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Rahul Gandhi's 'who's a Hindu' gets a 'kalnemi' jibe for BJP

Oct 01, 2023 09:39 PM IST

Union minister Anurag Thakur said writing an essay on Hindutva is easy but a chunavi Hindu can never merge Hindutva with life.

A Hindu is not a victim, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi wrote in an opinion piece 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram' published on Sunday. Without naming Rahul Gandhi, Union minister Anurag Thakur took a jibe and said those whose life and politics have been based on insulting Hindus are today preaching Hinduism. "Whenever the kalnemi of chunavi Hindu (Hindu for election)crossed the lakshman rekhha or our patience and sentiments, he has been taught a lesson," Anurag Thakur said. Kalnemi was the rakshasa, mentioned in many adaptations of Ramayana, who was tasked by Ravana to kill Hanuman.

A Hindu is a fearless person and Hinduism is the fearless path towards truth, Rahul Gandhi wrote. (HT_PRINT)
A Hindu is a fearless person and Hinduism is the fearless path towards truth, Rahul Gandhi wrote. (HT_PRINT)


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"Hindutva teaches us harmony and awakens the feeling of welfare of all. It is easy to write long articles on Hindu religion and Hindutva, but bringing Hindutva into life, putting it into practice and living it is not what a chunavi Hindu can do," the minister tweeted.

Information and broadcasting ministry senior advisor Kanchan Gupta wrote on X that Rahul Gandhi has no knowledge of either the higher traditions of Hinduism or the popular practices of Hindus. "This is a pathetic repeat of his earlier 'I am janeudhari Brahmin Shiv bhakt' comic act. He is reducing Hinduism to an obnoxious meme. This is Hindumisia in the guise of pop pravachan laced with bogus wokery," Gupta tweeted.

Who is a Hindu? What is Hinduism? What did Rahul Gandhi write?

In a column in The Indian Express, Rahul Gandhi wrote Hinduism is not a set of cultural norms. Neither does it have any Geographical limit. "A person who has the courage to overcome her own fear so that she may observe the ocean truthfully is a Hindu. To call Hinduism a set of cultural norms is to misunderstand it. To bind it to a particular nation or geography is to limit it. Hinduism is how we mitigate and understand our relationship with our fears. It is a path towards the realisation of truth and though it belongs to no one, it is open to anyone who chooses to walk on it," he wrote.

"A Hindu looks at herself and everyone in this ocean of life with love, compassion and respect because she understands we are all swimming and drowning in exactly the same waters. She reaches out and protects all the beings around her who are struggling to swim. She is alert to even the most quiet anxiety, the most silent scream. This action and duty to defend others, especially the weak, is what a Hindu calls her Dharma. Listening for and acting on behalf of the world’s invisible worries through the prisms of truth and non-violence," Rahul Gandhi wrote.

"A Hindu has the courage to look deeply into her own fear and to embrace it. She learns to turn her fear from an enemy into an intimate friend that guides and accompanies her through life. She is not a victim. And never ever allows her fear to capture her and turn her into a vehicle for anger, hatred or violence," Rahul Gandhi added.

Commenting on Rahul Gandhi's piece, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh tweeted, "Today Rahul Gandhi truly elevated the public discourse by this deeply personal and thought-provoking piece. This is in keeping with the personality who showed his real self all through the 4000-km long Bharat Jodo (pad)Yatra."

"Superb piece on Hinduism by @RahulGandhi. As the author of #WhyIAmAHindu, I must say I love the metaphor of the ocean. It is so difficult to find anything new or original to say about Hinduism — but he has and it’s captivating. It’s also necessary to take back Hinduism from those who have sought to misappropriate it in the service of a narrow-minded and exclusionary political ideology. Liberals don’t need to run away from their faith. They can fight in its name," Congress leader Shashi Tharoor wrote.

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