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Exam preparations made easy series: Fallen sick ahead of exams? Here 5 quick hacks to not skip out on preparations!

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Jan 31, 2024 03:52 PM IST

Falling sick during this time of the year, that too in the examination season, is a common problem among students. Learn the 5 ways to keep preparations going.

It's 7 am and you have woken up to finish your syllabus for the upcoming board exams. Shortly after proceeding towards your study table, you start feeling unwell – possibly you have a fever and a cold or maybe an aching head. Certainly, you would be anxious about completing your preparations on time.

If you have fallen sick ahead of exams, learnt the five ways to prevent your preparation regime from suffering. (Freepik)
If you have fallen sick ahead of exams, learnt the five ways to prevent your preparation regime from suffering. (Freepik)

According to medical experts, people are more likely to get sick during winter and are susceptible to respiratory infections. Dr Rajib Borbora, a well-known physician from Assam, pointed out that one of the reasons for falling sick during winter is due to staying in confined spaces. “Naturally, people find it convenient to stay in enclosed spaces surrounded by people during winters owing to the cold temperatures outside, meaning there are chances of more face-to-face contact among people,” says Dr Borbora.

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Now, it also is a fact that students must be extra cautious during this time of the year as they need to prepare for their upcoming examinations. However, there are also instances when most students fall sick which eventually affects their preparation regime. Understanding this, we have brought together a few expert-recommended remedies that can help you keep going with your studies without exerting yourself.

1.Morning time is the best time!

The natural urge for any person when unwell is to keep resting. No amount of sleep is sufficient when you have a moderate fever or a headache. In ideal situations, resting is the best medicine. But if you have an exam approaching, probably you would need to study while resting to keep the pace of preparation going. Now, a good thing about morning hours is that it is the best time to retain information.

Experts say one can retain enough information during the morning hours. “Many youngsters prefer waking up early in the morning because they can memorize and understand their subjects well. It is advisable for students who are unwell to study during morning hours as they will drain out on energy as the day progresses,” says Dr Borbora. He said students would be able to concentrate better in the morning, despite being unwell.

2. Early to bed, early to rise

Another essential point to remember when sick is to sleep early – it is definitely not a good idea to stay awake till late when you are not in the best health, especially when you have a syllabus to complete. In fact, sleeping on time can help you get better faster. Dr Kasturi Sharma of SUM Hospital in Bhubaneshwar said, “The need for sleep increases when we are sick as a response to our immune system. Sleeping produces antibodies that can fight the infection. So, it is always advisable to sleep early, which in turn helps you wake up early too.”

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3. Find your comfort spot

Falling sick is undoubtedly an unpleasant feeling. It drains not only our energy but also mood – two prerequisites of an effective preparation regime. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself in a positive mood. One way of doing it is by studying in the spaces where you are most comfortable. It can be your bed, the garden, or maybe a corner in your balcony. Studying at a cozy spot is far more effective than sitting on a chair for long hours when you are unwell. The idea is to memorize well, not to strain yourself.

4. Soft music during breaks

Music clearly plays a significant role in our lives. It not only keeps us spirited but also reduces stress and anxiety. According to health experts, listening to soft music can have a soothing effect on the minds of students who are stressed owing to exams. In other words, if you are unwell, you can listen to soft music whenever you are taking a break. It will help in reducing your anxiety and induce positivity. “Music therapy is gradually becoming popular among students who are anxious about exams. It helps to calm you down and relax,” says Dr Kasturi.

5. Eat well, stay hydrated

Last but not least, eating a nutritious diet and drinking a sufficient amount of water are two prerequisites when you are unwell. Skipping your meal or having a lower intake of water would only add to your woes. A nutritious diet not only gives you the energy to be focused with your preparations but also keeps you active. Likewise, drinking water and fruit juices will keep you hydrated, thereby helping you to recover soon.

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