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Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation: How AI is Transforming Our Daily Lives and making it easier?

By | Edited by Saptaparna biswas
Mar 15, 2024 07:03 PM IST

As HT City turns 25, we ask ChatGPT to tell us 25 fascinating ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) has been reshaping lives and making our days easier.

1 Personalised reccos: By analysing your preferences AI can suggest movies, music, books, eateries and much more.

AI can help us with our day-to-day tasks (Illustration: Adobe Stock)
AI can help us with our day-to-day tasks (Illustration: Adobe Stock)

2 Time management: Need help planning the day? Use AI-powered scheduling assistants to prioritise tasks and manage your way.

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3 Health monitoring: Wearable devices with AI algorithms can track activity levels and vitals to provide insights into your overall health.

4 Task automation: AI-powered tools can save you a lot of time by automating repetitive tasks like email sorting, bill payments, etc.

5 Navigation: Not so lost anymore! All thanks to AI navigation apps that can provide real-time updates and make driving smoother.

6 Emergency assistance: You can depend on AI-based emergency response systems to detect medical emergencies and alert for help.

7 Environment awareness: You can make informed decisions to protect your health with the help of apps that track air quality, pollution levels, etc.

8 Travel planning: Going on trips is not a hassle anymore, courtesy travel apps that can prepare itineraries, bookings and more.

9 Fitness coaching: Attain fitness goals using AI-powered apps that can create personalised workout plans, track progress and provide feedback.

10 Smart home control: Have the power to control AC, lights and other smart home devices with voice-controlled commands or automated routines.

11 Language learning: With bespoke lessons, exercises tailored to your learning style and more, AI-assisted language leaning is a reality now.

12 Language translation: It’s not all Greek anymore as AI-based apps can help translate real-time, allowing you to speak many tongues.

13 Social media management: Unlock better stats for your social media handles with the help of AI-powered social media tools.

14 Mental health support: AI-powered chatbots and therapy apps can aid your mental wellness journey support and coping strategies, etc.

15 Home security: AI-powered home security systems can detect intrusions or suspicious activities, and send alerts to you.

16 Virtual assistance: Call it Siri, Google or Alexa, AI-based virtual assistance has become the key to happiness and enjoyment now.

17 Financial management: By analysing your spending habits, AI can suggest budgeting, saving and investing strategies.

18 News and information: Stay on top of everything that’s happening around the world with the help of AI-powered news apps.

19 Cooking assistance: Whip up tasty gourmet meals with AI-powered recipe apps that can suggest ingredients, offer cooking, etc.

20 Shopping assistance: Find the best deals, compare prices and track your purchases with the help of AI-driven shopping apps.

21 Entertainment: Movies, shows, podcasts, games — you ask for it and AI-based entertainment apps will come up with the best suggestions.

22 Educational support: AI-powered educational apps can give interactive lessons, quizzes and tutorials to help you learn new skills at your own pace.

23 Productivity boost: AI can analyse your work habits and suggest strategies to boost productivity with the help of productivity tools.

24 Home maintenance: The necessary reminders, such as to change air filters, etc. can be taken care of by home maintenance AI apps.

25 Pet care: Ensure your fur babies’ safety and health using pet monitoring devices that can track your pet’s behaviour.

Chat GPT is the one of the most used AI app(Photo: Adobe Illustrator)
Chat GPT is the one of the most used AI app(Photo: Adobe Illustrator)

Most popular AI Tools

Chat GPT: A chatbot based on a large language model (LLM) providing human-like responses to the given prompts.

Google Bard: Besides providing responses to the prompts it sources data from webpages and has real-time access to Google.

Character.AI: Lets you create characters that can be a part of contextual conversations.

NovelAI: AI-based writing assistant for storytelling and text-to-image synthesis.

MidJourney, Adobe Firefly, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion: Generate images from natural language descriptions.

CapCut: A user-friendly tool to create and edit videos, it’s packed with rich content, effects and templates.

Civitai: A repository for AI-based art models.

Elomia and Wysa: These mental wellness apps offer social and psychological support in situations where seeking professional support, is not preferred or possible.

LovoAI: AI-based voice generation tool with over 500 voices and more than 100 languages.

Trip Planner AI, RoamAround and Build AI: These apps help with travel planning by providing bespoke itineraries.

Talk Pal: It uses speech recognition AI to assess spoken language and provide immediate corrections or suggestions.

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