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Loved Taehyung's airport look for Paris this Monday? Here are 8 airport fashion styles inspired by V from BTS

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi
May 15, 2023 01:15 PM IST

Taehyung's airport look is bold, unique and has trendsetting style. Here are 8 airport fashion tips inspired by V from BTS | Viral pictures and videos inside

South Korean boy band BTS' effortlessly stylish vocalist - V aka Kim Taehyung's fashion is a reflection of his artistic and expressive nature where he continues to inspire and influence fashion trends worldwide and this Monday was no different as he left for Paris early morning, looking his dapper best. Spotted at the Incheon airport with a Celine bag customised with his name, Taehyung set paps and the BTS Army or fans on frenzy as he stepped out in a white T-shirt, layered with a black coat and paired with blue denims.

Loved Taehyung's airport look for Paris this Monday? Here are 8 airport fashion styles inspired by V from BTS (Photo by Twitter/Popbela_com/kthseoulove)
Loved Taehyung's airport look for Paris this Monday? Here are 8 airport fashion styles inspired by V from BTS (Photo by Twitter/Popbela_com/kthseoulove)

The South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor is known for his versatile talents, captivating stage presence, unique personality and is often praised for his deep and expressive voice, as well as his ability to portray various emotions in his performances. Taehyung is also recognised for his distinct fashion sense and has been hailed as a style icon where his airport fashion is often characterised by his bold and unique style.

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Known for his fashion-forward airport looks, the most important aspect of a Taehyung-inspired airport look is to have fun and express yourself through your fashion choices. So, this Monday we can't help but take some feathers out of his sartorial hat to achieve a Taehyung-inspired airport look and here are some key elements to consider if you want to aspire for the same:

  • Statement outerwear: Opt for a unique and eye-catching jacket or coat. Taehyung often chooses pieces with bold prints, vibrant colours or unconventional designs and often wears eye-catching jackets or coats with unique patterns, vibrant colours or unconventional designs.

  • Stylish accessories: Pay attention to accessories like hats, scarves, sunglasses and bags. Taehyung often incorporates trendy accessories that add a touch of sophistication to his outfits to enhance his overall look.

  • Comfortable yet fashionable clothing: Taehyung strikes a balance between comfort and style. Choose well-fitted, comfortable clothing such as loose-fitting trousers or jeans paired with a stylish top or shirt. He tends to opt for comfortable clothing, such as loose-fitting pants, oversized sweaters and relaxed shirts, while still maintaining a fashionable and put-together appearance.

  • Sneakers or boots: Taehyung often wears trendy sneakers or boots to complete his airport looks. Look for fashionable footwear that complements your outfit and provides comfort for travelling.
  • Personal touch: Taehyung is known for his individuality and unique style. Add your own personal touch to the outfit, whether it's through a favourite accessory or incorporating elements that reflect your personality.
  • Layering: He frequently layers his outfits with different pieces, such as shirts, sweaters and jackets, creating visually interesting and stylish combinations.

  • Attention to detail: Taehyung pays attention to small details, whether it's through unique jewelry, interesting shoe choices or carefully selected socks, to add a touch of personal style.
  • Experimentation: He is known for his experimental and boundary-pushing fashion choices, so don't be afraid to mix and match different patterns, colours and textures to create a standout look.

Taehyung's airport fashion is an expression of his individuality, so feel free to incorporate your own personal style and add a touch of confidence to make the outfit truly yours. His fashion is often characterised by its boldness, uniqueness and trendsetting style and he is known for his ability to experiment with different fashion genres and push boundaries.

He has a dedicated global fanbase and has achieved immense success both as a member of BTS and as a solo artist. As he left for Paris this Monday morning, fans and fashion enthusiasts can help but speculate whether Taehyung will be shooting a music video for his solo album in the capital of France or will be attending a brand event.

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