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Chic home makeover: 11 trendy tips for creating luxurious spaces with dark colours in interior design

By, New Delhi
Feb 15, 2024 03:30 PM IST

Explore how strategic balance between light and dark elements can not only maximize space but also create a visually appealing and harmonious environment.

Home is your sanctuary. It’s a space that matches your personality, splendour and plenitude. It's extraneous that the colour of your abode should be only of lighter hue. ‘The dark side’ is an understated luxury that defines opulence and gives a twist to the regular design interior. Dark colour creates drama while changing the mood of the interior space. Deep, rich, and bold colours on walls like black, navy blue, dark green, teal, charcoal grey, dark purples and browns lend a sense of cosiness and harmony.

Explore the sophistication and richness that dark hues can bring, elevating your home to a new level of style.(Freepik)
Explore the sophistication and richness that dark hues can bring, elevating your home to a new level of style.(Freepik)

The idea of embracing the dark side has become more and more popular in the field of interior design as people try to make their homes not only visually arresting but also warm and inviting. Despite the widespread misconception that dark colours make a space appear smaller, using deep colours tastefully can improve the overall aesthetic and add cosiness. (Also read: Stylish decor items for a perfect outdoor dining experience )

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Tips for Embracing the Dark Side in Interior Design

Atreyee Choudhury Principal interior design architect at De Panache shared with HT Lifestyle some tips for mastering the art of balancing darkness and light to maximise space and create an aesthetically pleasing living environment.

1. Forget Accent wall

An innovative way to open up a space is by embracing the darkness, and instead of just focusing on just one section of the wall, paint the whole wall with your chosen dark colour from ceiling to wall and doors too. This trick will make your interior space look magnanimous.

2. Power of Lighting

Feel luxurious and moody with ambient and decorative Victorian brass fittings lights amidst the beautiful dark canvas wall which will transport you to the world of splendour, to tell a wonderful story of an Odyssey.

3. Furniture Story

Furniture selection is significant while embracing dark wall treatment for a luxurious space. Wooden furniture in teak or walnut will anchor the entire space complimenting the dark hue. For an innovative contrast look, a lighter shade piece in the hue of beige or white will stand out lending to its fine aesthetics.

4. Art is Quintessential

Art is quintessential for a space that stimulates and relaxes making all feel welcomed. A dark room creates a cozy ambience, and adding unique artwork will elevate the mood of the space making it look extravagant. The power it holds is paramount.

5. Power of Mirror

Mirror plays a salient role in an interior space. To enhance and double the amount of sunlight in an interior, hang a mirror to bounce off the light to reflective surfaces radiating vibrancy and energy to the whole ambiance making it a perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate.

Bringing his expertise to the same, Aashish Khandelwal, the Founder and Interior Designer of Hanumant Design and Developers with Principal Architect Surbhi Arun Gupta shared some stylish and creative ways of using dark colours in interior design.

1. Dark hues as elements of a statement

Dark colours are used in interior design to create a statement rather than just to paint walls. Enhancing the visual appeal of a room can be as simple as adding accent walls or furniture in deep shades like rich burgundy, charcoal grey, or navy blue. These deep colours serve as focal points, grabbing attention and giving the area a refined touch. When positioned well, they add drama and depth without taking over the space.

2. Contrasting light components

The intentional application of contrasting light elements is one of the key concepts of embracing the dark side. Light-coloured fixtures, furniture, and accessories help counteract the darkness and keep the room from feeling overly large. For example, contrasting a dark accent wall with brightly coloured furniture and accessories can make for a striking and eye-catching effect. In addition to improving the overall design, the combination of light and dark elements gives the space a sense of harmony and balance.

3. Best use of Natural Light

Rejecting natural light does not equate to embracing the dark side. The goal is to use it to forge the ideal symbiosis. Deep-colored walls can be countered by large windows, sheer curtains, and well-placed mirrors that emphasise natural light arriving into a room. Mirrored furniture and glass accents are examples of reflective surfaces that may reflect light around a space, giving it an airy and spacious experiencing

4. Dark Ceilings to enhance the drama

Although many choose light-coloured ceilings to give the impression of height, dark ceilings can make a surprisingly powerful design statement. When used properly, a dark ceiling can give a room an atmosphere of drama and closeness. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere, think about painting the ceiling a dark colour like deep grey or midnight blue. This unorthodox method may enhance your home's appearance and change how people generally perceive space.

5. Enhancing depth by adding layers and textures

Embracing the dark side means adding dimension to the room with texture and layering in addition to colour. Velvet, patterned rugs and textured wallpaper are examples of rich textiles that add tactile elements to break up the repetitive pattern of dark surfaces. In addition to creating interest in sight, the interaction of textures also makes the space feel more comfortable and more hospitable.

6. Dark Art and Accent Pieces

Embracing the dark side in your home can be accomplished subtly but efficiently by adding dark accent pieces and artwork. A room's design can be anchored by sculptures, vases, or even statement pieces of furniture in rich hues. Lighter walls with dark artwork can make for a dramatic visual contrast that draws the eye and gives the room a hint of elegance and mystery.

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