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From corsets to co-ord sets: Discover the 5 hottest denim trends to watch for in fall/winter 2023

Sep 24, 2023 03:09 PM IST

Explore the upcoming fall/winter 2023 denim scene with these popular and sizzling trends, ranging from the revival of corsets to the ever-stylish co-ord sets.

We’re ready to venture into the trendiest in fall/winter styles this year, gearing to promote versatility which covers from soft-dressing to denims that are going to be extraordinarily contrasted and multifaceted creating disruptive waves in the future of the fashion industry. The upcoming season is going to be all about letting your femininity flourish to the greatest extent possible by spicing up your wardrobe with a taste of luxury and charm. The fall fashion season is garnered for the presentation of a feminine mood expressed through functional essentials for making everyday stylish with commercial versatility adding freshness and fluidity to your wardrobe. (Also read: Print trends for 2023: 5 stylish prints you must have in your new year wardrobe )

Fashion enthusiasts creative take on denim will continue to grace the fashion industry, moving from runways to daily life walks.(Instagram )
Fashion enthusiasts creative take on denim will continue to grace the fashion industry, moving from runways to daily life walks.(Instagram )

"The impending modern feminism trends are going to be catered towards adding colour to your neutral life and aesthetic. Leaving behind the monotones of the past and encompassing futuristic blue-purple, gender-inclusive green, sweet pink, optimistic yellow, radiant orange and so much more, the forthcoming rendition of the colour palette is bound to bring back the culture of fashion aesthetic being emotive of our mood board. But what are the new trends that the approaching fashion season has in store for you? From the cutout theme party, and pretty feminine, to the gender-neutral world of denim with its rework denim shirt, relaxed trousers, crazy denim washes, 70’s denim corsages etc. that will add a tinge of statement, boldness and serenity to your stylistic choices, the fashion world is all set to transform," says Abhishek Sharma, Fashion Expert, Co-Founder and COO of Fashinza.

Top Denim Trends for Fall/Winter 2023

Abhishek Sharma further shared with HT Lifestyle some dynamic denim trends that are going to be ruling the approaching fashion collections.

1. Cutouts

As the fashion calendar has somewhat returned to its regular routine, the styling aesthetics are going to be increasingly centred around building alluring femininity. The daring cutout at sides that earlier only belonged on bodycon dresses, is going to be revisited and redesigned through the lens of modern feminine fashion. The cutout at the sides in denim is going to be the talk of the fashion industry featuring in deconstructed denim pieces like the denim shirt or bootcut jeans paired with modular design elements. The subtle denim rendition of the cutout at the sides will pave the way for women to embrace their skin.

2. Embellished Trims Pairing

While the DIY culture has been popular for so long opening doors for deeper exploration, fall is going to be the fashion season where fashion enthusiasts incorporate their artistic creativity into creating bold, unique and high fashion pieces. The designers could play with heavy and offbeat trim pairings and placements in denim jeans. A broader application of decorative and charmed surfaces like eclectic spikes, metal detailing like chains, and jewelled embellishments in the denim world- skirts, cargos, wide-leg jeans etc. will bring out the balance between youthful creativity and fearless femininity.

3. Corsets and Ombre

In the dynamic realm of fashion, corsets and ombres have steadily emerged as compelling commercial options, effortlessly elevating everyday attire into expressions of personal style and uniqueness. The strapless denim corset style, symbolizing a new era in fashion, is poised to revolutionize conventional designs with a contemporary twist, catering to the ever-evolving tastes of the future. As the fashion landscape continues its evolution, the ongoing innovation in panelling techniques remains pivotal, promising the birth of even more distinct and visually captivating styles tailored to the next generation of fashion enthusiasts.

kiara advani stuns in ombre denim jeans and matching knot shirt(HT Photo/VarinderChawla)
kiara advani stuns in ombre denim jeans and matching knot shirt(HT Photo/VarinderChawla)

Conversely, Ombre has already captivated its audience. Denim ombre cords have already secured a spot in wardrobes, and this trend is set to take centre stage in the upcoming seasons as well. These cords persist as a versatile and ubiquitous choice, destined to find a place in future wardrobes, seamlessly complementing crop tops, denim jackets, skirts, and tops. The incorporation of utility details and metal rivets imbues denim styling with a lasting, edgy, and industrial charm, further cementing its appeal in the fashion landscape of tomorrow.

4. Denim Co-ord Set

Denim-on-denim trend has been making disruptive waves in the market with people experimenting with different pieces and fabrics of denim together. Taking a turn on the denim-on-denim trend, the coming fashion season will inaugurate the denim co-ord set packed with modular elements that will permit trans-seasonal longevity. The co-ord sets could play with wrap styling, tunic silhouettes or even shirts and shorts combination but the outlook will definitely scream classy yet innovative. The double denim will be a great way to revamp the utilitarian classic and elevate it to create amazing looks.

"Fashion enthusiasts’ creative take on denim will continue to grace the fashion industry, moving from runways to daily life walks. From authentic vintage-inspired denim trends to colour-infused pieces, it will maintain a stronghold on everyone’s fashion choices. The evergreen fashion garment sees limitless potential which will rule the global fashion network backed by the seamless reinterpretation of vintage pieces with a touch of modernity and gravitas," Abhishek concludes.

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