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Art of fusion: Merging Indian heritage with contemporary decor for stylish home makeover

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
Jun 13, 2024 02:16 PM IST

Interior design experts highlight the art of fusion and suggest tips to merge Indian heritage with contemporary decor for a stylish home makeover

The growing trend of design fusion is allowing interior decor experts to design homes that are undeniably stylish yet deeply connected to our rich Indian heritage. The trick is to create a harmonious blend of timeless tradition and modern sophistication, bringing the grandeur of Indian craftsmanship into the heart of your home.

Art of fusion: Merging Indian heritage with contemporary decor for stylish home makeover (Image by Freepik)
Art of fusion: Merging Indian heritage with contemporary decor for stylish home makeover (Image by Freepik)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Prachi D Jain, Principal Architect of House Of Lines, shared, “Picture a living space adorned with intricate kantha embroidery wall hangings, a modern counterpoint to the clean lines of minimalist furniture. Or a bathroom featuring handcrafted brass fixtures that echo the artistry of bidri work, all housed within a sleek, contemporary layout. This fusion isn't just about aesthetics.”

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The trick is to collaborate with skilled Indian artists to create custom curated pieces that celebrate our craft traditions while meeting the needs of modern life. Prachi D Jain said, “These elements, along with sustainable materials and innovative design solutions, ensure that these homes are not only beautiful but also functional and environmentally conscious. Ultimately, the art of fusion allows us to design spaces that transcend mere living areas. They become expressions of cultural heritage, infused with warmth, authenticity, and a timeless sense of beauty. It's an exciting approach that allows us to tell a story through design, a story that celebrates the rich tapestry of Indian culture reimagined for the modern world.”

Bringing her expertise to the same, Aakanksha Singh, Creative Director at Bridge Bharat, said, “Homes are far more than a place of residence. A space transforms around those who occupy it, and it is in homes where this becomes abundantly clear. When picturing an Indian home, some staples have become a part of the collective subconscious. Bright colours, traditional handicrafts, etc once seen as the default are being pushed aside for an increased push towards modernism and uniformity.”

She opined, “It is here where we can find inspiration from cultural practices from all over the subcontinent that do more than just beautify a home, they tell a story. For instance, imagine the clean lines of a modern apartment punctuated by a vibrant Warli painting depicting a bustling harvest scene—something so foreign to the working urban class of India yet undeniably a part of our very DNA. Or perhaps a Madhubani artwork, bursting with intricate floral motifs, graces a minimalist living room breaking the sterile lengths of walls. Far from an aesthetic trend; it's a powerful way to keep history alive within our homes and connect with a past that can seem ever more distant. Owning and appreciating these artworks is more than just decoration. It fosters a sense of respect for the craftsmanship and traditions associated with each tribe.”

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