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Chirayu Hospital’s CTVS department treats the cardiovascular condition of a 60-year-old

Published on Nov 29, 2023 01:04 PM IST

60-year-old Arif Ali turned towards Chirayu Hospital’s Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (CTVS) department after being referred to Jaipur.

Chirayu Hospital’s CTVS department treats the cardiovascular condition of a 60-year-old
Chirayu Hospital’s CTVS department treats the cardiovascular condition of a 60-year-old
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In the heart of Jaipur, on Kalwar Road lies the Chirayu Hospital, a multispeciality hospital that has been profoundly working and offering top notch medical services for Rajasthan. Chirayu Hospital has always been the true testament to quality, reliable, and affordable medical services. It is a center where patients are cared for and offered finest medical treatments. This hospital has continued to be the most trusted among everyone and with the recent happenings, the hospital has only deepened this trust.

Recently, the hospital hit a milestone and established itself as the best center of cardiovascular treatments by successfully taking over and treating a very complicated medical case. A resident of Churu, Arif Ali who was under serious cardiovascular condition and required immediate care was treated successfully by the CTVS team at Chirayu Hospital. The exceptional care provided by the cardiologists and the cardiovascular surgeons team saved Arif Ali and gave him a new life.

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Talking more about this unique case, the 60-year-old Arif Ali turned towards Chirayu Hospital’s Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (CTVS) department after being referred to Jaipur for advanced angioplasty.

A few weeks back, Arif Ali experienced a feeling of restlessness and pain in his chest which led him to seek medical care. Earlier he had experienced a severe chest pain with a history of coronary disease and an unsuccessful angioplasty at a local private hospital in Sikar. The doctors there witnessed his serious condition and referred him to a cardiac specialist after which he underwent angiography. The results revealed a blockage that required immediate medical attention. This led him to be referred to Jaipur for a bypass surgery. He was brought to Chirayu Hospital in no time for his advanced medical treatments to relieve his heart blockage.

Upon arriving, Arif Ali was examined and consulted by renowned CTVS surgeon, Dr. Gaurav Goyal. All the preliminary tests were done that uncovered his rare case of dextrocardia while he required a bypass surgery. During the tests, it was found that his heart was on the right side along with all the left structures of the heart on the right side and vice versa. This was a unique case in which the patient's heart was totally lying in the opposite direction as compared to a normal heart, found in only 1 out of 10,000 patients.

At Chirayu Hospital, Dr. Gaurav Goyal faced technical challenges. As he was a right handed surgeon, in this case, due to reversed heart anatomy which required a left handed surgeon and Dr. Gaurav Goyal had difficulties regarding the exposure of arteries. But the team navigated these complexities and aptly performed a successful bypass surgery using vein grafting. This case showcased the innovative as well as human centric approach of Chirayu Hospital. The team successfully handled the complex case with great precision and compassion.

As this case came into light, the most critical part of it has been the very rare condition of dextrocardia as diagnosed in Arif Ali. This is a very rare condition in which the heart points towards the right instead of the usual left. This is a kind of congenital abnormality that affects less than 1 percent of the population. The main cause of this abnormality still remains to be a mystery and is believed to occur during the fetal development which leads to variations in the heart anatomy.

Dextrocardia's condition poses its unique challenges especially in cases just like Arif’s. Being such a rare condition, it brought in a lot of challenges for the surgeons in successfully treating the condition. In this case, the dextrocardia presented as an isolated form, with the heart on the right side but all the other organs intact. The skilled team led by Dr. Gaurav, addressed this unique condition with precision.

If discovered incidentally without any complications, isolated dextrocardia often shows no symptoms. However, Arif Ali's case displays the importance of thorough medical examination, as dextrocardia can impact respiratory health and, in some cases, might require corrective surgery. To ensure optimal heart function in the case of Arif Ali, the team at the cardiology department of Chirayu Hospital utilized interventions like pacemakers and surgery.

Beyond the intricacies of Arif Ali's case, the rarity of dextrocardia requires a specialized approach, and Arif Ali's successful treatment highlights the hospital's expertise and dedication to personalized healthcare solutions.

This case marked a milestone for the hospital, as it became the first among 1046 cardiovascular surgery cases to be successfully treated. The achievement reflects the hospital's commitment to tackling complex medical issues and emerging victorious. This case also highlights the exceptional cardiology and CTVS department of the Chirayu Hospital that does not only have the best team of doctors and surgeons but also is equipped with the top notch technology and advanced features that withstands any kind of cardiovascular complexes with great expertise and ease. The department under the guidance of Dr. Gaurav Goyal worked tirelessly with great consideration and expertise to restore the condition of Arif Ali. This case reflects on the exceptional prowess of the cardiovascular department.

Behind this exceptional medical success lies the visionary surgeon and his team, Dr. Gaurav Goyal who also emphasized the importance of teamwork and dedication in achieving medical milestones by treating such complex cases. Chirayu Hospital’s CTVS team not only demonstrated technical proficiency but also their compassionate approach to ensure that Arif Ali and his family felt supported and cared for throughout the process.

Arif Ali and his family expressed their gratitude to the Chirayu Hospital management, including Executive Director Mohit Choudhary, Director Dr. Manoj Kumar Choudhary, Banwari Lal from the Cardiothoracic ICU, and Dr. Gaurav Goyal's exceptional team. They acknowledge how the hospital and the proficient team cared for them and offered them their top notch medical services that helped Arif recover in no time. The atmosphere during Arif Ali's recovery discharge was filled with joy, highlighting the impact of quality care beyond medical excellence.

Mohit Choudhary, Executive Director, Chirayu Hospital, shared insights into the hospital's ethos, stating, "We strive to assist every patient in every way possible. Regardless of the complexity of the illness, we aim to provide effective treatment and send our patients home healthy. Our doctors' team, especially in the Cardiovascular department, stands as our strongest asset, making us capable of addressing even the most intricate medical conditions. I extend my congratulations to Dr. Gaurav and his team for this accomplishment."

Through this case, Chirayu Hospital’s commitment to patient centric care and dedication is truly evident. This case has reflected on how the hospital believes in creating a nurturing environment for its patients and offers their support for the patients and their family. They not only believe in offering the best medical expertise but also their care and comfort for everyone supporting them through the process. Arif Ali’s case is just one example among the many lives touched and transformed by the dedicated and expert healthcare team including the cardiovascular department.

The cardiology and CTVS department under the leadership of Dr. Gaurav Goyal has consistently showcased their ability to deal with complex situations and rise above the medical challenges with great expertise and top notch healthcare services. This case has solidified the position of Chirayu Hospital as the most reliable and trusted healthcare center in Rajasthan. Also, this has demonstrated the hospital’s capability to handle complex cardiovascular surgeries with the best of technologies and an expert team.

The hospital’s achievement in Arif Ali’s case highlighted the exceptional medical proficiency along with the importance of continuous innovation and collaborative approach in healthcare. The hospital is truly committed to staying on the forefront of medical advancements ensuring that every single patient receives the best possible care under the hospital's supervision, even in rare and challenging cases.

As Arif Ali’s recovery was celebrated, Chirayu Hospital was also appreciated for their unwavering commitment to being a hope for people facing cardiovascular challenges by offering them exceptional care. This case reflects on the proficiency of the hospital in medical expertise along with their dedication to make a positive impact on the lives of their patients.

Chirayu Hospital's success in Arif Ali's case is a testament to the institution's commitment to excellence in healthcare. The combination of medical expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a compassionate approach makes the hospital a trusted partner in the journey to recovery. As they continue to pave the way for medical breakthroughs, Chirayu Hospital stands as a symbol of hope and healing in the heart of Jaipur.

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