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Bansi, a ‘starter’ like no other

ByAVM Anil Golani
Oct 10, 2021 12:44 PM IST

A caddy from Armed Forces Golf Clubs on how he’s spent almost three decades quietly making his presence felt among golf veterans and amateurs alike

Some institutions over a period of time become associated with legendary figures who work silently and efficiently, providing invaluable lessons in firmness, humility, character and professionalism to all members of the institute. These silent workers may be way down in hierarchy, but their contribution to the value and success of the institute is often underrated and more often than not, not given its fair due. Golf courses invariably have “starters” whose primary responsibility lies in ensuring that “four balls” of members’ or guests “tee off” as per the assigned plan for the day, which depending upon the club’s rules and regulations is either pre booked online, by phone or, depending upon the time of the day, on a first come first served basis. Apart from ensuring the orderly and timely movement of tee off timings the starter also controls the pace of play and ensures that the golf course policies and dress code are followed while providing a high quality of customer service to the members of the club / institute. This job, unenviable as it seems, has no proper formal training and the people who do it learn hands on at various golf courses where they are employed.

At the Air Force Sports Complex , Bansi is synonymous to the game of golf
At the Air Force Sports Complex , Bansi is synonymous to the game of golf
AVM Anil Golani
AVM Anil Golani
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