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Jin says he shouldn't have made his debut with BTS in 2013; asks Suga if he wants to watch him get his head shaved

Jun 03, 2023 04:29 PM IST

BTS: Jin started his service in the South Korean army last December. Ahead of that, he was a guest on Suga's show Suchwita. Watch their conversation.

In a surprise to the BTS fandom, the group's eldest member Jin will appear on Suga's variety web series Suchwita. Taking to its YouTube channel, BangtanTV shared a teaser of the upcoming episode, which will air on June 10. The show was filmed before Jin left for his mandatory military service. (Also Read | Did J-Hope become an assistant instructor in South Korean army? BTS agency responds)

Suga and Jin debuted with the rest of the BTS members in 2013.
Suga and Jin debuted with the rest of the BTS members in 2013.

Jin's message for BTS fans

In the teaser of the 12th episode, Suga asked Jin, "Why don't you say something for everyone who will be watching?" Jin replied, "Right now, I'll probably be giving my best in serving my country. I'm sure I'll be doing just fine so don't worry too much. Please don't forget BTS and keep on showing your love and support."

It was difficult to get Jin on Suchwita

Suga said Jin was the toughest guest to invite to the show. Jin replied, "It's four days before I enlist. I have four days to go. The members said to me, 'Wouldn't ARMYs love to see you on a show with Suga while you're in the army?' So I decided to come on the show."

Jin said he shouldn't have debuted in 2013

Jin spoke about the time BTS debuted as a group in 2013. He said, "I was someone who shouldn't have debuted at that time." When Suga asked the reason, Jin replied, "Because there were very few things I was good at. I wasn't a good singer, I wasn't a good dancer. There wasn't much I could show anyone." Suga said, "What do you mean you weren't good at anything? There is no one on our team who can do what you do." In 2013, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook debuted as BTS.

Suga and Jin talk about early days

Jin said, "Sometimes, I would come home after a few drinks then Yoongi would come in afterwards and say to me, 'Bro (uses cuss words)'." At this, Suga made a face and Jin continued, "When people are drunk they do things they don't usually do." Suga asked Jin if he would be his roommate again. Jin replied, "If I had to live with someone then I would choose you."

Jin talks about shaving his head

Jin asked Suga, "I am shaving my head the day after tomorrow. Wanna come watch?" When Suga asked about the date, Jin said, "Should I shave it now? Should we film it now? Can I get a hair clipper here?" The video ended with Suga laughing. Reacting to the video, a fan said, "This made me tear up out of nowhere, miss you Jin. Thanks for doing this for us." "I can't explain how much I missed Jinu. I'm in tears. As soon as I heard his voice. It's our Seokjini! Happy Festa!" wrote another person.

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