Festive home decor: 7 creative hacks and ideas for a unique and stylish makeover - Hindustan Times

Festive home decor: 7 creative hacks and ideas for a unique and stylish makeover

Sep 22, 2023 04:27 PM IST

Check out some creative home decor ideas that will allow you to infuse tradition with a contemporary twist, making your festival celebrations truly memorable.

The festive season in India is a joyous and vibrant time of celebration and religious fervour all around. It is a time when homes are adorned with beautiful decorations including vibrant designs, rangoli, flowers, lights and much more. While traditional decorations are always appreciated, why not step up your décor game this year? Incorporating some simple and budget-friendly decorations can add a unique and enchanting touch to your home decor. It's everyone's dream to create a welcoming and distinctive home. But it should not come at a high price. With creativity and imagination, it is possible to create a unique and aesthetically pleasing home. Let us explore some creative hacks and ideas to make your home decor truly exceptional. (Also read: Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: 7 budget-friendly decor ideas for a stunning festive home makeover )

Festive decor sets the stage for joy and enhances the essence of this special time of year.(Freepik )
Festive decor sets the stage for joy and enhances the essence of this special time of year.(Freepik )

Festive Home Decor Hacks and Ideas

"There are many budget-friendly options available in the market for direct purchase. Old local shops in every city or town often offer unique and exquisite art pieces. The flea markets in the cities or towns are a good option for buying home décor pieces and artefacts. Moreover, these days many art and craft creators sell their handmade products on social media platforms that are not only distinctive but also affordable. You can even go for upcycling the budget-friendly furniture as it helps in giving some uniqueness and is also light on the pocket. Like an old ladder can be reused by styling it as a beautiful bookshelf. The use of mirrors can make a room look large and mirrors are affordable too. Using affordable fabrics to make curtains, cushions, etc. out of it, also creates a vibrant vibe. Adding budget-friendly indoor plants can add a fresh décor vibe," says Pavnendra Bhadauria, CEO of Artarium.

He further shared with HT Lifestyle, "Budget-friendly home décor is already a huge market in India and is growing at a very fast pace. These days, consumers are looking for affordable products that grab the attention of the audience. There are many home décor start-ups that are coming up with a budget-friendly category. Things like DIY home décor hacks, upcycling old furniture, purchasing from local flea markets, etc. are picking up very fast in India. Meanwhile, DIY home décor hacks are gradually becoming popular. On different social media platforms, artists are creating content on how to make a DIY craft. By embracing these budget-friendly home décor hacks, people are transforming their living spaces into an aesthetically pleasing environment. The trend of arranging a décor swap with friends or family is also picking up fast.”

Nishith Gupta, Managing Director, Sapana Carpet-Mats, shared with HT Lifestyle some creative home decor hacks for a perfect festive makeover.

1. Mats with Rangoli Designs

Start by placing decorative mats at the entrance of your home. Opt for mats with intricate designs and patterns. These mats not only welcome guests but also set the tone for the festival.

2. Colourful Doormats

Spice up your doorstep with colourful doormats that match the festive spirit. Consider mats in bright shades like red, yellow, or green, adorned with traditional motifs or messages of prosperity and good luck.

3. Elegant Floor Rugs

Lay down elegant floor rugs in your living room or puja room. Choose rugs with paisley patterns, floral motifs, or ornate designs. The right carpet can enhance the ambience of your home during the festivities.

4. Theme-based Runners

Kitchen runners with Ganesh Chaturthi themes can add charm to your cooking area. Look for runners incorporating vibrant colours, sacred symbols, or traditional patterns. These can create a cohesive decor theme throughout your home.

5. Rangoli-Inspired Wall Art

Extend the rangoli theme to your walls by incorporating rangoli-inspired wall decals or paintings. These can be temporary and easily removed after the festival. The wall art can complement your mats and rugs, tying the decor together.

6. Multi-functional Decor

Some mats and rugs can be used beyond Ganesh Chaturthi. Invest in multi-functional decor items that can be repurposed for other occasions or daily use, ensuring your investment goes a long way.

7. Nature-inspired Decor

Consider mats and rugs made from eco-friendly materials like jute or bamboo. These add a rustic charm to your decor and promote sustainability.

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