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Mehendi hair dyeing tips: Say ‘goodbye’ to grey hair with natural henna over chemical dyes

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
Aug 12, 2023 01:49 PM IST

Here's how to colour/dye your hair red, burgundy, brown, copper, black, ash blonde etc with organic henna or mehendi, in a natural way, without harsh chemicals

There are fashionistas who love to flaunt their vibrant hair and resort to dyeing their hair often, while there are also those who suffer from premature greying and for both of them, resorting to chemical based hair dye becomes the easier and convenient way to do so. The downside is that it needs re-application every month while in the long run the chemicals end up doing more harm than good.

Mehendi hair dyeing tips: Say ‘goodbye’ to grey hair with natural henna over chemical dyes (Twitter/KyraJoshi)
Mehendi hair dyeing tips: Say ‘goodbye’ to grey hair with natural henna over chemical dyes (Twitter/KyraJoshi)

In search of a natural way to colour their hair, many are looking for alternatives that have lesser or no harsh chemicals and here comes the role of an age-old wonder, henna or mehendi, which has again proved its fiefdom in the new normal. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Gaurav Singh, Founder and MD at Atulya--Beacon Bio Life Sciences Private Limited, shared about the shift of consumers to henna and said, “Rising consumer awareness against harsh chemical dyes has prompted many to go back to good old organic henna, which has always been known to result in multiple benefits for our hair as well as the scalp. As we know, henna is not just nourishing but adds the perfect lustre to the strands as well, thereby working as a conditioner too.”

He highlighted, “When combined with other incredible ingredients from India’s natural storehouse, like amla and bhringraj, henna strengthens hair and promotes blood circulation. Herbal henna organic powder controls scalp itchiness while maintaining the right pH balance and controlling oil production as well as dryness. Regular use of henna also helps to enhance hair growth even as you see a marked reduction in hair loss. The resultant hair retains moisture and appears smooth and silky, just what you need. This natural way to color hair also reduces dandruff, becoming the super solution to all your hair-related woes. Free from allergens, harsh chemicals and gluten, the natural alternative is being widely adopted by aware consumers.”

The biggest advantage of henna application is its convenience to the user where one need not fix an appointment at the salon, as you can read your favourite magazine at home, watch a show on OTT or just spend time with family while the henna in the hair dries and within 1-2 hours it can be washed off under cold or normal running water. Moreover, henna is also cheaper as compared to chemical dyes and if you are looking for colour variations with henna, Clelia Cecilia Angelon, Founder and CEO at Surya Brasil, said, “Globally people are realising the importance of natural, organic and vegan henna as the perfect solution for haircare. It works as a hair mask, apart from naturally conditioning the hair. For those who would prefer variation from traditional orangish tint, adding ingredients like Jua, Jaborandi, Guaraná, Babaçu Oil, Malva, Copaba, Olive, Cumaru, Aça and Coconut Powder Oil from Amazonian rainforests can lead to beautiful hair colours like red, burgundy, natural brown, copper, black, ash blonde etc.”

She added, “For those who are hard pressed for time, henna cream also comes with easy to apply applicator, ensuring you have a mess free henna application experience. However, one should always read the labels carefully and ensure that the henna you use is free of harsh chemicals like Ammonia and by-products, Ethanolamine, Dietanolamine and Triethanolamine. One should also avoid products with synthetic perfumes with Phthalates, which can cause thyroid cancer and lipid disturbance. As the world is moving away from harsh chemical-based products, it is time our hair care products also reflect the same. After all the hair of a person gives them identity, confidence to move forward and just a general sense of well-being.”

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