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Hartalika Teej 2023: Rules to follow when observing fast for the first time post-marriage

Sep 16, 2023 05:36 PM IST

Hartalika Teej will be celebrated on September 18 this year. Here are some essential rules you should keep in mind when observing fast for the first time.

Hartalika Teej 2023: The auspicious festival of Hartalika Teej is just around the corner and all Hindu married women are busy making preparations. This year, the festival will be celebrated with much pomp and enthusiasm on Monday, September 18. On this day, married and single women across the country will gather to celebrate Hartalika Teej, a day of fasting, prayer and devotion. It is celebrated in honour of the marriage of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati on the third day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Sawan. Fasting is an integral part of Hariyali Teej and is considered auspicious. Most women fast for about 24 hours without food or water.

Hartalika Teej 2023: Rules to follow when observing fast for the first time (Pinterest)
Hartalika Teej 2023: Rules to follow when observing fast for the first time (Pinterest)

An exception may be made, depending on the rituals of an individual family, for pregnant women and the sick, who may be allowed fruit and water. If you have just got married and are observing the Teej fast for the first time. Here's your complete guide with a set of traditional dos and don'ts that play an essential role in observing this sacred ritual. Follow these rules and tips for an enjoyable fasting experience. (Also read: Hartalika Teej 2023: Date, history, significance and celebration of the festival )

Hartalika Teej 2023 Fasting Rules

1. How to start the fast

If you are observing the Hartalika Teej fast for the first time, take the fast as per your faith. It is said that every vow taken for the first time must be kept for the rest of one's life. Keep in mind that you should make it a point to strictly adhere to any vow you make to abstain from drinking water or eating fruit.

2. Duration of the fast

Hartalika Teej is observed as a 24-hour fast. The fast begins at dawn on Bhadrapada Shukla Tritiya Tithi and lasts until dawn on Chaturthi the following day. According to the scriptures, it is forbidden to take any food or liquid during the Hartalika Teej fast. Before observing the fast, however, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

3. Solah Shringar

During Teej, Solah Shringar plays an important role. For married women, the sindoor, mangalsutra, bichua, bindi and bangles are essential. Women usually buy these beauty items with their friends and family a few days before the festival. A solah shringar is also offered to Maa Parvati and prayers are offered for the long life of the husband and other family members. The best colours to wear are green and red, and any colour with a hint of black should be avoided.

4. Should one fast during menstruation?

The fasting of Teej can be done during the menstrual cycle and the puja has to be performed from a distance with the help of a member of the family.

5. Best time for Teej puja

The optimal time to perform Teej puja is in the morning, however, if you are unable to do so for whatever reason, you can still perform the puja in pradosh kal in the evening. Teej puja should ideally be performed in a group rather than just one person.

6. How to end the fast

The Teej Puja Vrat Paran should be performed before dawn. Women can break their fast with cucumber and soaked black gram. An elaborate meal is then prepared and enjoyed by the entire family. Women enjoy the day by singing and dancing to traditional monsoon tunes.

7. Rules for expecting mothers and sick women

You can take fruit juice or any fruit after puja once every day if you fear you won't be able to stay hungry for a long period, are pregnant, or are experiencing a health problem. However, frequent eating is not permitted when fasting. While they are fasting, pregnant women must consume fruits, juice, tea, or whatever else they feel is necessary for their health.

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