Safeguard cotton yields from climate shocks

Updated on Mar 09, 2023 07:57 AM IST

India turned into a net importer of cotton from being the world’s second-largest overseas seller, a decline that experts attribute to waning productivity, shorter growing seasons, the climate crisis, higher demand, lack of new seeds and modern irrigation facilities, and frequent pest attacks.

Cotton productivity, which peaked at 566 kg lint per hectare in 2013-14, has continuously been decelerating, causing an imbalance in demand-supply of cotton and uncertainty in the cotton textile industry. (HT PHOTO)
ByHT Editorial

India must urgently build heat resilience

This year, the government has already moved to form a panel to safeguard the yield, but as experts have argued, more long-term measures may have to be considered.

The Capital’s maximum temperature will likely remain above the 30-degree mark in the coming days, with the mercury set to touch 34 degrees Celsius by the end of the week. (HT Photo)
Published on Mar 07, 2023 08:48 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

The status of India’s women

The glass ceiling is shattering across fields. But a lot more is needed to ensure gender equality

For the cause of equality to advance in India, the realm of economic struggles must intersect with struggles being waged in the realm of gender and caste. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)
Updated on Mar 07, 2023 08:33 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

A slowdown in growth in China?

Beijing said that the nation will grow at 5% in 2023. This sober target has implications for India and the world

Under Xi Jinping’s leadership the Chinese regime has made it clear that it is willing to take a short-, even medium-term growth hit, to restrict demand from (what it sees as undesirable) sectors such as online gaming, tuitions and the real estate boom. (Bloomberg)
Updated on Mar 06, 2023 07:19 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

The climate finance lag needs attention

Even as India pushes for sustainable lifestyles, and land and ocean climate action, Mr Yadav’s comments reminded all that the most critical challenge of all -- mobilisation of climate finance for the developing world – remains unresolved. It must be addressed and fast

For decades, India has spoken out against the developed world’s climate responsibility and its attempts to avoid paying for climate mitigation, adaptation and loss and damage. (PTI)
Updated on Mar 06, 2023 07:07 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Local interests, migrant workers, and fake news

A demographic shift in the state has created space for migrants in Tamil Nadu and the state also needs them. It must watch for anti-migrant sentiment, but also false narratives

A demographic shift in the state has created space for migrants. Tamil Nadu’s net replacement rate of the population has fallen to a level that means its population has started shrinking, albeit gradually. (Bloomberg)
Updated on Mar 05, 2023 07:13 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Give the Himalayas the time and space to heal

Only projects critical for national security and development must be allowed to go ahead, and the mountains given the time and space to heal

The Himalayas and the Western Ghats – two regions that have seen untrammelled development projects damage fragile local ecosystems – were deemed to be at the highest risk (HT PHOTO)
Published on Mar 05, 2023 06:30 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Guv vs states tussle needs a political fix

Both sides must recognise that the friction is hurting governance and lowering their stature. Resolving this issue will need maturity, a display of sober statesmanship from both sides, and a recognition that India’s federal structure needs to be nurtured, not manipulated

Last week, the Supreme Court (SC) rapped the Punjab government and Raj Bhavan and asked them to respect the constitutional remit, warning that the fight should not degenerate into a “race to the bottom”. (Hindustan Times)
Updated on Mar 03, 2023 08:46 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

SC ruling on ECI marks a new era

At a time when the poll panel faces criticism, the apex court order argues for transparency and fairness

While suggestive of judicial overreach, the order is still an important moment. (HT)
Updated on Mar 03, 2023 08:09 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

What the North-East poll results reveal

The BJP’s wins mark a consolidation of the inroads it first made in the region in 2018 and will give more credence to its claim of being a pan-India party

The outcome of elections in the North-East has always had a symbiotic relationship with the political dynamics at the Centre (HT PHOTO)
Updated on Mar 03, 2023 08:08 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

The impact of LPG price hike

The hike in prices will hurt the poor, may spur inflation, and possibly generate headwinds for the economy

Will the latest price hike have a broader macroeconomic impact? As far as inflation is concerned, one will have to wait for the March numbers, which will be released in the second week of April. (AFP)
Updated on Mar 02, 2023 10:00 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

Affirming rule of law needs political will

The new Amritsar police leadership will need to focus on affirming law and order, and figure out a gameplan to checkmate provocative strategies used by protesters, such as the use of the Sikh holy book as a defensive shield

Supporters of Waris Punjab De chief Amritpal Singh clashing with Punjab Police personnel, February 23, 2023 (Sameer Sehgal / HT)
Updated on Mar 01, 2023 07:03 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

BSY’s sway will hold the key in Karnataka

The extraordinary outreach underlined the BJP’s plans ahead of the polls and showed that despite his retirement from electoral politics, Yediyurappa remains a key player

The PM heaped praises on the former CM, garlanded him, draped a shawl around him, and placed a turban on his head. (ANI/PIB)
Published on Feb 28, 2023 07:49 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

What the GDP numbers show

Slowing growth and key data revisions will shape economic challenge, political strategy

The GDP numbers for the last three years have been revised (as expected). (Shutterstock)
Published on Feb 28, 2023 07:47 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

What the Congress plenary showed

With roughly a year to go for the 2024 general elections, the contours of the impending campaign are firming up

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addresses at the party's 85th Plenary Session, Atal Nagar, Naya Raipur on Sunday. (ANI Photo) (AICC)
Updated on Feb 28, 2023 08:42 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

Why polls in the North-East matter

The North-East is often called a political bellwether. The unique relationship of the region with the Union makes any dip in the fortunes of the ruling party at the Centre significant

Voters wait in queues to cast their votes for the Nagaland Assembly elections, Mishilimi, Pughoboto circle, Zunheboto on Monday (CEO Nagaland Twitter)
Updated on Feb 28, 2023 08:43 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

Ukraine conflict may cast a shadow on G20

The finance ministers’ meeting was a portend of this strain, and New Delhi will have to move deftly to address it.

Nirmala Sitharaman said the draft communique included two paragraphs on the Ukraine crisis – reproduced from the Indonesia G20 summit – but Beijing and Moscow didn’t agree to this. (AFP)
Published on Feb 26, 2023 08:00 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

What the PLFS numbers reveal

Latest data on India’s labour market has key political ramifications ahead of 2024 elections

PLFS hints that the quality of jobs continues to be suspect and the share of family-based work remains high. (Sanchit Khanna/HT Photo)
Published on Feb 26, 2023 07:58 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Affirm the rule of law in Punjab

Scenes of pandemonium outside a police station in Punjab’s Ajnala town on Thursday are troubling because they captured a snapshot of the capitulation of the law and order machinery, reminiscent of a similar surrender that presaged the turbulence that rocked the frontier state in the 1980s

'Waris Punjab De chief Amritpal Singh, Ajnala, Amritsar, February 25, 2023 (ANI)
Updated on Feb 24, 2023 09:32 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

What the MPC debates show

There is clear divergence on how to tackle inflation but the transparency is welcome.

It is futile to guess which way the MPC will decide when it meets in February. (Mint Photo)
Updated on Feb 23, 2023 07:04 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

US visa delays hurt both nations. Fix it

It is in the interest of both countries to work this out at the earliest and offer a reasonable way forward for legal and seamless international travel.

As wait times for interviews at an American consulate in India threatened to top 1,000 days at the close of last year, it was clear that this was a wholly avoidable but vexing wrench in an otherwise smooth relationship. (Screengrab)
Published on Feb 23, 2023 07:02 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Resolve the stray dog problem in our cities

Only a judicious mix of short-term emergency measures and long-term shifts in civic behaviour can help reduce the number of stray dogs and their dangers in urban spaces

There are mainly two reasons that push up the stray dog population — access to food and abandonment by pet owners. In the absence of a robust disposal system, most urban waste is discarded in open spaces, attracting dogs. In some cases, owners abandon pets — who breed and multiply. (HT PHOTO)
Updated on Feb 22, 2023 07:40 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Finally, the MCD stalemate ends

After the political bickering, the civic body of the Delhi must return the focus to governance and citizens

The largely uneventful election process came as a welcome contrast to the chaotic and shameful scenes that rocked the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) House on three occasions in January and February, with councillors even coming to physical blows on one occasion. (ANI)
Updated on Feb 22, 2023 07:40 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Pak instability has no short-term remedy

Will unpopular economic measures give way to genuine reform or will the Sharif government baulk at taking tough measures due to the fear of buoying Mr Khan’s prospects? Expect little change till the 2023 elections

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s government appears stricken at the enduring popularity of Imran Khan, whose rabble-rousing style and street-smart politics are proving to strike a chord with sections of Pakistanis who are exasperated with the economic stalemate and ensuing instability (AFP)
Updated on Feb 22, 2023 06:34 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

Biden’s Kyiv trip sends a signal

The surprise visit of the US president is a key symbolic moment ahead of a possible escalation in the war this spring

US President Joe Biden walks next to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as he arrives for a visit in Kyiv on February 20, 2023 (AFP)
Updated on Feb 22, 2023 12:00 AM IST
ByHT Editorial

Spring spike sets off alarm

Unusually high temperatures are reminiscent of last year’s heatwave in many parts of the country, and will test climate policies

The heatwave last year killed around 90 people across south Asia, stoked forest fires in Uttarakhand, scorched reservoirs and shrivelled the wheat cro (HT ARCHIVE)
Updated on Feb 20, 2023 06:49 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Fix accountability for the Morbi tragedy, now

A speedy investigation and adequate punishment will establish a formidable deterrent to such behaviour. But what’s also needed is a new standard operating procedure for all such work, with rigorous checks and penalties

Rescuers search for survivors after a suspension bridge collapsed in Morbi town in Gujarat, October 31, 2022 (REUTERS)
Updated on Feb 20, 2023 08:11 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

It’s advantage Shinde, for now

The ECI’s Shiv Sena order raises key issues of inner-party democracy but the final verdict on the row may come from the electorate

Given the emotional connection in Maharashtra to the name and symbol of the Sena, this is a definite advantage for the Shinde faction ahead of crucial municipal elections in Mumbai (HT PHOTO)
Updated on Feb 19, 2023 08:58 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

No room for vigilantism in a rules-based society

The Bhiwani murders can become a test case, but strong political will and institutional response will be necessary

Charred remains of a vehicle where bodies of two Muslim men were found, Bhiwani, Haryana (PTI)
Updated on Feb 19, 2023 08:27 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Keeping watch on China at LAC

A three-pronged Cabinet push and a US Senate resolution show that Beijing’s moves will be matched by India, and scrutinised globally

It is commendable that India is moving rapidly to cover some asymmetry with China in preparedness and strength. However, it must remain watchful and vigilant to thwart Chinese misadventures and consider a comprehensive and transparent strategy to contain what is emerging as the toughest geopolitical challenge for a nation looking to cement its place at the global high table (HT PHOTO)
Updated on Feb 17, 2023 08:09 PM IST
ByHT Editorial
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