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Top 5 Chinese dramas where sports meet romance: Netflix’s new obsession

ByAditi Srivastava
Apr 21, 2024 02:22 PM IST

Chinese Romance Dramas on Netflix: Featuring addictive love stories in high-stakes sports. Falling into Your Smile, Kings Avatar, Everyone Loves me and more

Netflix is serving up a slam dunk (or perhaps a perfect three-pointer) with a collection of addictive Chinese romance dramas. From handsome Yang Yang to charismatic Lin Yi we have a curated list of heart-fluttering love stories in the world of high-stakes sports. From the role-playing esports in Falling into Your Smile to the grit and determination in Amidst a Snowstorm of Love, these shows will have you cheering on the sidelines and swooning over blossoming romances.

Chinese Romance Dramas on Netflix (official poster for Everyone loves me, Amidst the snowstorm of Love)(Pic credit- Netflix)
Chinese Romance Dramas on Netflix (official poster for Everyone loves me, Amidst the snowstorm of Love)(Pic credit- Netflix)

Top 5 C-dramas based on sports romance concept

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Falling into your smile (Netflix)
Falling into your smile (Netflix)

Falling into your smile

The highly-recommended and fan-favorite Chinese drama, Falling into Your Smile, stars team captain Lu Si Cheng (Xu Kai) alongside a newbie Tong Yao (Cheng Xiao) who becomes the only female player on his team. Initially, Cheng appears hesitant to include a female player. He likely hasn't encountered any female pro esports players who match his team's talent level. However, once he witnesses her skills, he becomes impressed by her gameplay and gradually falls for her. The series has become one of the most-watched dramas on Netflix.

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Everyone loves me(Netflix)
Everyone loves me(Netflix)

Everyone loves me

The new Chinese drama on Netflix is capturing hearts with its storyline. It follows game developer Lin Yi as Gu Xun and game illustrator Zhou Ye as Yue Qianling. The drama begins with Qianling confessing her love for Gu Xun, unaware that he is the online player she interacts with daily under the gaming alias Dough Twist. Meanwhile, Gu Xun rejects the proposal, having a crush on Dough Twist and unaware of her true identity. Despite the complications, their paths continue to cross and love finds a way to blossom.

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Amidst the snowstorm of Love(Netflix)
Amidst the snowstorm of Love(Netflix)

Amidst a snowstorm of Love

Are you passionate about billiards? Lin Yi Yang, known as the unconventional genius and once celebrated as the uncrowned prince of the billiard table (portrayed by Leo Wu), encounters Yin Guo (played by Zhao Jin Mai), a snooker champion visiting Finland for a competition. Little does Yin Guo know that the girl he is drawn to has connections to his transformative past.

The official IMDB synopsis of the show reads, “Former professional snooker Lin Yi Yang met the popular nine-ball player Yin Guo on a rare snowstorm night. With the help of Yin Guo's cousin, they got to know each other. Yin Guo's appearance changed his life; he fell in love with her.”

Love O2O(Netflix)
Love O2O(Netflix)

Love O2O

In the realm of Chinese dramas, newcomers often begin with Love O2O, where Yang Yang likely becomes their first crush. It's impossible not to mention this drama when discussing gaming-themed series. Starring the beautiful Zheng Shuang, it's an adaptation of Gu Man's novel Just One Smile is Very Alluring.

The story revolves around Bei Weiwei, a talented computer science student and aspiring game developer, who also happens to be a master player in the online role-playing game A Chinese Ghost Story. Things take a romantic turn when her gaming crosses paths with another top player in the game Yixiao Naihe who also happens to be her college senior. As they team up online, their chemistry blossoms.

The Kings Avatar(Netflix)
The Kings Avatar(Netflix)

Kings Avatar

Finally, there's The King's Avatar. Fans of Yang Yang couldn't resist watching all his gaming-themed series, and The King's Avatar is a standout among them. Ye Xiu is a professional eSports player in the game Glory, but when he's forced out of his team under false pretences, he declares his retirement vowing to never come back. He then starts working at an internet cafe and eventually returns to professional gaming with a mismatched group of players. While the drama lacks romance, don't let that deter you from experiencing this masterpiece.

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