Peter Mukerjea wanted Rahul to forget Sheena, emails show

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Nov 24, 2015 07:17 PM IST

Peter Mukerjea wanted his son Rahul to move on after Sheena Bora had disappeared, claiming that she had “played him” and wanted to “get to something else”.

Peter Mukerjea wanted his son Rahul to move on after Sheena Bora had disappeared, claiming that she had “played him” and wanted to “get to something else”.

Sheena Bora with Peter Mukerjea’s son Rahul Mukerjea.(Photo courtesy- Sheena Bora's Facebook page)
Sheena Bora with Peter Mukerjea’s son Rahul Mukerjea.(Photo courtesy- Sheena Bora's Facebook page)

In a series of emails exchanged between father and son, which have been accessed by Hindustan Times, Rahul consistently held to the thought that something untoward had happened to Sheena, while Peter was insistent that she was fine, adding that anyone who was worried could speak to Indrani to be reassured.

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After Rahul, in a May 27, 2012 email, said that Sheena had sent him “dodgy (contradictory) texts”, Peter wrote that “sheena is fine” and warned him that he was “wasting your time and breath in worrying about her”.

Peter further wrote that Sheena “...played you and now gone to something else... Why drive yourself in futility?”

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In a subsequent email on the same day, Rahul wrote that he didn’t think that “my feelings are unjustified or unreasonable. I’m feeling like I have very few options left with regards to getting answers.” He also claimed that Peter was in denial in his refusal to believe that Indrani was Sheena’s mother.

“His name is Siddarth Das, and he is her biological dad... Just as indrani is her mother not her sister,” he wrote.

However, Peter, in his reply, wrote that he wanted Rahul to move on because “I’m more interested in you and your long term well being & happiness than in Sheena’s personally”.

He also claimed that Sheena’s family in Guwahati subscribed to the theory that she had “fled with some rich fellow” and that he, Rahul was “sweating it out like a tennager (sic) in love”.

Later, when Rahul gave his father an explicit reply, Peter wrote back to say that he was upset because “I’ve really not be able to impart anything on you, off and on over the years. Its my failing”.

Read the complete trail of emails:

At 6.38 am on May 27, 2012:

Rahul wrote to Peter

Hello father,

Whassup? Stopped boozing yet?!

Heard anything from sheena?

Still mighty strange..apparently no contact w anyone! Other ie; collegaues of hers are now asking me where she is?!

Didn’t take any stuff from home, therefore it seems her heaving was rushed or unplanned.

No response from her cellphones, by me, or her friends, or her father

No FB activity, she is usually very active leaving comments and posts for her friends etc. but nothing since the 21st April.

then there are the dodgy (contradictory) texts I received on the 25th April, but no contact since. (and in the past Indrani has sent emails and texts from other peoples acct/phone). In fact while I was talking to you on the phone I received a text from your other number. Also, in Amby Valley texts were received from Sheena’s phone which I since learned she did not send.

Indrani claims she is fine but doesn’t want to talk!! What?! To ANYBODY!!?

It’s mighty strange

I can deal with a break up myself, but this seems more like a missing person

There may be trouble ahead

At 5.39 pm on May 27, 2012:

Peter wrote to Rahul

Hi love,

I maintain my earlier position that sheena is fine and if any one asks you about her, ask them to call Indrani if they’re really concerned, maybe they will feel more relaxed after that.

Obviously, she is clearly not keen to have anyone be in touch with her or that she is in touch with those people that she wants to be in touch with. I don’t see Mikhail or her folks in Guwahati getting stressed out about her whereabouts.

She texted you and me and indrani back in April on the 25th and then she’s obviously either gone off fb or changed everything – her facebook page, her skype id and her phone no too and when she wishes to come out into the open I guess she will.

I think you’re wasting your time and breath in worrying about her, in the last month – if she wanted to get in touch with you she would have but you have to assume that she doesn’t

If her so called father and friends are so concerned then why don’t they call indrani or the people in Guwahati particularly if you are telling them that you have no idea either

What else can I say?

She’s played you and now gone to something else. If I were you and I’ve told you this – just leave it and get on with your life. If she wants to get in touch with you – she will – one day, sometime, whenever. Why drive yourself in futility?

So, if anyone needs to find out about her – and call you, then ask them to speak to indrani or email indrani. Maybe she will be able to satisfy them that she is fine and they needn’t worry.

Hows ddun otherwise and muss? Hope youre eating well and getting some thinking done about your working life and plan instead of spending all your time thinking about sheena. Stop in now and leave it.



At 8.32 pm on May 27, 2012:

Rahul wrote to Peter

…see I’ve been struggling to accept all of this and I really need some genuine answers as to what’s happened I’m worried for Sheena.

I mean this is all just too strange.

There are simply too many doubts, with regard to what I’ve been told

I know you’ll probably think, ‘oh for god’s sake Rahul, just move on’ but I really cannot do that until I know what’s going on. Or at least get to know that she really is fine somewhere.

I don’t think my feelings are unjustified or unreasonable. I’m feeling like I have very few options left with regards to getting answers.

What say?

At 9.02 pm on May 27, 2012:

Rahul wrote to Peter

WHY CAN’T SHE SPEAK FOR HERSELF? ..and so called father means what? His name is Siddarth Das, and he is her biological dad. Not so called father. Just as indrani is her mother not her sister. Why don’t you do your own homework instead of believing all the crap that you are fed….SO CALLED JIJU! Papa you’re almost worse.

I’ll bring him to Bristol so we can both get some answers, ok. It’ll be a nice meet and greet for everyone I’m sure.

At 9.03 pm on May 27, 2012:

Rahul wrote to Peter


At 9.09 pm on May 27, 2012:

Rahul wrote to Peter

B****x to your love..bullshit love

At 10.48 pm on May 27, 2012:

Peter wrote to Rahul

Ok. Lets assume this mr das is her father. Fine.

So if he’s so concerned about his daughter, surely he can call indrani and ask the question instead of calling you, because as far as I can tell your latest text msg from sheena on her phone said that she didn’t want to see you any more and to leave her alone etc etc.

And its only because your’e my son and I don’t want you get more f****d up than you are already, that i’m asking you to leave it be or else I wouldn’t be saying anything and would not care a loss. If it was any other Charlie in sheena’s life, who she had done this to, do you believe I would respond to that persons calls or emails or whatever. I’d tell that person to take a walk and not bother me.

And if I was in touch with sheena I would tell her to do the right thing and tell you to your face, but as she isn’t I can’t tell her.

Call me mad – fine, but I’m more interested in you and your long term well being & happiness than in Sheena’s personally – particularly after the way in which she has decided to close her relationship with you.

You getting frustrated at her not being in touch isn’t going to make her pop out any sooner. She needs to know that you’ve forgotter her and have moved on and only when she’s convinced of that will she reappear and even then maybe make contact. So my suggestion is (ive told you this before too) that anyone who calls you asking about sheena – your response should be – ‘how the f… will I know where she is and why should I fu…ng care? She’s sent me a text telling me to f… off and that she’s going off with someone else and so that is that and so I don’t care”

You had a message from her folks in Guwahati – didn’t you – saying that she has fled with some rich fellow or something like that. So then…are you not satisfied that that is exactly what she has done.

Or are you thinking that the message was sent by indrani too using someone else’s phone?

And I’ve told you Rahul, that sheena was the one who got in touch with indrani and not the other way round. Then insisted on meeting and asking for 30k in cash and then increasing that from 30 to 40k and then saying that she has met some fellow whos family is from Nagpur etc etc. and then met indrani from a drink, after visiting a saree shop and indrani buying her a saree bill is still with indrani then having a drink and being dropped at amarsons now then after that she was on phone calls to someone who she has been talking to at length for a while and also later that night. Then sends me a text saying that she has left you and sends you a text too. Then she’s taken off.

She’s obviously fine and youre sweating it out like a tennager (sic) in love

I’m sorry to say all this all over again, but I think you really need to leave it be and forget her and figure out the next phase of your life. No good swearing at me or wondering why sheena did what she did or the way in which she did it.

The fact is that she did and that’s that

Why etc will only ever come out when she’s out of the woods and is able to talk to you till then I’m afraid you should just forget her and not dwell on it anymore. Its been a month and I cannot believe that youre still not out of the anguish. If indrani had done this, despite after 10 years of marriage, I would not be worrying and getting angry. I would move ahead and try and shutter it as a feature in my life and hope that I never happens again

You have to be strong and do the same



At 11.11 pm on May 27, 2012:

Peter wrote to Rahul


Sheena was scared of telling you this whole thing herself. She felt she would not be able to do so and so decided to do this in this way. There is no right way but this is a nasty way perhaps. She figured you would take it very badly and not let her go.

It is not the right way to do this. I know that and I would not do it this way myself but ow I cannot speak for sheena or anyone else and I was not party to this other than to say that she would write a letter to you explaining that she wanted out and then leave. But it seems no one writes letters anymore so text and facebook seem to be the modern way, sad it may be, I don’t agree but I don’t get a vote.

I feel sorry that you are having to go throught this bullshit but that is why I keep trying to tell you to put all her shit in a box and get rid of it or send it to indrani’s office in Mumbai and foregt her make it – out of sight out of mind.

Easier said than done but that’s is the only way.

How can you let this incident f*** you up? You are a strong man right and so dela with it. Sob once and get it over with. Don’t keep sobbing over it or get any. That wont help.

You have to understand that she has done this and no one else has made her do it. Shes chosen the way and the timing an so on, dad – but that’s her choice. Maybe she is hoping that you will be jolted into kick starting yourself and then may be she’ll make contact, you can live with that hope I supporse.

The more you fret and get f****d up, the less closer she will want to be to you

Resistance is the best form of seduction. So let her feel, from whoever she is tough with, that you’ve forgotten her and now don’t care any more. And do it diligently so she feels that you’ve moved on from her.

Hulio, that is my honest, sincere and loving advice to you



At 00.15 am on May 28, 2012:

Rahul wrote to Peter


At 00.15 am on May 28, 2012:

Peter wrote to Rahul

This is a perfect response to your father Rahul?

Someone who has worked his life from the age of 18 to build his own life and then provide for you with the best of his capability, bringing you up first, by working long hours, driving for hours to make sure the job was well done and sincerely done so we have a reasonable standard of living. Then by single handedly working at a long distance location like India to put you through several private schools, starting with berkhamsted, then the one in bushey, Watford, then the one near berkhamsted, then uni1, then uni 2 etc etc

Now, more recently, you’ve grown into a man and progressed into a relationship, with a relative of my wife (sister or daughter never mine), I never said a word to stop you, think that, better sense would prevail, but as thing have turned out, the girl has done what is most prudent.

If ‘b******s to you all’, is what you have to say then I feel sad that I’ve really not be able to impart anything on you, off and on over the years. Its my failing

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