Online Psychic Reading Sites for 2022 - Find Love, Life & Spiritual Readings

ByHT Brand Studio
Feb 24, 2022 05:43 PM IST

See our guide to finding a gifted clairvoyant, medium, or psychic reader to help answer any questions you may have about life, relationships, money and more. Discover where to find LIVE psychic readings via chat, phone or video

When things that life throws at us feel uncertain or simply difficult to navigate, it’s understandable to seek advice and support from a gifted psychic. Perhaps you’re looking for guidance, clarification, closure, or something else entirely. Either way, we’re confident that as long as you find the right psychic reader, you’ll finally hear the answers you need. 

A real psychic reading might renew your confidence in your own beliefs or offer a fresh perspective that you never considered.
A real psychic reading might renew your confidence in your own beliefs or offer a fresh perspective that you never considered.

But the toughest question remains… How can you find the right online psychic reading site for you?

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A real psychic reading might renew your confidence in your own beliefs or offer a fresh perspective that you never considered. But this is only possible if you use a legit psychic service. And considering just how many “meh” psychic websites there are, actually finding a good site is not always easy.

That’s why we’ve looked at the best online psychic reading websites to discover which are genuine and trustworthy. Despite this, not all networks are the same. While some stand out for clairvoyants, tarot readers, or psychic mediums, others offer convenient phone psychics, live video readings, or helpful blogs, articles, and guides.

But hopefully, with this list below, you’ve got a better chance of finding the best psychic for you. Here are our recommendations for the six best psychic platforms of 2022.


Who are the Best Psychics - First Look


  1. Kasamba - Best psychics for questions about love
  2. Keen Psychics - User-friendly platform
  3. AskNow - Experienced phone psychics
  4. Psychic Source - Client-focused genuine psychics
  5. Oranum - LIVE psychic readings
  6. Psychic Oz - Budget-friendly readings


1. Kasamba - All-Round Best Online Psychic Reading Website


Communication methods: online chat 💬 | phone 📞

Feeling exhausted and worn out due to all of life's pressures, whether that's work, relationships, or family, is a common struggle. 

So don't worry, you're not alone. More and more people are looking for support online. And we’re confident that speaking to a professional psychic reader on an established platform such as Kasamba can help make getting up in the morning much easier.

Readings Available at Kasamba

  • Psychic Readings - aura readings, crystal readings, rune casting...
  • Love and Relationships - breakups, divorce, dating, cheating, marital life…
  • Tarot Card Readings - tarot reading, angel card readings, cartomancy...
  • Fortune Telling
  • Dream Analysis
  • Astrology - Chinese astrology, Vedic astrology...
  • Career Forecasts
  • Past Life Readings
  • Palm Readings


About Kasamba

With a proven track record, Kasamba has over 20-years of psychic reading experience, helping more than three million people find true love, happiness, career success, and self-empowerment. 

Not knowing what tomorrow might hold can be nerve-wracking, to say the least. But Kasamba has a great lineup of professional psychic experts waiting to offer guidance and support. 


Psychic Readers

From just a quick look at the website, you can see mini-profiles of available psychics; their faces, areas of expertise, ratings, and price. 

Such transparency is a clear indication that the psychic network in question is legit and reliable. It's reassuring that with this online psychic reading platform, you have the freedom of choice. If one particular psychic reader catches your eye, simply click on their profile to get a clearer view of them and their psychic services.

Better yet, you can even search for an advisor directly if you know their name or areas of expertise.



  • Well-established psychic network with decades of experience
  • Free three minutes with each advisor (free online psychic readings)
  • Wide selection of readings
  • Over 200+ psychic consultants available
  • Psychics specialized in dealing with any question related to love/relationship
  • Experienced advisors with detailed bios
  • LGBTQ-friendly psychics
  • 50% off your first psychic reading
  • Convenient mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Budget-friendly readings from $1.00/minute
  • Satisfaction policy



  • Amount of psychic specialties and readings available might be overwhelming


Special Offers

As a welcome package, you get a free online psychic reading via their three-minute offer, plus 50% off your first psychic reading. 

While less reputable networks have been known to drag out a reading past “free minutes,” thankfully, this is not the case with Kasamba. You’ll be alerted the moment your free reading is over, so you're not caught out by extra charges at the end of your session. 

Best of all, you get this deal with every new psychic. This means you have access to free psychic readings with multiple advisors allowing you to discover who you have the most chemistry with. There’s even a satisfaction policy to fall back on in case you're unimpressed with the paid reading afterward.


⭐ Click here to get a free psychic reading on Kasamba


2. Keen Psychics - Best Psychic Reading App


Communication methods: online chat 💬 | phone 📞


Readings Available at Keen

  • Psychic Readings
  • Love and Relationships
  • Life Questions
  • Tarot Readings
  • Spiritual Reading
  • Psychic Medium
  • Astrology Reading
  • Financial Outlook


About Keen

Launched in 1999, Keen Psychics is one of the most experienced platforms in the online psychic reading industry. They bill themselves with over 35 million readings with 1700 plus affordable expert psychics to help you wade through life's mysteries. So you know you are visiting a consistent, tested, and proven site.


Psychic Advisors

You will see a section to help find your Best Psychic Advisor in line with your preferences. This is a great option for new customers and will help you find a fitting online psychic reader easily. All you have to do is choose your desired reading, reading method (call/chat) and adjust the slider to the rate you're willing to pay. 

Not to mention that you can further fine-tune the psychic finder by answering a short quiz on how you feel, what you want to talk about, preferred approach (slow and gentle or direct), and more. This gives you an even more accurate psychic suggestion, ensuring the best possible psychic reading experience.



Like Kasamba, Keen also understands that not everyone can access a laptop 24/7. You might be on the bus traveling to work, getting the weekly groceries, or just too busy to sit down at your desk. 

Whatever’s keeping you busy, Keen has a mobile app for convenient readings on those occasions where you find a few minutes to spare in between tasks.



  • Over 20-year experience
  • New clients get a free psychic reading online
  • Wide range of expert advisors
  • Intuitive, use-friendly website
  • Great psychic filter tools
  • Satisfaction policy
  • Convenient mobile app



  • No video readings
  • A little pricey for the most experienced psychics


Special Offers

And last but not least, as a new customer, you get three minutes free on any Keen psychic you opt for. You can use this time to get to know if the psychic's style, tone, and approach strike a chord with you. Plus, if you “click” with the advisor, you can continue your first reading at a discounted rate (10 minutes for $1.99). 


⭐ Click here to get a free psychic reading on Keen

3. AskNow - Best Online Psychics for Phone Readings (1-888-815-1999)




Communication methods: email ✉️ | online chat 💬 | phone 📞 


Readings Available at AskNow

  • Career Readings
  • Money and Finance Readings
  • Spiritual Readings
  • Dream Analysis
  • Tarot Readings
  • Astrology Reading
  • Past Life Readings
  • Numerology
  • Love Readings


About AskNow

With 16 years of experience in the bag, AskNow seeks to empower you to face life with confidence. You can use their website in either English or Spanish—which is especially helpful if you're unsure whether you can express what's troubling you in your second language.

The fear of fake online psychics is a real concern because getting out of that emotional funk is no joke. Thankfully, you can be confident knowing that all AskNow phone psychics go through a thorough screening and verification process. So you've got the best chance at getting highly accurate online psychic reading services.


Psychic Readers

The psychics are grouped into three main categories, allowing you to find a psychic advisor within your budget. The highest-rated psychic experts are generally pricier, thanks to their impressive psychic experience and reputed reading talents. But Top-Rated psychics are more than capable of offering a great phone psychic reading without breaking the bank. 

  • Top-Rated - ($3.99 - $9.99/min) - Reliable, accurate psychic readings
  • Elite - ($10.00 - $12.99/min) - Gifted psychics in a variety of readings
  • Master ⭐ - ($13/min and up) - Highly accredited advisors for powerful readings



On the main page, you'll find a neat compilation of psychics, with their; credentials, rates, special readings, languages, experience, zodiac sign, and availability status. This gives you a quick hint to know which psychic will work best for your needs and, of course, provides a more pleasant user experience. 

Still, you can further refine the suggestion tool to find a psychic even more in tune with your worries. Simply filter by reading type, advisor type, price, and more. 



  • Mobile app for on-the-go readings
  • Satisfaction policy
  • *Free psychic reading
  • Great psychic filter tools
  • Carefully screened advisors
  • Detailed profiles for all readers



  • Limited satisfaction policy
  • Expensive Elite advisors


Special Offers

AskNow is our recommendation for psychic readings by phone. There are affordable packages to choose from offered by top-rated advisors: $30 - 30 minutes, $20 - 20 minutes, or $10 - 15 minutes.

All, with a bonus of 5 free minutes to get a free psychic reading online with Elite/Master Psychics to give you a taste of their most talented advisors for deeper insight into your queries. 

Every package also comes with a free email reading, which can give you the chance to address any minor issues that you didn't prioritize during the live reading.   


⭐ Click here to browse psychics on AskNow


4. Psychic Source - Most Client-Focused Psychic Readers


Communication methods: online chat 💬 | phone 📞 | video 🎦


Readings Available at Psychic Source

  • Cartomancy
  • Tarot Card Reading - angel cards, cartomancy...
  • Love and Relationships
  • Spiritual Readings
  • Past Life Readings
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Astrology Reading


About Psychic Source

Psychic Source is the Dolly Parton of psychic platforms. To put things into perspective, having over 30 years of experience makes them the MOST experienced psychic reading online service here. 

Knowing this psychic site has been committed to the cause for so many years is reassuring, to say the least. But where they truly shine is their commitment to their clients. Your mental, emotional, and physical well-being seems to be at the heart of Psychic Source's mission. 


Psychic Advisors

They offer multiple types of readings, so there's a great chance you'll find something that caters to you. And the readings are performed by vetted psychics, so it's highly unlikely you'll run into fake psychics here.

Not to mention there are a few psychic experts on Psychic Source that offer a variety of readings via video call—perfect if you're looking for a more intimate experience between you and your psychic. Video readings can also help psychics with empathic gifts feel the spiritual energy around you, leading to more accurate readings. 



Psychic Source also understands that manually looking for a clairvoyant, medium, or psychic can be overwhelming. That's why the site offers a convenient "find a psychic" search tool to match you with your ideal psychic (or, at the very least, narrow the search down). You can filter by topic, type of advisor, preferred reading, and communication method. 

Of course, if you prefer to browse the long list of skilled psychics on the profiles section, you can too. 



  • Video call readings available
  • Client-focused, compassionate advisors
  • Wide range of psychic services
  • Past client testimonials available
  • Satisfaction policy
  • Great introductory offers
  • 24/7 customer support



  • Some advisors are expensive
  • Cannot filter psychics based on price


Special Offers

Like the best psychic hotlines around, Psychic Source offers some pretty cool introductory packages for new customers to find their footing on the site: 30 min - $1/min, 15 min - $2/min, 10 min - $3/min. Plus, you can get three extra minutes, which you can use to get a free psychic reading with one psychic of your choice. 

To finish it off, your commitment is covered with a satisfaction policy, meaning you could be entitled to free minutes with another psychic if, for any reason, you had an unpleasant experience with your last psychic.


⭐ Click here to find a gifted reader on Psychic Source


5. Oranum - Reputable Psychics for LIVE Psychic Readings (via video)


Communication methods: video 🎦 | phone 📞


Readings Available at Oranum

  • Love Psychics
  • Clairvoyant
  • Astrology Readings
  • Dream Analysis
  • Career Readings
  • Fortune Telling
  • Numerology Readings
  • Pet Psychics


About Oranum

Oranum's psychic reading online sessions are as close as it gets to a physical, real psychic reading. If you want a more in-person feel when talking to an online psychic, it doesn't get more natural than Oranum and their great video chat psychics. This is especially true if you want to seek clarification on spirituality, family, love, and relationships.

Their quality spiritual psychics are sourced from all over the world and speak different languages. This means you can receive unique and helpful psychic advice from online psychics who boast different cultural backgrounds, abilities, and reading styles, which, all in all, can help you get a better picture of the issues around your queries.



That said, Oranum is not like other online psychic reading platforms that give you a few minutes free with a psychic to find one that works well for you. Instead, same as with  Instagram live, Oranum allows you to search for live psychics and join their regular free video sessions to give you an even better chance of truly finding a suitable psychic.

It's great that the psychic site also has more in-depth psychic bios than many competitors. If you discover a profile you like, you can proceed to request an online psychic reading session via private video or call. And the best part is that you don't have to reveal your face in the video if you wish to keep some level of anonymity.



  • Free chat psychics
  • LIVE streamed psychic sessions
  • Culturally diverse online psychics
  • Free 10,000 coins for new clients
  • Plenty of resources available
  • 24/7 support
  • Money-back policy



  • Mainly a video reading platform
  • Prices not clear


Special Offers

Registering an Oranum account for readings is free. And if you're concerned about security, don't be. You won't have to immediately input your credit card information when registering on the site. Users can make an account and browse through the site to ensure it offers what they're looking for before making a commitment. 

If you find a psychic you like, you can take advantage of the free credits worth $9.99 that Oranum offers to all new users. 


⭐ Click here to joining a LIVE psychic video session for free


6. Psychic Oz - Best Online Psychics for Budget-Friendly Readings


Communication methods: email ✉️ | phone 📞 

Readings Available at AskNow

  • Love Psychics
  • Career Forecasts
  • Money Psychics
  • Tarot Readings - oracle cards...
  • Life Path Readings
  • Astrology Readings
  • Pet Psychics
  • Psychic Mediums
  • Missing Persons
  • Past Life Readings


About Psychic Oz

Like other reputable psychic reading online sites, Psychic Oz prides itself in solving your questions through the help of thoroughly screened and verified email, call, and phone psychics. 

This reading site looks to have found the sweet spot between accurate readings and affordability, which shows their commitment to helping people find answers no matter their budget. Moreover, they stand out in giving customers that much-needed convenience and initiative. 



Users have access to a resourceful filter tool that allows you to sift through Psychic Source's online psychics from a wide range of subjects, psychic abilities, and tools, making finding a good psychic for yourself that much quicker. 

And not just that. New customers can access customer favorites, staff picks, and rising star psychic suggestions to get a great online advisor from the get-go. Still, there's something for experienced customers who have the option to directly search for their favorite psychic reading experts by name.


Psychic Advisors

If you would like to check through the psychics by yourself, you can. Simply skim through the psychic's mini-profiles that show the advisor's photo, rating, rates, psychic grouping, a brief intro about them, and their experience on the site—all without clicking to see their full profile.



  • Screened, verified psychics
  • Detailed profile pages for each psychic
  • Wide variety of readings
  • Email readings available
  • Introductory offer for first-timers
  • Money-back policy



  • Website looks a little dated
  • Some psychics don’t have many reviews


Special Offers

Also, there are some great new client introductory offers to give you more value for your money: 15 min - $14.99, 10 min - $9.99, email reading - $4.99. 

And better yet, you get a free psychic reading online for three minutes with any available psychic—yes, even with the highest-rated to give you time to figure out if their style works for you. Everything is covered with under their satisfaction policy, as well. 


How We Ranked the Best Psychic Reading Online Websites

A thorough vetting process is a clear indication of a company that genuinely cares about their customer base.
A thorough vetting process is a clear indication of a company that genuinely cares about their customer base.

Like you’d find in any industry—not just within the psychic world—many platforms claim to be the best in the market, but in actuality, are nothing special. 

While searching for the best psychics near you, you’re bound to come across at least one seemingly legit online psychic platform that you should avoid. 

That’s why to discover the best psychic reading sites of 2022, we looked at the most popular options available and narrowed down the list based on the following criteria:


Strict Hiring Practices

Established and reputable psychic reading services will ensure they offer the best psychic readings possible through a stringent selection process. No matter how well-known or convenient, a psychic reading site that employs “fake” online psychics or even just inexperienced advisors will quickly lose the trust of its clientele. 

A thorough vetting process is a clear indication of a company that genuinely cares about their customer base. This is especially true if a network enforces strict hiring practices, even if this means employing fewer online psychics than most competitors. 


Public Psychic Profiles

Hands down, the best psychic reading websites should allow customers to view detailed bios for every psychic reader. At a glance, you should be able to see a profile pic, their expertise, rating, price, availability, and in some cases, more. 

Upon viewing the full profile, a well-written “about me” page, in addition to past client testimonials, is a great sign. 

AskNow, for instance, allows you to view each psychic’s experience, years on the platform, total readings, zodiac sign, specialties, credentials, and more. Having this information to hand will make finding the perfect psychic to match your needs far easier.


“Psychic Search Tools”

It’s all well and good having an impressive roster of online psychics. But if you can’t narrow down your search based on specific criteria, you’re less likely to “click” with the psychic or psychics you choose.

That’s why having additional filters and search tools available to refine your search is crucial. While most psychic reading services allow you to filter based on price, specialty, and availability, some go above and beyond this. 

For instance, at, you can initially search based on price, reading type (call/chat), and focus. Then you can refine your search even further based on star rating, skills, availability, specialties, and offers.


Client Testimonials

You should be suspicious of any network that doesn’t proudly display customer feedback for all future clients to see. Only the best psychics will be confident enough in their own natural gifts to allow all reviews (even the occasional negative ones) to be publicly available.

Being able to read recent reviews will ultimately help you decide whether a video, phone, or chat psychic is worth your time and money. 


Psychic Specialties

To be considered for offering the “best psychic readings online,” any site must first prove they can provide an impressive variety of psychic readings online. Of course, sticking to the basics like tarot card readings, fortune telling, psychic predictions, etc., can be a good strategy. 

However, we were more interested in platforms that offered a range of lesser-known skills, including Kabbalah, New Age Spirituality, Vedic Astrology, Remote Viewing, and so on. 

We found that Kasamba offered the largest variety of specialties among any psychic network. Just be aware that the site might seem overwhelming at first. Additionally, the types of psychic readings available will depend on which online psychics are accepting bookings. 


Contact Methods

Psychic readings online (and online psychics) will never feel exactly like an in-person reading. But that’s not necessarily an issue. Even before the internet, phone psychic readings weren’t uncommon. A truly experienced psychic will be able to offer an accurate reading regardless of whether they’re physically present. 

What’s more important is how many “virtual” contact methods the site in question offers. As a rule, all online psychic reading platforms tend to offer both chat and phone psychic reading options. But a few psychic services will also offer online readings via email and video. 

You might think what’s the point in an email reading, but this type of reading can be a great way to follow up a phone psychic reading. Perhaps you prefer to take your time and think about your worries or the psychic’s response to your queries. If that’s the case, an email reading will probably be the most convenient for you.

On the other hand, a “face-to-face” video reading with a live psychic reader is the closest you’ll get to an in-person reading. You should choose this option if a more intimate reading and seeing your psychic is important to you. 

Ultimately the best online psychics will be able to offer accurate psychic readings no matter the method you choose. So don’t feel you have to pick the video option if you’d rather speak on the phone or via online chat. 

Free Minutes

A free psychic reading, better known as a “Free Minute Offer,” allows new users to test out the site’s features for free. And since the cost of a reading can significantly vary from psychic to psychic, any free minutes or discounts available are especially helpful if you’re stuck on a budget. 

The best online psychic reading sites will not only offer a free psychic reading and discounts for first-time clients but also employ psychics at different price points. This means users can find the best psychic reading advisor within their budget. 

But just be aware that if you always opt for suspiciously cheap psychics, you may not receive the most accurate psychic predictions. It’s best to find a balance between experience and price. 


Sites like Psychic Source and Kasamba are great examples of this. Both platforms offer competitive rates. And while Kasamba is known for its free three-minute reading available with all advisors, you might prefer Psychic Source’s affordable package deals. 

  • $30 for 30 minutes
  • $20 for 20 minutes
  • $10 for 10 minutes

Satisfaction Policy

After your free minutes, discount, or introductory deal is up, you want to know that your first paid-for reading is backed up by some form of money-back policy. Whether that’s your money back or another reading to make up for a disappointing session, most of the online psychic options above offer some form of satisfaction policy. 

But still, you should know that a psychic reading isn’t just about finding the answers you want—it’s also about hearing what you need to hear. If a psychic gives you some honest, tough-love advice that you might not appreciate right at that moment, that doesn’t necessarily entitle you to your money back. 

Our advice, use the free minutes, discounts, and offers available to find a psychic you “click” with. Then, test out their paid services with short readings, to begin with. And don’t forget to plan the questions and issues you want to raise beforehand. 


Best Online Psychic Readings - Your Questions Answered

Are Spiritual Readings Online Legit?

Yes, if you find a genuinely skilled advisor, online spiritual readings are legit. This means your main concern should be choosing a reputable psychic reading online site that thoroughly vets their advisors for skill, ability, and experience. 


How Accurate are Psychic Readings?

Psychic readings can be scarily accurate if you manage your expectations and don’t provide false information about yourself to “test” your psychic.

Don’t go into your first reading expecting your mind to be blown. 

A psychic reading requires establishing a connection between you and your psychic. More often than not, you may need to try two or three different psychics before you find the right one for you.

Also, please know that if you lie about, conceal or exaggerate your feelings, you could disrupt the process, resulting in an unreliable reading. 


Are Online Psychic Readings Better than an In-person Psychic Reader?

Yes, virtual or online psychic readings are, for many, the better choice since they’re more time and cost-effective than visiting a physical psychic. 

Moreover, with a psychic reading online, you get the option of protecting your identity if you opt for an email, chat, or phone reading. 

Additionally, it is easier to avoid fake psychics online than in person since most psychic reading sites.


Well, as we’ve already mentioned, reputable psychic reading sites extensively vet their online psychics for talent and professionalism before letting them give readings to customers. 

And finally, an online psychic reading platform makes finding the right psychic for your needs much easier.


What Psychic Abilities do Psychic Readers Online Have?

After searching for “psychic readings near me,” it’s likely that you’ve come across terms like “clairvoyant,” “claircognizance,” or “cartomancy.” If you’re not completely sure what psychic abilities are and how they work, don’t worry. We’ll explain them below.

Clairvoyants can see “images” that are representative of many different emotions, events, and so on. They then interpret these images for the person having a reading.

Clairaudient psychics advise or read clients through “voices.” They connect with their clients in silence and are able to hear voices to guide the subject towards what they seek.

Clairsentience readers feel and sense the energy around their subject. The “energy” is commonly mistaken as your “gut instinct.” If you’re instinctively able to read a person’s emotional state better than most, you may have this gift. 

Claircognizance is essentially a heightened version of intuition. Everyone feels intuitively about situations and people. But for a few gifted individuals who have spent years honing their skills, this ability is almost like an “automatic download” of information about the people they connect with. 

Psychic mediums connect individuals to loved ones they’ve lost either recently or years prior. Sometimes to move forward, we need reassurance that a treasured family member is okay on the other side. A psychic medium can help us achieve closure and make peace with our loss.

Astrologers use a subject's date of birth to interpret their current situation and even predict future events to come. An astrology reading analyzes the position of the stars and planets and how they can impact our lives, events, and behavior. 

Cartomancy or tarot readings use divination cards to predict a person’s future and relay messages from higher beings. A psychic can be skilled at either tarot cards or angel cards. While a tarot card reading offers a more structured message to the client, angel cards relay messages from higher beings (angels). 

Numerology is based on the belief that everything we do is tied to numbers. By studying specific numbers associated with the letters in words, names, and ideas, psychic readers can discover information about their clients’ lives and offer advice.


Are Psychic Readings by Phone Better than Email Readings?

There's no this or that reading method is better. Both phone readings and email reading methods offer reliable readings. However, note that; online psychic readings by phone and chat psychic readings allow you to get responses in real-time as opposed to email. 

Still, email means you get more time to express your feelings and come up with a clearer question for your online psychic.

What you might want to do is use a phone psychic reading for the more pressing queries that bother you for the appeal of instant feedback. And opt for email readings for' lesser' concerns that you might need a little clarification on since sending messages back and forth can be time-consuming and overwhelming at times.


Can I Get Clairvoyant Psychic Readings Online? 

Yes, you can certainly get a clairvoyant reading online. Simply choose whichever psychic site you're drawn to from the list above and use the filter tools on the website to search for "clairvoyant" or "clairvoyance." 


How Can I find The Best Psychics Online?

To discover the best online psychics, best psychic mediums, or even just a reliable psychic, the first rule of thumb is to check the reviews of the online psychic reading websites. 

Do this by looking at online forums to gauge a site's reputation and how talented its online psychics are. Then, you should sift through whichever online psychic reading sites appear the most reputed and find one with features more in tune with your needs. 


Here are another couple of things you might want to consider to find the best psychic readings online: 

  • Look for a satisfaction policy since it shows their confidence in giving customers a pleasant reading experience—like
  • Prioritize easy-to-use websites—like Whether you’re looking at psychic readings or buying shoes, a user-friendly website makes it easy for customers to find what they want.
  • Look for a strict hiring process—like Sites that enforce a thorough psychic screening, vetting, and verification process have a far better chance of ensuring clients can only access the most talented psychic readers possible.


How Do You Spell Psychic? Psyhics, Physic, or Pyschic? 

Before we wrap up this article, let's address the elephant in the room: how do you spell psychic? With so many people searching this incorrect spelling online (from sykick reading, physcic reading, psycic reading to pysic reading), it's no wonder people get confused with the spelling. Psychic is spelled PSYCHIC, not SY, PHYS or CIC, or SIC.


The Takeaway - Where Can I Find the Best Psychic Reader?

Online psychic websites are a great way to seek answers to life's questions and take more control over your life. We genuinely hope our top recommendations above help connect you to the most skilled online psychics. 

The majority of our top picks offer free readings, allowing you to test out the platform for yourself. And new users can usually take advantage of discounted rates for their first reading.

Kasamba is a great starting point; they have 20 years of experience, a wide selection of readings, and professional online psychic readers to answer your troubles. 

Nevertheless, Keen Psychics has affordable psychic reading sessions, and AskNow is our preferred choice for client-focused phone psychic readings.

Pro-tip: Since most psychic reading websites charge at a per/minute rate, you might want to prepare questions to ask a psychic or think more deeply about what worries you beforehand.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed within the content are solely the authors. Does not constitute advice.

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