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EXCLUSIVE| Yami Gautam- Aditya Dhar on pregnancy, Article 370: Luckily we were done with action shots before this news

ByRishabh Suri
Feb 29, 2024 12:31 AM IST

Over the moon with their pregnancy and their film Article 370 doing well, actor Yami Gautam Dhar and filmmaker Aditya Dhar pose for HT City.

It’s their first sit down interview as a couple, after their wedding and the recent delightful news which HT City broke. “It’s always been either with the director of our film Article 370, Aditya (Suhas Jambhale) or the team for promotions, never just the two of us in person,” tells us Aditya Dhar, who has produced the film. His wife, actor Yami Gautam Dhar walks in after two minutes, and the glow is real!

Yami and Aditya posing for HT City at their Mumbai house.(Sneh Zala)
Yami and Aditya posing for HT City at their Mumbai house.(Sneh Zala)


It isn’t just the pregnancy glow- another joint venture of theirs i.e. the political drama has been doing well. The numbers have been steady, and the reviews have hailed it as an important film. “We are on top of the world. We got into films because we wished some day hamari film ki bhi tareef hogi, log seetiyaan bajayenge. It happened first with Uri- The Surgical Strike. and now Article 370. To see this kind of response in multiplexes, which usually happens in single screens... this love doesn’t come with just talent, it might be because of the blessings from our ancestors. This film is so technical, a lot of people discouraged us ‘yeh film nahi chalegi’, it had a lot of English also. But we always felt that somewhere people have this tendency especially in our industry to underestimate our audiences,” shares Dhar.

Gautam’s portrayal of an intelligence officer meanwhile has fetched her rave reviews. “This is true validation in it’s truest form. I don’t know anything about awards, with due respect. Those claps and hoots are music to our ears. It is not the first time it has happened with a film of mine or my casting (that there have been naysayers) I am sure they don’t mean bad, it is just a perspective,” she says while munching on snacks. “I will eat and talk, no manners or etiquettes, I am getting the signal that I need to eat,” she laughs.


Aditya remembers the moment they both got to know about them expecting. They were shooting for Article 370, “We were in the hotel. Luckily, our action portions were done by then. It was a really happy moment, something I will remember for the rest of our lives. We were jumping with joy, and emotional. Now we can’t wait.” Yami chimes in, “You are never prepared for a moment like this. You only realise once you are in it. You get happy when it happens to your loved ones, like when my sister was pregnant. When it has happened to me, I can’t stop smiling. You forget everything, and then come back to reality to plan. It’s a very personal time, we are private people. We had to be cautious.”

The filmmaker had a panel of doctors available 24/7 while they wrapped up the shoot. “But never did I want to hold myself back. I wanted to have the same strength which my mom had when she was expecting. I am so lucky to have a life partner like Aditya, he has been a huge support. He’s my go to person so I reach out to him for pregnancy queries too. He always tries to answer it, and then one day told me ‘you realise I am not a doctor, right?,” she laughs.

It is of course a happy moment when a joint collaboration hits the bullseye. In Yami and Aditya’s case, they met on the sets of their first collab, Uri and started dating. The second time they did a collab on Article 370, they are en route to become parents.

Yami and Aditya all smiles posing for HT City exclusively.
Yami and Aditya all smiles posing for HT City exclusively.


The fact that Aditya’s wife plays the lead role in this film would be dismissed as ‘obvious’ by a section, because well, they are married. But Aditya surprises us when he says that Yami is approached whenever he has a subject, just like he does with any other actor. “While making Uri, so many people called up our producer Ronnie (Screwvala) and said ‘are you sure you want to take Vicky Kaushal as the lead who has not done big commercial films, he’s a lanky boy, that too in a war film’ Everything was against it. Somewhere that challenge excites us. We wanted everything the right way with Article 370 too. We don’t want it to be what we call in Hindi ‘chacha bhatijawaad’, ki ghar ke hain toh le lete hain. We are always professional. It is our second production with Yami and it is always routed through her management. When we talk about commercials too, it is never across the table. Our company and producers decided unanimously that we should go with Yami. She has given her heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears to it,” he maintains.

We add that this time there were two energies from her side making it happen, and the two start laughing.


Yami’s choice of films has been non run of the mill, right from her debut Vicky Donor to Article 370 now. However, taking up political films always come with the risk of getting stereotyped that this actor wants to grab eyeballs through controversial topics, and backlash if the film falters in it’s intent.

However, Yami says she was not at all apprehensive before saying a yes, “Today it is easier to answer this. I am thinking about the Yami who did her first film, Vicky Donor, on a subject with which there were stigmas attached. I remember after finishing the film, I was still giving door to door auditions, they would ask if I have been on camera or done any film. I would say yes just shot one. They would ask what is it about and I would tell them. I remember the reaction, so I decided let me not say. Subsequently I started saying ‘you will know, it’s a good film’ It’s only that fear which will create a layer of inhibition and pull you back from exploring your true potential as a creative person. I always like to go with my gut. I know in my heart why I signed this film. Of course I was aware there are going to be debates.”


Aditya is a proud husband, who is caring enough to immediately brush off a stray hair from Yami's forehead as she is talking. Sharing that she is thorough with her prep for the role, Aditya gets candid, “You can ask our director also, she is extraordinary. I have been telling her for the last five years. it shouldn’t have taken her 10 years to get here, it should have happened much earlier. If it was some kid from the film fraternity with a start like Vicky Donor, their career would have been on another level by now. For her to take 10 years, it has been a lot of time, it took a lot out of her.”

Yami fights hard to control her tears as Aditya finishes and sniffles, “People say it’s pregnancy hormones, I know how much control I need right now to conceal my emotions.”

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