Kannada actor Anusha Rai admits Darshan has anger issues but defends him too: ‘He’s been accused, not convicted' - Hindustan Times

Kannada actor Anusha Rai admits Darshan has anger issues but defends him too: ‘He’s been accused, not convicted'

Jun 20, 2024 03:28 PM IST

Anusha Rai, an actor in the Kannada film industry has mentioned all the good things Darshan did for his fans.

The Kannada film industry has been mostly silent ever since Kannada star Darshan Thogudeepa was arrested by the Bengaluru police in the murder case of Renukaswamy. The case is still under investigation and on Thursday, it emerged that Darshan has reportedly confessed to his involvement in this murder. (Also read: Kannada actor Rachita Ram shocked her ‘mentor’ Darshan is involved in murder case: ‘Police will bring out the truth’)

Darshan has found support in colleague Anusha Rai.
Darshan has found support in colleague Anusha Rai.

Speaking to Hindustan Times exclusively, Kannada actor Anusha Rai stated that she just couldn’t believe that Darshan was involved in the Renukaswamy case. “I have been a fan of Darshan’s since I was a kid and have met him numerous times. He is very sweet and kind. He told me that he serves his fans food only once a year on his birthday but they are the ones who feed him 365 days a year and it was because of them he was living a good life. Another thing he told me was that he had told his fans not to tattoo his name but their parents – do you know Darshan has got a tattoo on his chest that says Nanna Celebrities because he calls his fans celebrities? He has told his fans that don’t follow me in the cars and bikes on the road because I’ll be travelling at high speed and your family needs you. He didn’t want anything happening to them. How can such a caring person be involved in a crime like this? He is still an accused – not a convicted criminal. So instead of talking all this BS about him, wait for the law to take its course,” said Anusha.

What about his family?

The Damayanthi actor was upset with people cursing Darshan’s wife Vijayalakshmi and his 15-year-old son because she felt it wasn’t right to hurt them. “People are cursing Darshan’s family and someone had written (on social media) that Darshan’s son should meet the same fate as Renukaswamy. Darshan’s wife’s name is Vijayalakshmi and for 22 years she has been by his side – Vijaya means success and Lakshmi means money. His son is just 15 years old and he wouldn’t even know how big a superstar his father is and what is going on now. They need to be left in peace.”

As for Darshan’s relationship with Pavithra Gowda, Anusha told HT that she wasn’t aware of the nature of their relationships and only his close circle of friends would know. When asked about Darshan and his anger issues, which the Kannada film industry is aware of, Anusha replied, “Yes, he has anger issues but he is also very humble and good. He doesn’t get angry about everything and people who talk to him, talk to him carefully. When I speak to him, I keep within my limits. Darshan has also admitted openly that he has anger issues in his interviews.”

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Darshan’s derogatory comment about women in February 2024 during a speech in Srirangapatna, where he stated, ‘Ivathu ivalu irthale, naale avalu barthale’ (Today it’s her, tomorrow it’s another), saw him get into yet another controversy. Ask Anusha about his attitude towards women and she replied, “His comments were misunderstood, I think. His wife Vijayalakshmi had posted a photo of the family on social media and then Pavithra Gowda posted a photo with Darshan on the same day and that created an issue. I don’t think Darshan was referring to all women – he seemed to be referring to his wife and Pavithra. He said at the end of the day he has to give his 100 per cent to films and not women. He has put in 25 years of hard work coming up from scratch and has built an empire today. After Dr Rajkumar sit, there will be one only superstar who’s called Darshan. I don't think he can make these silly mistakes (Renukaswamy case). He is a very sweet, caring and humble person - he treats everybody well. I don't know, maybe his time is bad now. I don't know how this has happened and in case Darshan has done this, then law will take its course.”

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