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2023's Business Game-Changers: 10 Brands Setting the Bar Higher

Published on Nov 29, 2023 05:44 PM IST

These brands are game-changers; they're redefining the rules in the market.

10 Brands Setting the Bar Higher
10 Brands Setting the Bar Higher
ByHT Brand Studio

New Delhi (India), November 29: 2023 has witnessed the transformative journey of 10 leading brands reshaping industry standards. Here is a compelling showcase of innovation and aspiration. These brands are game-changers; they're redefining the rules in the market. Scroll down to unveil the pioneers setting new benchmarks, sparking conversations, and leaving an indelible mark on their respective domains. Get ready to meet the visionaries shaping the future of business and consumer experience. This is more than a glimpse into the present; it's an invitation to witness the evolution of excellence.

1. Advocate Mita Banerjee

Advocate Mita Banerjee nominated for PADMASHREE 2024

In a noteworthy recognition of her exceptional contributions to the legal arena, Mita Banerjee, a prominent Indian Lawyer and Activist, has gained international acclaim for her achievements. Banerjee represented India at the United Nations General Assembly and played a crucial role in the G-20 Summit in New Delhi. She is also nominated for the Padmashree in 2024.

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As a formidable force in the field of law, Banerjee, a practising advocate at High Court Calcutta, has fearlessly handled 100 cases. Notably, she has undertaken legal awareness campaigns in Naxalite areas of Madhya Pradesh, as invited by CRPF, demonstrating her dedication to public service. Banerjee exemplifies breaking the glass ceiling in a male-dominated profession.

Banerjee's legal prowess extends to her involvement in public interest litigations aimed at combating corruption, legal aid without bias, addressing issues ranging from rape and child abuse to forgery and corporate crime, in the country. Her commendable services, recommended by the Ramakrishna Mission, further highlight her commitment to aiding needy and helpless citizens.


2. Dr. Sunny Gupta

Dr Sunny Gupta, a highly qualified dietician and wellness expert, has provided a ray of hope for 133 patients globally grappling with weight loss issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. Leveraging online consultations that transcend geographical boundaries, Dr. Gupta's personalised diet and detox plans have facilitated his patients' collective weight loss of 1248 kgs.

Boasting over seven years of expertise and a PhD in Food and Nutrition, Dr Sunny Gupta has received accolades such as the Excellence in Health Care Award-2020 (94.3MyFM Divyabhaskar Group), Arogya Ratna National Award-2021, and more.

During the pandemic, Dr. Gupta's global impact has been lauded, with patients reporting significant enhancements in their overall health. His influence extends internationally, solidifying his trusted dietician and lifestyle counsellor role. Dr. Sunny Gupta's innovative detox programs have successfully addressed various medical conditions, making him a unique and invaluable resource in the field. Hundreds of female patients have found relief from PCOD and PCOS through Dr Gupta's tailored diet and detox plans.


3. Itzeazy

Itzeazy, a Govtech startup established in January 2015, has rapidly emerged as India's leading service provider for government documents. Based in New Delhi, the firm extends its services across 12 cities nationwide, offering a one-stop solution for government documentation. The company's commitment to making government documentation easy, transparent, and accessible underscores its dedication to enhancing citizen experiences.

Itzeazy's mission is to simplify, streamline, and enhance accessibility to government documentation, addressing a critical and challenging aspect for Indian citizens. The company focuses on alleviating the burdensome process of obtaining essential government documents by providing expert consultancy support directly to clients' doorsteps.

Founded by Himanshu, an MBA from MDI Gurgaon with extensive experience at BSNL, RCOM, and Tata CMC, and led by Reeta Kumari, an MSW from BHU with a background in SOS Children Village, Support, and CWS, Itzeazy has garnered attention for its innovative approach to making government documentation more efficient and user-friendly.


4. Restora Aesthetics

Restora Aesthetics, a leading destination redefining beauty norms, introduces diverse transformative services at the crossroads of innovation and personalised care. Helmed by the accomplished Dr Gautami, the clinic offers various services, including hair care, skin care, permanent makeup, laser treatments, and nutritional guidance.

Under the sea guidance of Dr. Gautami, a dedicated professional in aesthetic medicine, Restora Aesthetics is a beacon of excellence. Dr. Gautami's unique approach combines artistry with medical precision, bringing out the best in each individual.

At Restora Aesthetics, cutting-edge technologies and personalised treatment plans are employed to provide evolving solutions for hair and skincare. From rejuvenating skin therapies to advanced hair restoration, services are tailored to meet every client's distinctive needs, ensuring a renewed sense of confidence.

Beauty is not only skin deep; Restora Aesthetics acknowledges this with holistic nutrition services. Dr. Gautami's guidance ensures a comprehensive approach to beauty, beginning with a healthy foundation.

Transformative. Personalised. Timeless. Welcome to Restora Aesthetics.


5. 3Mark Services

Sameer Sheikh, the luminary force behind 3Mark Services, emerges as a crucial figure in India's political arena, steering narratives for prominent parties with strategic brilliance.

As India's youngest Election Campaign manager, Sameer's expertise extends nationwide, working with renowned parties. His commitment to crisis management and averting misinformation is evident in his roles with the country's leading political parties. Sameer's role transcends boundaries, orchestrating media narratives and ensuring party-approved information reaches the masses.

His involvement with election committees showcases meticulous data gathering and surveys with a 99% accurate forecast, proving his strategic insight.

3Mark Services, under Sameer's leadership, stands as a foremost PR firm nationwide, committed to precision, innovation, and strategic prowess. Sameer Sheikh, the architect of transformative narratives in India's political sphere, embodies unrelenting dedication and strategic foresight.

6. ANSSI Wellness

Asia's foremost non-surgical spine care provider, ANSSI Wellness, spearheads a transformative era in spinal healthcare. Committed to a pain-free world, ANSSI introduces a pioneering approach to spinal wellness, steering away from invasive interventions and medications.

In 2023, ANSSI redefined patient care and treatment efficacy, achieving notable milestones. Their proprietary methodology, a fusion of cutting-edge technology and personalized care, has successfully transformed the lives of over 5000 patients, markedly enhancing their quality of life. Emphasizing holistic healing, ANSSI focuses on physical recovery and prioritizes patient education and lifestyle modification, fostering enduring wellness.

Beyond individual treatment, ANSSI initiates a movement for enhanced living, establishing 12 centres in major cities, including Mumbai, Pune, Panchkula, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Dubai. This expansion ensures broader access to their innovative treatments, emphasizing a commitment to revolutionize spine care.

In its ongoing pursuit of excellence, ANSSI Wellness continues to set benchmarks in healthcare. Their unwavering vision is clear – a Back Pain-Free India and a global priority on spinal health.

For more information, please visit www.anssiwellness.com or call 9930143550

7. Knot Consulting

Knot Consulting, founded in 2020 in India, has swiftly emerged as a hub in the dynamic consulting process, particularly in the global automotive sector. With over 100 years of cumulative experience, Knot Consulting specialises in ASPICE, Functional Safety, and Cybersecurity, offering a unique Integrated Process Framework that seamlessly embeds safety and security in the Automotive Product Development process.

Knot Consulting has grown into a global player since its modest beginnings, expanding its footprint to Karlsruhe, Germany, in 2023. This strategic move signifies a pivotal moment, enabling the company to serve a global clientele and tap into Europe's rich technological landscape.

Knot Consulting's core expertise lies in providing holistic solutions for Automotive Product Development in Automotive SPICE, process optimisation, ensuring functional safety compliance aligned to ISO 26262, and cybersecurity compliance aligned to ISO 21434. The company's commitment to an integrated process framework reflects its dedication to streamlining processes for maximum efficiency.

As Knot Consulting continues to shape the future of process consulting, its vision extends beyond consulting services.


8. Pageants Indie Royal Queen Pvt. Ltd.

Pageants INDIE Royal Queen Pvt LTD, under the stewardship of the esteemed Founder & Director, Roli Tripathi, ex-Mrs India Glamorous Queen Of Substance and recipient of an Honorary Doctorate in Women Empowerment by World Peace Foundation Geneva, announces the commencement of Season 9 of Indie Royal Miss & Mrs India in Kolkata. Simultaneously, preparations are underway for the grand Season 10 event, set to take place in Thailand in 2024.

Open to women of all ages, married or unmarried, the renowned Indie Royal Miss & Mrs India Pageant stands as a beacon of inclusivity, offering a life-changing opportunity to redefine identity. Having successfully conducted pageants in diverse locations such as Dubai, Delhi, Goa, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and a Calendar Shoot in the picturesque Maldives, the platform has solidified its position as India's premier pageant brand.

Emphasising diversity, the pageant welcomes women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and colours. Aspiring sponsors interested in associating with this trusted platform are invited to contribute to the global exposure of Indie Royal Miss & Mrs India.


9. 9Ex Tattoo Studio & School

Shashikant Shelar, the visionary Owner and Founder of 9Ex Tattoo Studio & School catalyses the brand's dynamic growth. His leadership is the driving force behind the three flourishing branches nationwide, and with a strategic roadmap, he envisions expanding to 21 branches within the next five years. Shashikant's entrepreneurial clarity is evident in the ambitious goal to transform the enterprise into a million-dollar company during this period. With a passion for tattoo artistry and education, Shashikant has positioned 9Ex as a beacon in the industry. His creative vision leaves an indelible mark on the tattoo landscape and steers the brand towards achieving new milestones. Under Shashikant Shelar's guidance, 9Ex emerges not just as a studio and school but as a testament to the fusion of artistic expression and business success, making its mark artistically and economically.


10. Award Stories

Award Stories, a prominent Market Research provider to global industry leaders, is a hub of excellence with a prominent brand, promising credibility, and market leadership. Catering to a diverse clientele, Award Stories delivers insightful analysis, opinions, and solutions, enhancing market functionality.

Specialising in Market and Community research, its experienced directors bring expertise in market research, advertising, public relations, brand management, retail sales, operations, franchising, and event management. With over five years of experience, Award Stories has been a stalwart in the industry, facilitating 1276 attendees across 21 award shows and distributing 1100 awards.

The company's mission is to swiftly recognise and acknowledge outstanding contributions in the market, offering a platform for branding opportunities. Award Stories envisions becoming the premier resource for transformative solutions, leaving an indelible mark on markets and communities.

Award Stories' unique market research methodology, extensive segmentation, in-depth analysis, and high-level insights.


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