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Taking charge of life

Hindustan Times | BySadhguru
Jun 24, 2011 12:41 AM IST

If you do not make your body so important, you can stretch it to all kinds of limits. If you make it important, every step is a difficulty. Sadhguru writes.

If you do not make your body so important, you can stretch it to all kinds of limits. If you make it important, every step is a difficulty.

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One basic thing is how you hold your body. What is the relationship between you and the body? If you hold a distant relationship, certain things matter, but lots of things that matter to other people do not matter to you anymore. But if you have become the body, then every little discomfort is a big difficulty.

As the body becomes less important, the undulations of life do not affect you anymore because all the undulations are only for the body. When I say the body, it includes the mind. It is only the physical and mental bodies which are affected by the ups and downs of life. Once you become less of a body, there are no undulations for you. You don't go this way or that way; you go only one way. You simply go the way you want to go because as the physicality loses its grip on you, you take charge of life.

The physical is ruled by too many forces. Nobody can ever understand it fully, nor can you ever control it fully. It doesn't matter how much technology you have, you will never ever have 100% control over the physical. Right now, there are so many forces working upon us physically. The planet is round and it is spinning at a tremendous speed. W must be flying off the planet, but we are not. And the whole solar system is moving at a tremendous speed. Nothing is happening to us. Right now, to keep the structure of the three particles of the atom together, so many forces are working. We will never control all of them.

The science of getting there, the dimension of life of making this happen to yourself is yoga. Bending your body, holding your breath and all these things are because slowly, it will cut the ropes of the physical; it will create a distance between you and the physical.


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