In Bed With Armaan Ralhan, “My favourite bed buddy? My dog!”

Published on Aug 05, 2022 09:14 PM IST
The actor talks about dating beyond apps, cycling around Mumbai city and his late night sweet cravings
Armaan Ralhan poses with his dog, Hendrix, in his bedroom exclusively for this HT Brunch column
Armaan Ralhan poses with his dog, Hendrix, in his bedroom exclusively for this HT Brunch column

The charming actor who made his acting debut in Aditya Chopra’s Befikre as a dashing investment banker, later grabbed eyeballs with his breakthrough performance in Shashank Khaitan’s segment in the Netflix’s 2021 anthology, Ajeeb Daastaans, is the new kid on the block.

The New York Film Academy alumnus, last seen as Viraj, an Air Force officer, in Disney+Hotstar’s Shoorveer, reveals his dating preferences beyond the apps and his relationship rules. “Life is happening above and beyond screens. I think to find a connection that works one has to get real, interact, discover each other and then fall in love as soon as the world gets normal,” he smiles.

Tell us three things no one knows about you.

1. I have a big sweet tooth.

2. I speak Spanish.

3. I love cycling around Mumbai city, particularly in the mornings.

What’s the most fashionable thing you’ve worn to bed?

I once slept in a tuxedo that I went out in. I had dressed up for a friend’s wedding... and I think we all know how the rest of the story goes!

Favourite memory of a sleepover?

Sleepovers have a nostalgic value in my life. I used to have them with my friends during my childhood, watching movies, playing video games, having midnight snacks and staying up way beyond lights out time at home.

A dating advice that never works for you?

I learn from my own mistakes. So, advice often received is never followed.

One relationship rule you always follow?

According to me, for a relationship to flourish, one needs to be respectful, understanding, compassionate, and trustworthy, and a good listener. These are my golden rules.

If you were on Tinder, your bio would read...

Probably: ‘Not on Tinder’. Find me elsewhere.

Your favourite morning ritual before starting work?

Meditation and breathing exercises. I start even before I get out of bed.

Do you have anything pinned to your bedroom wall?

I have quite a few posters on my wall. Heath Ledger as the Joker and Jack Nicholson from The Shining, to name a few.

Your favourite quote from a movie that you find inspiring?

“Get busy living or get busy dying” from The Shawshank Redemption.

If you are home alone, what will you most likely be doing?

Reading a book in bed with my dog curled up near me, or strumming on my guitar, or working out in my home gym.

One bad habit of yours that you want to get rid of?

Late-night sweet cravings!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Chocolates! Every time and anytime!

Your favourite piece of furniture?

I have an on-going love affair with my bed.

What’s the oddest place you have slept in?

A walk-in closet!

Bedside stories

The last person you usually text goodnight to?

Since I’m currently single, no one.

The last app you check before going to sleep?

YouTube. I switch on a podcast before sleeping.

Your perfect idea for breakfast in bed?

A hearty breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausages and OJ, in a perfect setting with great weather and a view of snow-capped mountains or the beach.

Your favourite bed buddy?

My dog.

This or that?

Beaches or mountains?

Beaches with golden sand and beautiful clear blue waters.

Money or fame?

Hard-earned Money gives such a high. I’ll quote Mr Shah Rukh Khan, “First get rich then become a philosopher.”

Web series or movies?

The traditional silver screen has a different vibe! Web series are getting better and bigger too, so, I’m torn... I’ll pick movies.

From HT Brunch, August 6, 2022

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