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Now, kids at govt-run primary schools to study about great Indian scientists & scholars

By, Prayagraj
Apr 30, 2024 05:06 AM IST

Over 1.25 crore students in government-run primary schools in the state will now learn about Indian scientists and scholars in a new supplementary book.

More than 1.25 crore students studying in over 1.14 lakh government-run primary schools of the state will now study about Indian scientists and scholars like Ayurveda pioneer Charak, astronomer Varahamihir and the first Indian woman to obtain a doctorate degree in the field of science Janaki Ammal.

Students at a government primary school in Prayagraj. (HT File)
Students at a government primary school in Prayagraj. (HT File)

Experts of State Institute of Science Education (SISE), Prayagraj have prepared a supplementary book titled ‘Our Great Scientists and Mathematicians’ for children of classes 1 to 5, in which they will get an opportunity to know about Indian scientists and mathematicians from ancient to modern times, said officials of the state Basic Education Department.

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The scientists and mathematicians whose details are present in the book include physicist and astronomer Vikram Sarabhai, Homi Jehangir Bhabha, astrophysicist Meghnad Saha under the field of Physics; first director-general of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) who is also revered as the Father of Research Laboratories in India Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar and noted chemist TR Seshadri in the field of Chemistry.

Original Mathematician behind the Pythagoras theorem Baudhayan, astronomer Varahamihir and well known mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan in the field of mathematics besides Ayurveda-pioneer Charak and father of Plastic surgery Sushruta in the field of medicine will also be included in the book.

Important achievements and contributions of a total of 36 personalities, including prominent ancient and modern scientists and mathematicians like M Visvesvaraya in the field of engineering, Salim Ali in the field of ornithology, and many others, have also been included in the book.

Scientists like Sir CV Raman and Jagadish Chandra Basu who have made the country proud by bagging honours like the Nobel Prize as well as great mathematician and astronomer Aryabhatta of the Gupta period who was the first to explain zero; the first mathematician to provide the formula for the area of a cyclic quadrilateral Brahmagupta and the mathematician Bhaskara, along with the great scientists like Satyendra Nath Bose, APJ Abdul Kalam too are part of the topics covered in the book.

Director of State Institute of Science Education-Prayagraj Anil Bhushan Chaturvedi said, “Indian numerical system, decimal system, addition, subtraction, concept of zero and infinity are undoubtedly the great contributions of Indian mathematicians. In fact, the book has information about those scientists who brought glory to India with their thinking and work.”

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