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Ice rollers and gua sha can be your last-minute beauty hack

By Ismat Tahseen
Jan 19, 2024 12:33 PM IST

Used to banish face puffiness and increase circulation, these convenient tools are a fave with celebrities

How many times you may have woken up with a puffy face, even though you've met your quota of Zzzzs and are feeling fine. One of the most common issues that women face, this could emanate from a variety of reasons from water retention to eating spicy foods with a high level of sodium, alcohol intake the night before or even a cold allergy and sinusitis. The bloated look can leave you worked up and stressed, particularly if you have an urgent meeting or social function to attend. But there is a quick fix, one that's painless; all you need are two simple tools - gua sha and an ice face roller. Dr Manasi Shirolikar, consultant dermatologist and founder of, shares how to use these.

Tools like ice rollers and gua sha massagers can help reduce facial puffiness(Shutterstock)
Tools like ice rollers and gua sha massagers can help reduce facial puffiness(Shutterstock)

Gua Sha

Usually a facial beauty regimen expert uses her fingers to give you a massage to reduce swelling. But gua sha tools notch one up here as they facilitate a deeper massage as compared to just using fingers. It boosts blood circulation to help reduce skin puffiness. Despite claims of anti-aging and collagen enhancement, these tools primarily enhance blood circulation, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Improvements in skin health and reduced puffiness are noticeable as a result of that and so the tools provide a good massaging effect.

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Ice Roller

We've seen a bunch of celebrities use ice rollers. They are massaged onto the face, claiming benefits such as tightened pores, reduced inflammation, increased circulation, headache relief, and reduced puffiness. These rollers can effectively reduce inflammation through vasoconstriction, making them suitable for red, painful acne. However, caution is needed for individuals with rosacea, as ice rollers may trigger flare ups. Direct application of ice can also cause small blood vessel breakage, appearing as red spots that are challenging to treat and may lead to discolouration. The benefits derived from these tools are temporary and are recommended once a week, while gua sha can be done daily or every alternate day. For those using gua sha, combining it with a serum or face oil is recommended.

These tools should not be relied upon exclusively for skincare needs as consistent use of a regular skincare routine is essential. While puffiness reduction and improved blood circulation are possible, these outcomes are transient. There is also no scientific evidence supporting the notion that facial massages, including those with gua sha or ice rollers, significantly promote lymphatic drainage.

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