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Ways to straighten up your hair, the right way

ByRuchika Garg
Jan 25, 2024 11:38 AM IST

Straightening treatments can cost your life. Here are some natural ways to get sleeker, silkier locks

Thanks to pop culture and the beauty industry, the appeal of shiny, smooth and straight hair is undeniable — as evident in the ever-growing popularity of hair straightening and smoothening treatments. However, the US’ Food and Drug Administration recently proposed a ban on hair-straightening products that contain or emit formaldehyde, linking them to an increase in risk of uterus, breast or ovarian cancer. Women who use such products face more than twice the risk than those who do not use them.

Social media trends like ‘glass hair’ and ‘liquid hair’, the appeal of straight hair only grows manifold
Social media trends like ‘glass hair’ and ‘liquid hair’, the appeal of straight hair only grows manifold

With social media trends like ‘glass hair’ and ‘liquid hair’, the appeal of straight hair only grows manifold. But, experts advise against falling prey to this. Consultant dermatologist Dr Amit Vij from PSRI Hospital, Delhi, says, “Formaldehyde products are now available not just in salons but at home, too. Temporary straightening with heat, conditioners and homemade masks are much better options than the use of formaldehyde-based straighteners and smoothening hair agents. Try to embrace your natural hair.”

The good news is that frizz-free and manageable hair are attainable with certain natural methods as well. Check them out:

Hot Oil Treatment

Apply a hot towel on your oiled hair 3-4 times for five minutes each. Then, wash your hair with mild shampoo. Detangle with a thick-toothed comb. This treatment will be more effective for wavy than curly hair.

Coconut Milk and Lemon Juice

Mix lemon juice well in coconut milk in equal parts and apply this mixture all over the scalp and hair. After 30 minutes, wash your hair with normal water. The fats present in coconut milk help in smoothening the hair. Lemon juice cleans the scalp and brings straightening effect to the hair.

Parsley seeds and rosemary hair tonic

Boil 2tbsp of crushed parsley seeds and half cup of chopped rosemary for 20-25 minutes. Allow the solution to cool; then strain it. Wash your hair as you usually do and pour this tonic over it. Then, wrap the hair in a warm towel for an hour. After this, do not rinse your hair. Let it dry naturally. With regular usage, this hair tonic/rinse will give shiny, strong hair with a straight texture. Use this tonic at least once every fortnight.


na hair mask: Henna is considered to be a natural hair straightener. Make a smooth paste by mixing 3tbsp of henna powder and 2tbsp of amla powder. Break an egg into this mixture and add a dash of lemon juice. Mix it to form a thick paste and apply all over your hair and scalp. Leave it on for an hour. You can do this every two weeks. With regular usage, your hair will get less frizzy and have a smooth and straight appearance.

Banana mask: Take a ripe banana and add a tablespoon of honey or yoghurt. Apply the mixture to your hair, covering all strands from roots to tips. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with shampoo.

Straightening mask: Take one egg white and add half a cup of rice flour and one cup fuller’s earth (if you have oily scalp ). Apply the paste, comb gently with a wide-toothed comb and leave it on for 15 min . Wash it off with a gentle shampoo.

(With inputs from beauty experts Shahnaz Husain and Richa Agarwal)

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