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Abhay Deol: No need for me to be a rebel, it’s a good time to be a diplomat

Dec 18, 2023 12:34 PM IST

Actor Abhay Deol reveals why he doesn’t feel the need to be a rebel as an artiste anymore

There was a time when actor Abhay Deol felt the need to charge forward a force of rebellion while using his ‘position of privilege’ to the fullest, but anymore. Now, he is focusing on working his way to change, instead of being vocal about the industry’s shortcomings.

Abhay Deol was last seen web project, Trial by Fire
Abhay Deol was last seen web project, Trial by Fire

Ever since Abhay entered the industry, he didn’t mince his words to call out Bollywood’s flaws, be it the issue of nepotism, film subjects or award shows.

At that time, I felt that I have a position of privilege, and I should use it to the fullest. I was idealistic. I used my privilege to shine a light on issues that I felt were important. I had to be vocal, there was no second thought of being diplomatic,” says Abhay.

The 47-year-old adds, “If I was diplomatic, then I would not have been the person trying to make the changes. I had to go the distance of that extreme, and see how much it served me and it served me well. I am here today, and still working”.

He admits that his voice did bring a shift, putting, “It did make people shift whether it was in film or the kind of stories they were saying, or the brands I called out. Change did happen.

And going beyond it, will not help you. I was a rebel back, and I'm a diplomat today”.

Why? The Trial By Fire actor shares, “Because rebellion got me this far. Now, I have to ask Do I want the result at the end of the day that I'm looking for? Yes. Is rebellion getting you the results? No, it's got me this much of that result, and the rest of it will not come from rebellion. When you push people into a corner, they get cornered”.

In fact, he has adopted a new way to make his voice heard. “If rebellion is too aggressive, then how about not rebelling and fighting, which is why I am engaging now. If it's not changing from the fight, then you have to join the system to change it from within,” he says, adding, “I'm happy that I fought the system because I took that route. Today, I am a part of the system and I have not compromised on my values. It is a much better place to be. I'm older now. Younger people should take up the same causes that I took up”.

Wrapping up, he says, “I played a part in speeding up the process of looking at things differently. I will continue that. But there's no need for me to be a rebel anymore. It’s a good time to be a diplomat”.

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