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Where flavours run in the family

Aug 29, 2023 11:43 AM IST

We delve into Indian food business partnerships where brothers and sisters are rewriting family legacies.

We’ve all heard tales of generational gourmands or family-owned enterprises where individuals maintain their loved ones’ culinary traditions. But when it comes to brother-sister pairs, whether they manage eateries or jointly control a wine company, there’s just an extraordinarily special bond that unites taste, texture, kinship and aspirations.

Carlos Lindner (Unsplash)
Carlos Lindner (Unsplash)

Ankita and Adith Francis Fernandes, Fresh Catch

Founded in 1998 by Ankita and Adith’s father, Francis Fernandes, the eatery has emerged as a culinary landmark in Mumbai, boasting two bustling locations. Following their father’s passing, Ankita and Adith made the resolute decision to carry forward his culinary legacy, infusing it with their own unique spirit. “Our formative years were adorned with memories of cooking side by side and assisting our father after school,” Ankita recalls, emphasising the bond shared between her and Adith. “Adith and my connection has only grown more resilient with time. Whether it’s sharing shifts on the restaurant floor or listening to patrons recount the stories our father once shared, every interaction reinforces our kinship,” Ankita shares. Their restaurant serves classics, including tawa-fried bombil or seafood thali, which boasts ingredients sourced from the Konkan Coast.

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Devansh and Upasana Parasrampuria Kagzi, Pink Harvest Farms

In a delectable fusion of passion and health consciousness, Upasana and Devansh have cultivated Pink Harvest Farms in 2019, an endeavour that delivers nourishing gourmet delights such as red lentil and chickpea fusilli pasta, etc. to the Indian market at accessible prices. “Our bond truly withstood the test when the pandemic cast its shadow. My culinary expertise and adeptness in leveraging social media seamlessly complement Devansh’s proficiency in operations, finance and offline sales,” says Upasana, who pursued formal training as a natural cuisine chef.

Roshini Nath and brother-in-law Aman Chopra, Skinny Witch

The tale of Roshini and her brother-in-law, Aman, unfolds like a captivating narrative of intertwined destinies, culminating in the inception of Skinny Witch—A guilt-free indulgence with no added sugar Italian Prosecco. “I was around 16 or 17 when my sister married Aman 24 years ago, marking the beginning of a bond that evolved into a relationship akin to that of true siblings,” reflects Roshni.

The genesis of their enterprise traces back to a serendipitous encounter Aman had during an ice-fishing escapade in Slovakia. The discovery of the purest vodka, crafted from premium grains and shared as a gesture of warmth with fellow travellers, kindled the birth of the House of Skullx—their parent company, founded in 2010. “Aman has become my go-to person in life, sometimes even surpassing my sister in some situations,” she says.

Rakshay and Radhika Dhariwal, PCO Bar

Since they were young, the pair has been exposed to the hospitality industry, having been to six to seven countries and staying in hotels to accompany their father, who worked for a beverage firm. “Radhika and I found ourselves immersed in the vibrant speakeasy culture of New York City during our time there. Those experiences kindled the idea of bringing a similar trend to India,” recalls Rakshay.

In 2012, their concept materialised into PCO (Pass Code Only), an innovative establishment nestled discreetly near the D Block Market in Vasant Vihar. The strategic location in proximity to the main market adds an intriguing layer of secrecy to the venture.

The siblings have seamlessly divided responsibilities to steer the establishment’s success, with Radhika adeptly managing finance and marketing while Rakshay takes the helm of operations and business development. Despite the geographical distance, with Radhika stationed in Dubai, their synergy remains unwavering.

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