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Bianca Censori's father to confront Kanye West for parading the architect as a ‘naked trophy pony’

Feb 29, 2024 07:29 PM IST

Bianca Censori's family is ‘hurting’ on witnessing the Yeezy designer being paraded like a ‘trashy naked trophy pony’. West accused of ‘shutting them out’.

Bianca Censori's family may be controversial on all ends of the spectrum, with Kanye West allegedly ‘controlling’ her actions and her paternal side notoriously famed for its gangland killing associations. Presumably, it isn't easy to be in the shoes of the 29-year-old Yeezy designer, who doesn't seem to catch a break, ever.

Bianca Censori's father, Leo, wants to confront Kanye West for parading his daughter around as a 'trashy' commodity.(X)
Bianca Censori's father, Leo, wants to confront Kanye West for parading his daughter around as a 'trashy' commodity.(X)'s inside sources spilt the beans on how her convict father possibly wants to have a serious sit-down with Ye for turning her into a ‘trashy commodity’. This pointed request follows Bianca's recent appearance with her husband in Paris on Tuesday, as snaps revealed her to have ditched her underwear underneath sheer stockings. The issue arose as a pronounced matter of concern due to France's indecency laws (Article 222-32) that could land Censori behind bars or exact a heavy fine out of her pocket.

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Let alone what the Australian architect's fashion choices may be, Kanye has previously been accused of influencing her wardrobe aesthetic, resulting in several X-rated snaps or videos that have often stood centre-stage in the musician's controversial life cycle.

Why Bianca Censori's father wants to confront Kanye West

According to the DailyMail reports, Bianca's father, Leo, wants to have a serious talk with Kanye about what ‘he would do if his daughters, North or Chicago, were seen in public half-naked in outfits encouraged by their husbands’.

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Jumping forth to answer the question for him, the insider suggested that Leo knew that there was ‘no way in hell’ that Kanye would let that happen, which raises the paradox about why then he's encouraging his own wife to walk this path. Ever since Kanye and Bianca wedded in a private December 2022 ceremony, her family has accused him of ‘shutting her out’ from them in Australia.

‘Leo honestly wants to just sit Kanye down to let him know that he is hurting her family by turning his beloved daughter into a trashy-looking marketable commodity,’ the insider continued. Adding on, he reiterated the same influence of ‘control’ clouding his daughter's judgement: That isn't love. That is control.'

About Bianca Censori's family and friends

One would wonder how Bianca's dad could be a threat to a man as vocally controversial as Kanye. Well, the showdown would indeed be concerning, mainly due to his father-in-law's sinister history. DailyMail's previous reports outed Leo as having done time in jail. He was convicted of possessing heroin in 1982, ultimately landing him in jail for five years.

To top it all off, Leo has also been convicted of having a pistol on him, and he shares notorious connections to gangland killings, with Eris Censori being his brother. The latter was dubbed ‘Melbourne’s Al Capone' as he was sentenced to death for murder. The sentence was eventually reduced to life in prison.

The source also divulged that her old friends are no longer phased by what she wears in public as they've grown accustomed to these sightings. However, ‘the dead look in her eyes when she is out with Kanye’ rings a cry of alarm in their minds.

Even her family has previously spoken out about how they fail to recognise her anymore because ‘She would not be doing this unless she was being controlled’.

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