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Cause and Effect | Is the world on the brink of multiple tipping points?

Updated on Mar 25, 2023 07:53 PM IST

Tipping points are conditions or thresholds beyond which changes in the climate system become self-perpetuating and can lead to abrupt and irreversible impacts.

Steam rises from the coal-fired power plant near wind turbines Niederaussem, Germany, as the sun rises on Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022. Germany cut its greenhouse gas emissions by almost 2% last year, beating previous estimates but still falling far short of the cuts needed to meet its medium-term climate goals. (AP Photo)
ByTannu Jain

Earth Hour 2023: ‘Lights off’ at 8.30 pm today. Know the significance

The ‘Earth Hour’ event encourages individuals to turn off all lights and electrical appliances at their homes and offices for an hour to promote awareness of climate change challenges and energy conservation.

Governments and companies also participate in 'Earth Hour' by turning off non-essential lights. (PTI Photo)
Updated on Mar 25, 2023 02:18 PM IST

Farmers in California are flooding their fields. Know why

California since late December, placing greater importance on flood control. More wet weather is forecast in the coming week.

California swings between disastrous drought and raging floodwaters.(Reuters)
Published on Mar 24, 2023 04:06 PM IST
Reuters | | Posted by Shobhit Gupta

Ministry notifies 92 Eco-Sensitive Zones (ECZ) in 13 states

In order to protect the biodiversity in areas having ecological significance, the Ministry also notified Ecologically Sensitive Areas (ESA), which have unique biological resources, and require special attention for their conservation.

Ministry notified the ESZs under the Environment (Protection) Act, of 1986.
Published on Mar 23, 2023 05:53 PM IST
ANI | | Posted by Lingamgunta Nirmitha Rao

IMD warns of fresh spell of hailstorm, rainfall from Thursday: What experts say

From record heat in February to a sudden onset of pre-monsoon thunderstorm activities in mid-March, the weather has left people puzzled and farmers extremely concerned

Thunderstorms and hailstorms have started impacting different parts of the country since March 16. (Photo by Sunil Ghosh / Hindustan Times)
Updated on Mar 22, 2023 11:11 AM IST
ByJayashree Nandi

World Water Day 2023: History, significance, theme

World Water Day 2023: The main objective is to inspire people to sustainably manage the freshwater resources and learn more about water-related issues.

World Water Day: The day is celebrated around the world since 1993.(Representative image/Unsplash)
Published on Mar 22, 2023 06:29 AM IST

International Day of Forests 2023: History, significance, theme

International Day of Forests: The theme for each year is chosen by the Collaborative Partnership on Forests. The theme for 2023 is 'forests and health.'

EcoSikh to plant 450 mini forests in Amritsar
Published on Mar 21, 2023 05:51 AM IST

Overshooting 1.5°C warming would lead to irreversible impacts: IPCC report

IPCC indicated preventing overshoot of 1.5°C was pretty much a matter of survival now as every increment of global warming will intensify multiple and concurrent hazards

Human-caused climate change is already affecting many weather and climate extremes in every region across the globe. (Representative file image)
Published on Mar 20, 2023 06:35 PM IST
ByJayashree Nandi

Should we be worried about latest UN climate report by IPCC?

The IPCC is comprised of 195 member countries charged with producing comprehensive and objective assessments of the scientific evidence for climate change.

Members of FridaysForFuture global climate strike movement hold placards and shout slogans as they protest against usage of fossil fuels and climate crisis, in New Delhi (AFP)
Published on Mar 19, 2023 04:08 PM IST

Key differences persist as IPCC meet stretches on

According to the Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) of the International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD), “significant work was still to be done” before the meeting ended at 2am on Friday.

Representational image. (AP)
Updated on Mar 18, 2023 02:06 AM IST
ByJayashree Nandi, New Delhi

Policies and People | Why businesses should care about biodiversity

As ecosystems decline, businesses face significant risks, including higher raw material costs and a backlash from consumers and investors

Many business activities, especially activities related to resource extraction and cultivation, contribute to the pressures driving biodiversity loss. But this crisis also creates an opportunity. (Shutterstock)
Updated on Mar 21, 2023 07:43 AM IST

‘From plate to planet’: Surprising impact of food waste on climate change

The Mother Earth Foundation in the Philippines, as a member of the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, is trying to prevent food waste from going to landfills, where it emits methane as it breaks down and rots.

Workers pour organic waste for processing at a recycling facility in Malabon, Philippines. (File)(AP)
Published on Mar 17, 2023 06:08 PM IST
AP | | Posted by Lingamgunta Nirmitha Rao

Marine heatwaves are sweeping seafloor around North America

A team of scientists with the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have conducted the first assessment of marine heatwaves along North America's continental shelves.

Marine heatwaves have become about 50% more frequent over the past decade.(AP/Representative image)
Published on Mar 16, 2023 04:27 PM IST
Reuters |

Cause and Effect | The retreating of Antarctica's glaciers

The Antarctic Ice Sheet has long been a key indicator of the climate crisis and a driver of sea-level rise. Here is what new research on the glaciers melting tells us:

Warm water may now be reaching previously elusive parts of Antarctica, which — with its perennial ice cover — acts as an important temperature regulator for the planet. (Shutterstock)
Published on Mar 15, 2023 05:02 PM IST
ByTannu Jain

Marine plastic pollution could nearly triple by 2040 if left unchecked: Study

Marine plastic pollution could rise 2.6 fold by 2040 if legally binding global policies are not introduced, it predicted. The study looked at surface-level plastic pollution data from 11,777 ocean stations in six major marine regions covering the period from 1979 to 2019.

A plastic bottle is seen floating in an Adriatic sea of the island Mljet, Croatia.(REUTERS)
Published on Mar 09, 2023 03:39 PM IST
Reuters |

Europe has second-warmest winter on record as climate change worsens

The average temperature in Europe from December to February was 1.4 degrees Celsius above the 1991-2020 average for the Boreal winter season.

While overall temperatures in Europe were above the norm, some regions were below-average, including parts of Russia and Greenland. (Representative)
Published on Mar 09, 2023 05:31 AM IST
Reuters | | Posted by Ritu Maria Johny

IRS officer captures moment snow leopards reunite with mother in Himachal

The video shared by Kaswan has garnered nearly 1.50 lakh views and 3,500 ‘likes’ on Twitter. Many Twitter users shared their thoughts on the clip as a comment read, “Wow! Can't imagine the hard work that would have gone into capturing this amazing video. So heartening.”

Screengrab of the video.
Published on Mar 07, 2023 01:35 AM IST

These 2 Indian cities are at high risk due to sea level rise: Report

The study revealed that global warming is a major cause of the increase in the sea level and Chennai and Kolkata are at greater risk in India.

Sea level rise is a major threat for India and other countries with large coastal populations.(Representative image)
Updated on Mar 05, 2023 05:01 PM IST
By | Edited by Poulomi Ghosh

In a first, over 6.37 lakh Olive Ridley turtles lay eggs in Odisha beach

Last year 5,50,317 turtles had laid eggs, while in 2018 over 4.82 lakh had laid eggs in the rookery, sources said. As this time, the mass nesting took place over a month ahead, the experts expect more hatchlings to emerge.

A volunteer releases olive ridley sea turtle hatchlings into the sea during the World Wildlife Day.(AFP/ File)
Updated on Mar 05, 2023 10:04 AM IST

Japan pledges financial aid to help ASEAN combat climate change

As the chair of the Group of Seven nations (G7) this year, Japan will hold a ministerial meeting on climate, energy and environment in Sapporo on April 15-16.

Smoke rises from a factory during the sunset at Keihin industrial zone in Kawasaki, Japan.(Reuters)
Published on Mar 04, 2023 02:27 PM IST
Reuters | | Posted by Shobhit Gupta

World Wildlife Day 2023: Theme, history and significance

The theme for World Wildlife Day 2023 is -- Partnerships for wildlife conservation -- with the goal of honouring those who are making a difference in protecting the world's flora and fauna.

Around 50,000 wild species meet the needs of billions of people worldwide and one in 5 people around the world relies on wild species for income and food, according to the United Nations data. (File)(Twitter/@sudarsansand)
Published on Mar 03, 2023 12:34 PM IST
By | Edited by Poulomi Ghosh

Centre terminates extension of Project Cheetah lead scientist YV Jhala

Officials at ministry of environment, forest and climate change of India (MoEFCC) said there is a big recruitment drive going on to fill vacancies and new positions have also been advertised

Jhala, who led a long-term research project on Asiatic lions, since 2002, has been working with Project Tiger, and was overseeing the arrival of Cheetahs from Namibia (Representative Photo)
Published on Mar 01, 2023 04:50 PM IST

Ants play a key role in regrowth of forests, finds research

More than 95% of New York state forests -- including the Binghamton University Nature Preserve -- are secondary forests, which sprung up on land once cleared for agriculture.

Many plant species rely on a mutual relationship with ants to disperse their seeds. (Unsplash)
Published on Feb 28, 2023 10:45 PM IST
ANI | | Posted by Yagya Sharma

Plastic use in G20 countries projected to nearly double by 2050: Study

The United Nations kicked off negotiations on an agreement to tackle plastic pollution in November but negotiations fail, annual plastic production in G20 countries could rise to 451 million tonnes by 2050.

Among the G20 countries that have yet to introduce national bans on single-use plastic products are Brazil, the United States, Indonesia and Turkey.(Representational image)
Published on Feb 28, 2023 01:00 PM IST
Reuters |

Need course correction now to keep 1.5 degree C alive: UN Climate chief

The global stocktake of the Paris Agreement is a process for taking stock of the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The Paris Agreement’s goal is to keep global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase even further to 1.5 degrees C

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) executive secretary Simon Stiell (Twitter Photo)
Published on Feb 25, 2023 11:24 AM IST
ByJayashree Nandi

Climate crisis: World's forests losing ability to absorb carbon, finds study

The short-term impacts of rising temperatures, deforestation and farming on many vulnerable landscapes mean carbon stores on land are less likely to recover in the longer term, the scientists say.

The scientists say these global variations could make it harder to predict the global impact of schemes to absorb carbon.
Published on Feb 24, 2023 03:49 PM IST

Why the world needs a deal to protect its oceans?

UN ocean treaty: The world's oceans play a major role in the global climate - providing oxygen that sustains human and animal life, driving weather systems and storing about a quarter of the planet-heating carbon dioxide.

The high seas - areas lying beyond countries' exclusive economic zones - make up nearly two-thirds of the world's oceans.(Representative image)
Published on Feb 20, 2023 09:33 PM IST
Reuters | | Posted by Shobhit Gupta

UP, Bihar among World's top 50 regions facing climate risk: Report

Asia dominates the list of provinces at risk with more than half (114) of the top 200 in 2050 in this region, with special focus on China and India.

According to the report, 80% of the top 50 most at-risk states and provinces in 2050 are in China, US and India.(Representative image)
Published on Feb 20, 2023 07:10 PM IST
PTI | | Posted by Shobhit Gupta

NGT directs authorities to demolish hotel constructed in Sundarbans

The tribunal was hearing a matter pertaining to the permissibility of a hotel construction in Sundarbans.

The bench noted that mangroves protect life and property by obstructing strong winds and tidal actions.(Getty Images/iStockphoto)
Published on Feb 19, 2023 01:40 PM IST
PTI | | Posted by Shobhit Gupta

Bihar to increase population of greater one-horned Rhinos by 3% annually

The state government has also decided to increase rhino bearing areas in Valmiki Tiger Reserve (VTR) in West Champaran district by five per cent in the next two years, an official said.

The decision was taken at the 3rd Asian Rhino Range Countries Meeting held at Chitwan (Nepal) from February 3 to 5. (REUTERS/Representational Image)
Published on Feb 19, 2023 12:12 PM IST
PTI | | Posted by Shobhit Gupta
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