Mother's Day 2024: From Disha Parmar to Rubina Dilaik, new celeb mums talk about perspective shift towards their moms - Hindustan Times

Mother's Day 2024: From Disha Parmar to Rubina Dilaik, new celeb mums talk about perspective shift towards their moms

ByNavya Kharbanda
May 12, 2024 12:19 AM IST

On Mother’s Day, we talk to new moms Disha Parmar, Rubina Dilaik and others about the perspective shift towards their mothers after becoming one themselves.

Remember each time you did something wrong or didn’t listen to your mothers, and she’ll turn around and say, ‘You’ll know the day you become a mum, or wait till you have a child of your own’. Well, for these new celebrity mums, tables have turned ever since they embraced motherhood, and they admit how they can now relate to what their own mums used to say during their growing up years. On Mother’s Day today, we talk to these new mommies who are making fresh memories with their newborns while also reminiscing their memories with their respective mothers. They talk to us about the perspective shift towards their mothers after becoming one themselves:

Disha Parmar and Rubina Dilaik on Mother's Day
Disha Parmar and Rubina Dilaik on Mother's Day

Rubina Dilaik - Shakuntla Dilaik

Actor Rubina Dilaik gave birth to twin daughters Jeeva and Edhaa in November 2023, and she shares that her perspective towards her mum Shakuntla has shifted 180 degrees since. “Mummy also used to always say, ‘Maa banne ke baad, bacche ke saath fikr hamesh reh jaati hai’, and now I am able to relate to what it actually meant. Whenever I’m at work, I’m constantly thinking about my daughters, and worrying if they have eaten well, are their diapers changed, and so many other concerns. Now when I see my mother taking care of my daughters with that selfless love, the depth of my love and respect for her has increased manifold. I learn so much from her every single day,” says Dilaik.

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Disha Parmar - Geeta Parmar

Actor Disha Parmar welcomed her first child, a girl named Navya in September 2023, and she opens about about how well she can relate to her mum Geeta when it comes to managing stress and babies at the same time. “I can’t even begin to tell how much more I have started to respect and love my mom after I have become one myself. The perspective completely changes. I remember how a day or two before any important event in my life, she used to be extra concerned, while I’d get so irritated. But now, though Navya is very small right now, when her vaccinations are scheduled, I start stressing days before the actual date, and my heart beats faster because I know they will prick her and she will cry. I feel my mom way more now,” says the actor, calling mothers in general superheroes.

“Even now, she takes care of Navya so well. She has raised me and my brother without a nanny, and our generation, despite having nannies and all the help, we still find it difficult to manage things. In fact, my mom was a teacher so she was working as well while raising us. I can understand what all she has done for us,” Disha expresses.

Pankhuri Awasthy Rode - Arti Awasthy

For actor Pankhuri Awasthy Rode, who was blessed with twins in September 2023, the dependence on her mother Arti has increased quite a bit ever since she embraced motherhood, and that’s a new change in perspective she has noticed. “I tend to go to my mom for help whenever something happens, especially in my case it’s even more because two babies. Needless to say, mom was my biggest support both during and post my pregnancy,” says the actor, recalling her formative years.

“When I was a teenager, it used to be more like, ‘Why does mom want to help me with everything, I can do things on my own’! But, this has completely reversed after becoming a mother. I hugely rely on my mom to guide me with everything, and having someone to fall back on. She has taken charge and it’s just so emotional when I feel ab maa ki value samajh mein aayi hai. I salute her for doing house work and also managing my babies, it’s not easy,” adds Pankhuri.

Sana Khan - Saeeda

Sana Khan with her mother Saeeda
Sana Khan with her mother Saeeda

Former actor Sana Khan welcomed a boy in July 2023, and she admits how life has changed in terms of taking rest and working, and this realisation has made her value her own mom Saeeda even more. “Life with a baby becomes so challenging. From feeding him for half an hour to waking up and sleeping with him, it’s an all new feeling. Earlier I’d wake up at 11am, but now it’s as early as 6.30 in the morning and then I am up throughout the day. I have literally changed my whole lifestyle and routine. My mom always used to say, ‘Jab khud maa banoge tab pata lagega, abhi toh bhukamp bhi aa jaaye toh bhi nahi uthti’! Now I can relate to her words she said back then because even when my son is sleeping, I’d wake up suddenly to check he’s not crying. So, this whole perception about mom used to say about relaxing and chilling once your baby arrives, has definitely changed,” Sana says.

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Sugganddha Mishra - Savita Mishra

Comedian Sugganddha Mishra welcomed a baby girl in December last year, and she can’t stop expressing gratitude towards her mum Savita for all she has done in all these years. “After becoming a mother, mere mann mein mummy ki value kayi zyada aur badh gayi hai. She has done so much for me and she has made so many sacrifices, too. I realise all that now. My perspective shift was more about, mumma ne kuch kaha hi nahi, jitna unhone kia hai. Unhone kabhi nahi jataaya. The unsaid things that she has done — forgetting about her own sleep, food, work, priorities — I had no idea she was doing all that for me. And I’m practically doing all of this now after becoming a mother, so I can relate to her now. When when you yourself are in so much pain, you make sure you feed and take care of the baby. Yeh choti choti cheezon ka kisi ko realisation nahi hota jab tak woh khud mom na ban jaayen,” says Sugandhaa.


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