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Soumya Bhattacharya is the editor of Hindustan Times, Mumbai. He is the author of five books of fiction, non-fiction and memoir.

Articles by Soumya Bhattacharya

Traffic back in Delhi, even in non-peak hours

"There are some stretches where we have observed increased traffic volume but it will be unfair to say that this has become a trend" a senior traffic officer said.

An estimate shows that the ITO intersection has been recording around 400,000 vehicles during peak hours.(HT Phot)
Published on Jun 26, 2021 01:01 AM IST
By, Hindustan Times, New Delhi

The Lion King tells me that entitlement is everything

The movie’s plot demolishes the notion of meritocracy. Monarchies, politics and business will find it familiar

After a final showdown, Simba emerges supreme. He is the new lion king. It all feels right and good. But what exactly has Simba done to deserve this?(AP)
Published on Jul 23, 2019 06:51 PM IST

Gun Island by Amitav Ghosh: A gripping parable for our times

Amitav Ghosh’s new novel, Gun Island, explores many of the writer’s recurring motifs: Irrawaddy dolphins; the Sunderbans; climate change. But at the heart of the novel is the theme of illegal migration and refugee crisis, displacement and renewal. Exclusive interview plus extract from the book

Amitav Ghosh’s Gun Island is as much an etymological mystery as a compelling study of illegal migration.(Ivo van der Bent /; Illustration: Malay Karmakar)
Updated on Jun 08, 2019 06:28 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

Review: The Assassination of Indira Gandhi; The Collected Stories of Upamanyu Chatterjee

Upamanyu Chatterjee’s first volume of short stories, that includes three pieces written in the 1980s, showcases the trajectory of his writing career

Delhi riots, November 1984.(HT Photo)
Updated on Jun 08, 2019 10:23 AM IST
Hindustan Times | By

Review: Autumn Light by Pico Iyer

Autumn Light is an elegant meditation on mortality, ageing, dwindling and love

Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan viewed from the Chureito Pagoda in Yamanashi prefecture. A Zen master quoted in Iyer’s book says that in Zen practice, when you see a mountain, you become the mountain.(AFP)
Updated on May 24, 2019 10:01 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

Spinoff by Soumya Bhattacharya: Manchester City and Liverpool’s ace rivalry

The English Premier League brought out some of the toughest competition seen so far, with each team upping the ante.

A Premier League match between Manchester City and Liverpool in January.(REUTERS)
Updated on May 30, 2019 06:19 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

In an epic year for the English Premier League, a look at its transformation

How did ‘a slum sport played in slum stadiums’ become a globalised TV spectacle awash with obscene amounts of money? Read Michael Cox’s The Mixer

Liverpool's Mohamed Salah celebrates scoring their second goal against Chelsea on April 14. The English Premier League is in for a frenzied finish.(REUTERS)
Published on Apr 20, 2019 04:27 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

Spinoff by Soumya Bhattacharya: The two faces of sporting greatness

Ronaldo and Messi have both pursued, and attained greatness. The end is the same; the means are different.

Like all great rivals, the two men inspire each other to ever-greater heights season after season. And yet they couldn’t be more different. Ronaldo comes across as a snarling, primal, elemental, almost atavistic creature. You may or may not like him, but he wrenches admiration out of you.(Reuters)
Updated on Mar 23, 2019 08:45 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

Courting greatness: In the legend of Federer, the numbers are just the beginning

Roger Federer, who recently won his hundredth ATP title, has said he was not chasing that landmark. Yet, his achievement is remarkable in all sorts of ways.

The Swiss great defeated Greece's Stefanos Tsitsipas in the ATP Dubai Championship, to win his 100th title. A fifth of these are majors. He’s won 29 titles in his thirties alone.(AFP)
Published on Mar 09, 2019 07:06 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

The unexpected outcome sets sport apart from other fields of popular culture: Spinoff by Soumya Bhattacharya

The unfolding in front of our eyes of what seems barely credible is one of the enduring and defining charms of sport

James Buster Douglas (right) defeated Mike Tyson at Tokyo Dome stadium, Japan , in 1990, leaving everyone surprised. The unexpected outcome brought an end to Tyson’s dominance in world boxing.(Sports Illustrated/Getty Images)
Updated on Feb 22, 2019 11:29 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

Spinoff by Soumya Bhattacharya: The sports fan and his embrace of torment

Masochism is built into the mental makeup of the ardent sports fan. Throw him as many unpalatable results as you like, he will keep coming back

A tense Arsenal supporter during a match against Tottenham Hotspur in December last year.(Getty Images)
Published on Feb 09, 2019 05:07 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

Spinoff by Soumya Bhattacharya: There’s no better time to be a sports fan

Football, tennis and cricket are all illuminated by the talents and collective greatness of athletes who count as among the best ever to have played their chosen sports.

A great deal of mutual respect underpins the relationship between tennis players Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.(Getty Images)
Updated on Jan 27, 2019 03:54 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

The agony and ecstasy of a sports fan

SPINOFF: Soumya Bhattacharya writes about the purpose a sport serves to those who follow and watch sport but have no stake in it in terms of money or a career.

Arsenal fans celebrate in the stands at Wembley stadium, London.(Getty Images)
Updated on Jan 11, 2019 10:18 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

Because idols can’t err. Or can they?

SPINOFF: It’s not fair to expect elite athletes to be role models in terms of personal conduct, writes Soumya Bhattacharya

The fame of successful sportspersons such as Cristiano Ronaldo blind their followers in to believing that their icons can’t do any wrong.(Getty Images)
Updated on Dec 15, 2018 05:45 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

On top of the game: age and injuries no bar

Autobiographies of sportspersons tend to be anodyne. Just as official interactions with them are mediated, and full of platitudes, autobiographies, too, have become another form of a mediated encounter, a whirring of the PR wheels, an output of the spin factory.

(left) Novak Djokovic of Serbia with Rafael Nadal of Spain and Roger Federer of Switzerland during the ATP Heritage Celebration in New York, 2013.(Getty Images)
Published on Nov 30, 2018 08:31 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

What MS Dhoni can learn from Mithali Raj

‘Indian male cricketers, and only they, seem to decide when to stop playing. Not time, not the selectors....’

Left: Mithali Raj, captain of the Indian women’s cricket team; MS Dhoni, former captain of the Indian cricket team(HT Photos)
Updated on Nov 21, 2018 08:13 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

Kohli & Co: Swagger is no substitute for success

SPINOFF: He is undoubtedly one of the greatest batsmen of the modern era, but as a captain, Virat lacks tactical nous, says Soumya Bhattacharya

The margins are fine in elite sport. The ability to discern a turning point, win it, and change the narrative of a game is the hallmark of all great teams. This current India team has consistently failed to do that outside Asia.(HT PHOTO)
Updated on Nov 04, 2018 01:59 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

The 2018 World Cup has seen a renewal in the quality of football

The big beasts of world football have not been able to bully the so-called lesser teams. The first round of the 2018 World Cup in Russia has showcased the joy, drama, excitement, and sheer quality that international football on the biggest global stage still has to offer

South Korea fans inside the stadium before the match. The Asian nation defeated Germany -- making the European football powerhouse exit the FIFA world cup in group stages for the first time in last 80 years.(REUTERS)
Updated on Jun 28, 2018 07:42 PM IST

A royal wedding like no other: Diana would have approved

In that most insular, class conscious and whitest of white cliques, aka The Firm, this was a magnificent, unprecedented celebration of diversity. The monarchy appeared accepting, even encouraging, of a new reality

In this frame from video, Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchange vows during their wedding ceremony at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle in Windsor, near London, May 19. Even the vows the couple exchanged were different from what they had been when Diana married Charles.(AP)
Published on May 22, 2018 07:18 PM IST

Review: The Only Story by Julian Barnes

Love, and what love has to do with truth, have been the central themes of Julian Barnes’s oeuvre

Of passion in English suburbia: A street in a suburb of Birmingham, UK.(UIG via Getty Images)
Updated on May 18, 2018 06:42 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

Ronaldo’s goal shows how sport can transcend tribalism in its ability to share joy

Cristiano Ronaldo’s heartstopping goal shows how, unlike in music, films or literature (which are admired as a work in its entirety), a single, discrete, defining moment in sport can communicate joy which is unrivalled in its purity

Cristiano Ronaldo (C) scores during the UEFA Champions League quarter-final first leg football match between Juventus and Real Madrid, Turin, Italy, April 3, 2018(AFP)
Updated on Apr 07, 2018 09:16 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

Sachin Tendulkar’s three commandments to Virat Kohli’s Indian cricket team ahead of 2nd Test

Sachin Tendulkar said that the Centurion Test against South Africa will show how well the Indian cricket team can play under pressure. India are down 1-0 in the three-Test series

Sachin Tendulkar wants India cricket team to play according to the conditions in South Africa. Having won easily at home may give Indians over-confidence, he hinted ahead of the second Test in Centurion from Saturday.(BCCI)
Updated on Jan 13, 2018 11:01 AM IST
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | BySoumya Bhattacharya & Soumitra Bose

Chandigarh stalking case shows one person’s fight against the system can pay off

Varnika Kundu’s fearless response to her ordeal shows that, however heavily weighted the system may be in favour of the powerful, an individual can, on occasion, successfully fight it. But for that to happen, certain circumstances need to come together in her favour.

Varnika with her father Varinder Singh Kundu, Panchkula, August 7, 2017(Sant Arora Hindustan Times)
Updated on Aug 13, 2017 09:02 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

Review: Doctor Socrates by Andrew Downie

Andrew Downie’s biography of footballer Socrates, Doctor Socrates: Footballer, Philosopher, Legend, is the fascinating story of a true legend.

Legend: Scotland’s John Wark marks Brazilian captain Socrates at the 1982 World Cup Finals in Seville, Spain on June 18, 1982.(Bob Thomas/Getty Images)
Updated on Jun 03, 2017 09:00 AM IST
Hindustan Times | By

‘...the end of a couple is like a death...’; Review of Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

Mohsin Hamid’s new novel Exit West can lay claim to being one of the first post-Brexit, post-refugee-crisis fictions

Refugees at the Idomeni camp on the Greek Macedonia border on March 11, 2016(Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
Updated on May 05, 2017 08:03 PM IST
Hindustan Times | By

Review of The Clothing of Books by Jhumpa Lahiri: A meditation on book covers

Jhumpa Lahiri’s new offering ponders about the aesthetic and commercial purposes of book covers and their relationship with the writer and the reader

Reading from cover to cover: Children immersed in their books at Green School in Badung, Bali, Indonesia.(Getty Images)
Updated on Mar 18, 2017 08:54 AM IST
Hindustan Times | By

‘Arsene Out’: Why it’s time for Arsene Wenger to call it a day

Arsene Wenger has been a polarizing figure among the Arsenal fans for quite some time now and the defeat against Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League can prove to be the tipping point.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger during his side’s UEFA Champions League match against Bayern Munich.(REUTERS)
Updated on Feb 17, 2017 04:52 PM IST
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By

Could this be the greatest India team of all time?

After the forthcoming home series against Australia, India play Tests away against England, South Africa and Australia. How India fare in those arduous series will tell us where this side stands in the pantheon of great India Test teams.

Virat Kohli has won 15 of his first 23 Tests as skipper; only Steve Waugh won more – 17 – after his first 23 Tests as captain.(AFP)
Updated on Feb 14, 2017 05:28 PM IST
New Delhi | By

Serena vs Venus: The most amazing sister act in history shows America what it is

Serena Williams pushed sentiments aside in an emotion-charged 6-4 6-4 defeat of sister Venus to win the Australian Open on Saturday and a record 23rd grand slam title in the professional era

United States' Serena Williams, right, celebrates after winning the Australian Open championship in Melbourne on Saturday. She beat sister Venus Williams 6-4, 6-4(AFP)
Updated on Jan 28, 2017 06:30 PM IST

‘At Presidency, we sought and found worlds within words’

Soumya Bhattacharya writes about his time at Presidency College, which, he says, laid some sort of foundation for the best years of his life.

Alumni of Presidency University participated in a rally to mark the bicentenary celebrations of the Hindoo College, Kolkata, which was renamed Presidency College in 1855. The college, affiliated to the University of Calcutta, was given the status of an independent University in 2010. the institute .(Samir Jana/HT Photo)
Updated on Jan 19, 2017 08:33 PM IST
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