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The vital role on air power in conflicts

The article has been authored by Tara Kartha, strategic and security expert, formerly at the National Security Council Secretariat.

Russian air force or even the tiny Ukrainian one had little role to play. Russia watchers had predicted a swift decapitating strike on Ukraine’s air defences and then free rein to Russian operations.(Reuters)
Published on Oct 16, 2022 12:01 AM IST
ByHindustan Times

The Art and Science of Fitness | The criticality of sleep to reboot our systems

Think of sleep as rebooting our “Central Processing Unit” to ensure greater productivity. When we haven’t had our 8-9 hours of sleep, the sleep debt keeps adding up, leading to injury and illness.

Lack of proper sleep leads to rise in Cortisol. This further leads to inflammation, breaking the proteins needed to keep the skin healthy.(Unsplash)
Published on Oct 15, 2022 09:57 PM IST

First Principles | What the new Data Protection Bill might look like

Word in policy-making circles now is that a new version of this Bill will be tabled in Parliament by December. When fully implemented, all spam may end.

Over 90% of Indians use the Chrome browser built by Google to do that. While the browser is free, the data that Chrome collects about each user is used by another division of Google to serve users highly targeted ads. 
Updated on Oct 15, 2022 09:56 PM IST

Just Like That | Notes on nostalgia, a must-read book and important translations

Remembering a serendipitous evening in my house with a very talented ghazal singer; necessary reading on the forced displacement caused by Partition; and young colleague's work in translating his grandfather's work.

The 1946 Partition of British India (L). Pavitra Papi. 
Published on Oct 15, 2022 09:07 PM IST

T20 WC: India have problems, other teams no better

Injury to Jasprit Bumrah and Ravindra Jadeja adds to India’s bowling weaknesses and fielding is a big concern, but other major teams too have issues to address, writes Ayaz Memon

Guwahati: Indian cricket team skipper Rohit Sharma inspects the pitch before the start of 2nd T20 cricket match between India and South Africa, at Barsapara Cricket Stadium in Guwahati, Sunday, Oct. 2, 2022. (PTI Photo/Swapan Mahapatra)(PTI10_02_2022_000280A)(PTI)
Published on Oct 15, 2022 09:00 PM IST
ByCricketwallah/Ayaz Memon

The road ahead for the next Congress president

The new chief will have to grapple with three challenges — the upcoming assembly elections in the short term, expanding its organisational base in the medium term, and telling the public what the Congress stands for in the long term

The Congress planned this election as a showcase of its robust internal democracy as part of its initiative to simultaneously revamp both its organisation and grassroots connect in a bid to rejuvenate its cadre, dispirited after a string of brutal electoral reverses. 
Published on Oct 15, 2022 08:07 PM IST

Why India needs a fresh look at juvenile justice

It is important to understand the circumstances in which children are driven to commit crimes rather than focus on whether one or the other juvenile should be tried as an adult.

It must be kept in mind that a child committing a crime could well lack formal education, have poor cognitive abilities and emotional functioning and lack the resources to move ahead after serving time. (Representative Image)
Published on Oct 15, 2022 08:05 PM IST

An interesting read on the Anglo-Indian community

Barry O’Brien’s new book, The Anglo-Indians: A Portrait of a Community, tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the community. It is a cornucopia of encyclopaedic information.

Barry O'Brien's The Anglo-Indians: A Portrait of a Community. 
Published on Oct 15, 2022 08:04 PM IST

All you need to know about VAR in the U-17 World Cup

At a control room in Navi Mumbai, 16 women take turns to monitor live footage from games

This is the third FIFA women’s competition after the 2019 World Cup and 2022 under-20 World Cup where VAR is being used.(Sai Saswat Mishra)
Updated on Oct 15, 2022 07:22 PM IST

'If things continue to progress in same way, I see marathon being run in 1:45'

Ethiopian athletic great Haile Gebrselassie hails Kenyan marathon world record holder Eliud Kipchoge while pointing out how the rapid improvement in shoe technology has changed the game

Haile Gebrselassie during the unveiling of the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon Finisher's medal.(Twitter)
Published on Oct 15, 2022 05:46 PM IST

Border patrol: Personal boudaries are vital in love, says Simran Mangharam

The more difficult it seems, the more vital it can be, to draw lines around time, finances and other personal preferences. It’s never too late, or too early, to start.

Crossed lines and blurred boundaries are the stuff of comedy in the 1990s show King of Queens. In a more accurate take, Kevin Can F*** Himself (2021) alternates between sitcom-like scenes in candy colours, and the true thoughts of the ignored partner.
Updated on Oct 15, 2022 04:51 PM IST
BySimran Mangharam

Is this seat taken? A time-lapse look at the chairs of India

From the pharaohs to the Ancient Greeks and Mughal emperors, this piece of furniture has shaped posture and posturing. As a new book explores how chair evolved here, take a look at five iconic and familiar designs.

The Pierre Jeanneret, monobloc plastic, Godrej CH-4, Bombay Fornicator and bentwood chairs.
Updated on Oct 15, 2022 04:50 PM IST

Could a trained Hindustani musician be the father of acid house?

A look at the legacy of Charanjit Singh, whose album, Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat, was released 40 years ago.

Session musician, Charanjit Singh’s 1982 album remained relatively unknown until Dutch record producer and Bollywood historian Edo Bouman stumbled upon it and re-released it, in 2002.
Updated on Oct 15, 2022 04:34 PM IST
ByShamik Bag

Patil shoots World Championships gold, secures Paris quota

The 18-year-old prevailed against Italy's Danilo Sollazzo in the high-pressure final to become only the sixth Indian shooter to be crowned world champion

Rudrankksh Balasaheb Patil (middle)(Twitter/@Media_SAI)
Published on Oct 14, 2022 09:46 PM IST
By, New Delhi

What the row over mass conversion says about politics

The attempt to criminalise conversions has been building up in India. With several elections around the corner, this issue will dominate political discourse. Unfortunately, what will not be discussed is the plight of marginalised communities

The BJP’s political project would naturally prefer to subsume caste hierarchies within a larger, consolidated Hindu identity. Its ambitions to court the Dalit voter in the North Indian heartland have met with success, especially among non-Jatav Dalits (PTI)
Updated on Oct 14, 2022 08:32 PM IST

India is on the cusp of a mega aviation boom

Air Indians, and we hope all Indians, share the view that seizing this decade and realising India’s aviation opportunity by the centenary year of JRD Tata’s first flight would be the finest possible tribute to his pioneering achievements and legacy.

Today marks 90 years since JRD Tata, India’s first licensed commercial pilot, operated the first flight of an airline, then called Tata Air Services, from Karachi to Mumbai. Though the DeHavilland Puss Moth aircraft had two passenger seats, it only carried mail. (HTPHOTO)
Updated on Oct 14, 2022 07:54 PM IST
ByCampbell Wilson

Do India’s women have the right to choose?

The hijab row is now headed to a larger Supreme Court bench and all eyes will be on the Chief Justice of India. The composition of this bench will be crucial to determine what is at heart a simple question: Do India’s women have the right to choose?

Justice Shudhanshu Dhulia’s dissenting opinion trends towards this option (though, of course, karva chauth is not part of his remit). “It is a matter of choice, nothing more and nothing less,” he ruled. The thing which was uppermost in [my] mind was the education of girl child…. Are we making her life better?” (PTI)
Updated on Oct 14, 2022 07:54 PM IST

Why Himachal elections matter

Polls in the hill state pit the BJP and Congress in direct competition and mark the beginning of a poll season that will continue till 2024

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar speaks during a press conference, October 14, 2022 (PTI)
Updated on Oct 14, 2022 09:59 PM IST
ByHT Editorial

Cricketers as administrators: Did Ganguly knock one out of the park?

His departure will reignite the debate about whether players should administer sport and whether they are equal to the task.

Sourav Ganguly (Hindustan Times)
Published on Oct 14, 2022 07:37 PM IST
ByAmrit Mathur

Surya is shining

The 32-year-old has just played 34 T20Is, but is arguably the most important batter for India at the T20 World Cup

India's Suryakumar Yadav during a practice session(BCCI Twitter)
Published on Oct 14, 2022 07:21 PM IST
By, New Delhi

AGP: From fierce Assamese regionalism to BJP’s faithful ally

Carrying the burden of an inglorious track record and a fractured organisation, the AGP leadership today is in a much better position to rebuild the party by using the advantages that power brings than without

The AGP’s decision to stick with the BJP in the aftermath of anti-CAA protests could be seen as a pragmatic move by its leadership to buy more breathing space for the party. (ANI)
Updated on Oct 14, 2022 07:54 PM IST
ByAbhinav Pankaj Borbora

Chandan Kumar, Screenwriter, Panchayat: ‘Films definitely influence people’

On building a world and developing characters, on how his life experience reflects in his work, defining the Indian sensibility, and the need to have every sort of film

Chandan Kumar (Courtesy the subject)
Updated on Oct 14, 2022 06:12 PM IST
ByMihir Chitre

4 tips to picking a clean pickle, via Swetha Sivakumar

Indians have been making pickles without preservatives for at least 500 years, so the first step is to find modern-day versions that do the same. What else should you check for? Take a look.

Updated on Oct 14, 2022 05:39 PM IST
BySwetha Sivakumar

Brine fever: Swetha Sivakumar takes the lid off pickles from around the world

The word ‘pickle’ comes from the Dutch term for brine. See which pickles are healthiest, which last longest, why salt is so crucial, and what makes kimchi just a little bit like yoghurt.

Reduce the water content enough and anything - cucumber, watermelon, meat, fish - can be pickled. (Shutterstock)
Updated on Oct 15, 2022 04:54 PM IST
BySwetha Sivakumar

Word on the street: Meet the woman pounding pavements with pamphlets for peace

‘I’ve never made the news before. I never expected to,’ says Roop Rekha Verma, former vice- chancellor of Lucknow University, after a video of her distributing pamphlets went viral in July.

‘The idea of the pamphlets is to educate people about why social structures matter, and how a country and society develop if they stand united,’ Verma says.
Updated on Oct 14, 2022 05:03 PM IST
ByNatasha Rego

Instant replay: Roger Binny looks back on his role in the 1983 World Cup win

In an interview with Rudraneil Sengupta, Binny, now set to be BCCI chief, recalled the game play by play. He also spoke of how Kapil Dev loved his orange juice; and how Srikkanth sang, a lot, in terrible Hindi.

‘We only really had one genuine fast bowler at the World Cup, and that was our mad captain, Kapil Dev,’ said Binny (extreme right). ‘I call him mad because he never knew the concept of giving up.’ (HT Archives)
Updated on Oct 14, 2022 04:50 PM IST
ByRudraneil Sengupta

More than he seams: A Wknd interview with designer Akshat Bansal

His label Bloni is only five years old, but featured prominently at this month’s Paris Fashion Week. Bansal’s designs are gender-fluid, size-agnostic, and comment on post-pandemic emotions and the state of the world. One can’t be a fashion designer without a strong point of view, he says.

 (Raj K Raj / HT Photo)
Updated on Oct 15, 2022 03:25 PM IST

Britain’s new Carolean age is beset by the unfinished business of history

The article has been authored by Rashmee Roshan Lall, a writer on international affairs based in London.

Britain's King Charles III delivers his first address as a monarch to the nation and the Commonwealth from Buckingham Palace, London, following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on Thursday. Picture date: Friday September 9, 2022. (Yui Mok/Pool via REUTERS)
Updated on Oct 14, 2022 08:19 PM IST
ByHindustan Times

Nights get cooler as Delhi records lowest min temp

With cooler northwesterly winds starting to blow towards Delhi-NCR, India Meteorological Department (IMD) officials say the nighttime temperature in Delhi is expected to remain below 20 degrees moving forward, with a drop to 16°C expected in the next seven days.

New Delhi, India - Nov. 6, 2020: Morning walkers out in warm clothes on a cold winter morning at Green Park, New Delhi, India, on Friday, November 6, 2020. (Photo by Amal KS/ Hindustan Times) (Amal KS/HT PHOTO)
Updated on Oct 14, 2022 10:50 AM IST
By, New Delhi

No leniency for impurities beyond permissible limits in medicines: Dr YK Gupta

Dr YK Gupta said there are two different aspects of investigation in this case: one is the regulatory aspect and the other is causality assessment

Dr YK Gupta, vice chairperson, standing national committee on medicines, has been appointed the chair of the committee to investigate allegations that an Indian firm used contaminated raw materials to manufacture four cough syrups leading to the deaths of 66 children in The Gambia
Updated on Oct 14, 2022 10:54 AM IST
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